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3/5 13% Ghost Team (2016) Credit to leading man Heder, whose comedic energy and sweet charm centres the narrative when it borders on becoming more aimless than amiable. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Jan 18, 2017
3.5/5 83% The Wave (Bolgen) (2016) The Wave may be cut from B-movie cheesecloth, but a fresh, frank perspective is still capable of enlivening old cinematic tropes. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Jan 7, 2017
5/5 85% Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) Rogue One is set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, yet feels more immediate, even prescient, than any Hollywood film in recent memory. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Dec 16, 2016
4.5/5 95% The Edge of Seventeen (2016) Every generation has a teen character that personifies the real and unreal of those horrible, wonderful years...For this generation (and many more to come), there is Nadine Franklin in The Edge of Seventeen. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Dec 10, 2016
1.5/5 No Score Yet The Red Pill (2016) Cassie Jaye's men, and by association the filmmaker herself, are not serving a greater good or inspiring discourse, but instead fuelling a social divide and dishonouring their respective genders. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Dec 6, 2016
4/5 100% Safe Neighborhood (2016) [Miller] is, in key moments, mesmerising to watch. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Nov 29, 2016
4/5 40% Morgan (2016) Alex Garland's 2015 cult hit Ex Machina, with Alicia Vikander as the robo-girl, trod similar ground; it proved more intellectually ambitious, though Morgan is a dash more fun. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Nov 15, 2016
No Score Yet This Giant Paper Mache Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy (This Giant Papier-Mâché Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy) (2016) [The] sense that every set-up was forged with passion and persistence imbues this giggly, goofy and genuinely likable genre farce. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Oct 20, 2016
No Score Yet Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs (2016) Curse of The Man Who Sees UFOs deftly combines the joyous 'I Want to Believe' ethos of fan-favourite X-Files episodes with an unexpected and ingratiatingly warm human insight. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Oct 18, 2016
3/5 No Score Yet Spirit Of The Game (2016) Spirit of The Game has the gentle touch of a experienced preacher who knows that the best way to convey a message of salvation is to allow the congregation to feel it dawn upon them. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Oct 13, 2016
93% I Am Not a Serial Killer (2016) [Could] A.M.P.A.S. see past the film's genre roots (horror rarely gets noticed) to award Lloyd, one of Hollywood's most beloved ageing icons? ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Sep 9, 2016
78% The Shallows (2016) Jaume Collet-Serra's woman-vs-wild thriller is beautiful, bigscreen Hollywood nonsense that manoeuvres/manipulates the viewer into the kind of submissive state only the finest summer crowd-pleasers can achieve. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Aug 19, 2016
73% Ghostbusters (2016) If the reimagining never establishes its own defining personality, it is only because it adheres so affectionately and respectfully to the legacy of its source material. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Jul 11, 2016
40% A Billion Lives (2016) The solidly crafted three-act structure of Aaron Biebert's A Billion Lives provides a compelling, infuriating case study in big business dirty tricks. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Jun 30, 2016
31% Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) Independence Day: Resurgence entertains like few Hollywood blockbusters have of late, largely by foregoing pretension on every level and drilling down on the basic tenets of popcorn moviemaking. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Jun 21, 2016
67% Personal Shopper (2017) A lonely existence tormented by distant voices is examined in Olivier Assayas' Personal Shopper, a moody, occasionally frustrating, often brilliant study in isolation, grief and disenfranchisement. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Jun 14, 2016
89% Raw (Grave) (2017) A coming-of-age tale conveyed with deftly handled emotional complexity and chilling thematic subtext, Raw is above all else a gut twisting work of classic body horror. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Jun 5, 2016
60% Mad Tiger (2016) Let's face it, the music is awful, but the inter-personal drama and backstage dynamics ensure Mad Tiger is a tense, at times sad peek inside the ego and ambition that motivates the artist. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Jun 1, 2016
75% The BFG (2016) [The] only element of the entire production that inspires any kind of wonder is just how far from a satisfying adaptation the film proves to be. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted May 14, 2016
57% Money Monster (2016) A slick and satisfying vehicle for the capital-M/capital-S charisma of two of Hollywood's most reliable Movie Stars. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted May 12, 2016
70% Café Society (2016) Though not the sum of its many wonderful parts, Café Society still represents a captivating melding of the light-and-dark complexity of Allen's best work. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted May 11, 2016
28% Fathers And Daughters (2016) Audiences who well-up at the first sound of a single violin note will find enough to moisten a hankie or two in this lushly packaged, star-heavy soap opera; cynics, stop reading now. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Apr 1, 2016
4.5/5 90% 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) By the time Trachtenberg's remarkably assured direction draws a clear line between the sequel and its predecessor, all contributors have ensured audience involvement is peaking. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Mar 9, 2016
4/5 55% 4th Man Out (2016) Despite appearing to be determinedly non-confrontational in its soft-hearted approach, the easy warmth of 4th Man Out ultimately challenges short-sighted bias with a potent effectiveness. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Mar 6, 2016
