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The leader of a motorcycle gang (rapper Vanilla Ice) falls in love with a small-town girl (Kristen Minter) and finds out that while her family is involved in the Witness Protection Program, they are being pursued by corrupt cops. ~ John Bush, Rovi


Sidney Lassick
as Roscoe McCallister
Sydney Lassick
as Roscoe McCallister
Dody Goodman
as Mae McCallister
Naomi Campbell
as Singer at 1st Club
Candy Clark
as Grace Winslow
S.A. Griffin
as Morrisey
Jack McGee
as Clarke
Victor DiMattia
as Tommy Winslow
Allison Dean
as Princess
Bobbie Brown
as Monique
Bobby Brown
as Monique
Louie Bonanno
as Bandleader
Tracey Bass
as Singer at Final Club/Club Dancer
Lori Babb
as Club Dancer
Cladjia Bretas
as Club Dancer
Amy Byun
as Club Dancer
Bill Hefley
as Club Dancer
Megan Hughes
as Club Dancer
Alexa James
as Club Dancer
Cameo Cara Martine
as Club Dancer
Darrin Mucker
as Club Dancer
Regana Reed
as Club Dancer
Nathan Scott
as Club Dancer
Dion Simpson
as Club Dancer
Jason Van Sugars
as Club Dancer
Tera Tabrizi
as Club Dancer
Aydiee Vaughn
as Club Dancer
Mark Wallace
as Club Dancer
Michelle Zucker
as Club Dancer
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  • May 18, 2011
    This was High School Musical before High School Musical, and for those who know me, that;s definatley NOT a good thing. The plot was stupid, the acting was horrible and the script could have been made by a monkey (Or an HSM fan, but I honestly believe you could get better results from a monkey) Let's start out with the acting. It is a whole new dimension of bad. There wasn;t a single actor who did a good job, but out of everyone, I think Vanilla Ice was the worst actor. You know, when you think about it, Vanilla Ice is a pretty pathetic human being. He can;t sing, he can;t dance and he cannot CAN NOT act. I don;t think I've ever seen such horrible overracting by a main character since Spy Kids 3. He looks like 2Pac's Italian gangstah homeboy. The plot was REALLY stupid and cliche. Basically, it's 1 hr. 32 minutes. So here's the plot. Basically, Vanilla Ice goes to the suburbs and runs into this preppy girl named Kathy, but the parents don;t want them to be together because they're from different worlds. WOAH, I WONDER WHERE I HEARD THAT PLOT IDEA. OUT OF ALL THE MOVIES I'VE SEEN, I CAN;T THINK OF A SINGLE ONE!! As for the script, I'll make it brief. You know your in big trouble when your most memorable line is "Don't be a zero, get with the hero" My God, sounds like something I would hear from Suite Life. However, the worst part of the movie might be the rapping. This rapping, as well as the dancing, is so lame, it makes Drake and Lil Wayne look good. Oh yeah, I went there. Napolean Dynamite might as well be writing the lyrics. Bottom line, one of the worst movies of the 90's. If you value your brain cells, and your reputation, stay away from this movie like cancer.
    Marc L Super Reviewer
  • Apr 18, 2011
    After watching it now, I can't believe I actually use to like this movie.Watching Vanilla Ice acting was like watching a combination of Jamie -AKA- JRoc from Trailer Park Boys & Riff Raff.If you don't know who Riff Raff is, Look him up on youtube (Hilarious) This movie was straight up stupid! Word to your moms!!!
    Brody M Super Reviewer
  • Aug 03, 2010
    Oh man was this bad, but it was bad in that 90's way. The acting is the worst I've seen in a long time. Just awful. I'm not going to lie, it brought back my long standing 1st grade crush on Vanilla Ice.
    Alexis N Super Reviewer
  • Nov 25, 2008
    "Cool As Ice" was a cheaply made, train-wreck of a movie created for the sole purpose of capitalizing on rapper Vanilla Ice's fleeting fame. Very few careers survived in Hollywood after being involved with this movie, which was directed by a man (David Kellogg) whose previous films included "Playboy: Wet & Wild" and "Playboy Playmates of the year: the 80s" and "Playboy: Playmates at Play" (actually, he seemed to have worked exclusively for Playboy before making "Cool as Ice "). I was never a fan of the career that belonged to Rob Van Winkle, I hated him when he first came out and I still hate him to this day, I watched this film only in the hopes that it would be the worst film I'd ever seen and I could claim it as such, but much to my disappointment, it's not the worst movie I've ever seen. It's only mildly horrible. It's an almost literal re-working of an old Elvis Presley film. You know the kind, Elvis comes into town on his motorcycle, townsfolk don't like his rebel attitude, (except for the nice girl who's strangely attracted to him), and eventually, Elvis/Vanilla is going to have to bust out some fake karate moves on the town's bigoted ruffians. This seems to have the same production values as those "3 Ninjas" movies from the 90s, and everything is painted that ugly "newjack swing" color that was so awful back in the day (remember how the fly girls dressed on "In Living Color"?). The biggest star in it seems to be Michael Gross, the dad from the tv show "Family Ties". He's the biggest star and probably one of the worst actors. Vanilla actually doesn't do too bad an Elvis imitation: he manages to look at the camera smolderingly and pout his lips out just right (in the male model tradition). So in a sense, he seems to act the part he's playing, which i assume is some version of himself. The plot is all a mess though, I still don't understand how they can mess up the "rebel comes to town and wins the girl" routine, but they somehow throw gangster/kidnappers into the mix and it just gets silly. But as I've said before, this isn't the worst movie I've seen (up til this point in my life). That honor still belongs to "Quigley", starring Gary Busey as a business man who gets re-incarnated as an adorable little dog out to save a family.
    Devon B Super Reviewer

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