3.5/5 No Score Yet Game Face (2015) Michiel Thomas, making his feature documentary debut, gamely balances 'big picture' issues (corporate backlash; community acceptance; team mate and competitor tolerance) with the personal cost to his protagonists. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Mar 6, 2016
4/5 88% A Gay Girl in Damascus: The Amina Profile (2015) Sophie Deraspe's elegant, angry work is part doomed relationship saga, part searing insight into the identity manipulation inherent to the faceless impersonality of the www. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Mar 6, 2016
3.5/5 78% Naz & Maalik (2016) As the title suggests, the film is at its best when the focus is the existential struggles of the two leads. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Mar 6, 2016
4/5 43% Bare (2015) Leite's direction is artful and insightful, her dialogue sparse and real; her debut feature signifies she is a talent to watch. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Mar 6, 2016
51% Risen (2016) For those already imbued with the spirit, Risen will have you praising the heavens. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Feb 15, 2016
94% Chemsex (2015) As shocking as the details of chemsex life are revealed to be, it is the universality of the struggle each of these men face that ultimately defies orientation and gender. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Feb 12, 2016
3.5/5 100% The Monkey King 2 (San Da Bai Gu Jing) (2014) Pou-Soi Cheang's sequel to his 2014 blockbuster proves an infinitely more engaging and impressive mounting of key elements from Wu Cheng'en's classic novel. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Feb 5, 2016
66% Nasty Baby (2015) After the off-kilter weirdness of Magic Magic and Crystal Fairy & The Magical Cactus, the Chilean director returns to the dark-shaded humanity of his breakout hit, The Maid. Nasty Baby is his most satisfying work to date. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Feb 2, 2016
70% Uncle Kent 2 (2016) Osborne's not really an actor and the film never entirely commits to any conventional notion of a narrative, but both prove beguiling and compelling...Uncle Kent 2 is fearless, farfetched and very funny. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Feb 2, 2016
100% Giuseppe Makes A Movie (2014) Rifkin clearly understands the boundless drive and feverish creativity that fuels Andrews. Giuseppe Makes a Movie celebrates the redemptive essence and raw power of barebones filmmaking and the meaning it can bring to damaged lives. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Feb 2, 2016
93% 600 Miles (2015) Despite the potential for the film to degenerate into B-movie posturing and familiar 'Mexican bad-guy' tropes, 600 Miles remains steadfastly a character piece. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Feb 2, 2016
No Score Yet Skin Deep (2015) Zanetti and Leahy find a freshness in their characters and a frank honesty in the drama that is entirely engaging. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Jan 16, 2016
16% The 5th Wave (2016) [The] leaden scripting from heavyweight scribes Akiva Goldsman and Susannah Grant refuses to spark into sequel-sustaining life, instead offering formless melodrama and breathy romance juxtaposed with kids-in-combat action sequences. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Jan 14, 2016
92% Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015) Just as he did so successfully with the Mission Impossible and Star Trek brands, Abram's has breathed new life into Star Wars; why it should then feel lacking in a strong pulse at times is worth pondering. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Dec 16, 2015
4/5 75% Absentia (2012) Absentia is a captivating mystery and, at key moments, a terrifying thriller. ‐
Posted Oct 27, 2015
78% Alex & Eve (2015) [An] insightful and, most importantly, accessible examination of generational multiculturalism. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Oct 27, 2015
No Score Yet Jackrabbit (2015) Ranney and co-writer Destin Douglas have honoured the non-conformist stance of their protagonists and delivered a dark, thoughtful take on small-scale insurgent destabilisation. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Oct 26, 2015
2.5/5 71% Crimson Peak (2015) When the overripe dialogue and stodgy pace prove tiresome, there is always a great deal of artistic detail upon which the eyes can feast. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Oct 17, 2015
4/5 88% F for Fake (1974) A buoyant, delightfully playful Orson Welles exposes the artifice of film in his 1975 head scratcher, F For Fake. ‐
Posted Oct 11, 2015
73% Everest (2015) Kormákur's vast, encompassing vision thematically broaches the existential drive that consumes extreme climbers, questioning both the brusque heroism and innate fatalism of those that attempt to conquer such harsh climes. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Sep 9, 2015
74% 7 Chinese Brothers (2015) [Keeps] sentimentality in check and provides a denouement that honours the legacy of the 90's era slacker genre, from which it draws much of its personality. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Aug 10, 2015
3/5 55% La Luna (1979) La luna may not be the masterpiece all involved had intended it to be, but it is unlikely you will have the opportunity to experience a film so brazenly rich and ambitious from today's filmmakers. ‐
Posted Aug 2, 2015
No Score Yet Lilet Never Happened (2012) Talag is a soaring onscreen presence; a naturally gifted performer who can play tough and tender in the same frame, she is called upon to navigate scenes that would test actresses twice her age and experience. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Jul 21, 2015
97% Sherpa (2015) For all the mountainous visual majesty her lens captures, it is director Jennifer Peedom's soulful, stirring depiction of the human spirit that allows her feature, Sherpa, to truly soar. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Jul 14, 2015
No Score Yet Asphalt Watches (2013) [This] garish, grotesque work of flash-animated surrealism might best be described as the lovechild of psychedelic cartoonist Robert Crumb and Pendleton Ward, creator of the TV series Adventure Time. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Jul 3, 2015
93% The Creeping Garden (2015) Slime mould makes for one of the most fascinating and complex central figures in any film this year. ‐ Screen-Space
Posted Jul 3, 2015