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It doesn't always find comfortable ground between broad comedy and social commentary, but lively performances -- especially from Kevin Kline and Joan Cusack -- enrich In & Out's mixture of laughs and sexual tolerance.



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Life is sweet for high-school English teacher and sports coach Howard Brackett (Kevin Kline); he's still living where he grew up, he has a good relationship with his father (Wilford Brimley) and mother (Debbie Reynolds), he's respected by his community, and he's about to marry Emily (Joan Cusack), his fiancée of three years. Fearing she was about to become an old maid, Emily has shed 75 pounds for the upcoming nuptials. But first, the entire town of Greenleaf, IN, settles in to watch the Academy Award telecast, because young stud star Cameron Drake (Matt Dillon), who attended Greenleaf High, has been nominated for an Oscar. What's more, he wins, and in his acceptance speech, singles out Howard -- and announces his favorite teacher is gay. Everyone in town is thunderstruck, including Howard himself. The media descend on the town, particularly Peter Malloy (Tom Selleck), whose job is hanging by a thread. Even worse, Howard's principal Tom Halliwell (Bob Newhart) is shaken by the news, and is toying with firing Howard. The beleaguered teacher tries to convince everyone (and himself) that he's as straight and macho as the next guy; he even tries to follow the rules on a motivational tape, "Be a Man." But his fondness for Barbra Streisand, his theatrical mannerisms, and the fact that he and Emily have yet to make love make everyone's eyebrows stay permanently raised. Meanwhile, out in Hollywood, Cameron, who's really a decent guy, learns about the problems his impulsive comment has caused, and heads back to Greenleaf to see what he can do to help. Howard's mother is fiercely determined to see at least one of her two sons wed -- Walter (Gregory Jbara), the other, is a doofus -- and as the wedding date draws nearer and nearer, poor Howard's life flies even farther out of control. ~ Bill Warren, Rovi

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Kevin Kline
as Howard Brackett
Joan Cusack
as Emily Montgomery
Matt Dillon
as Cameron Drake
Debbie Reynolds
as Berniece Brackett
Wilford Brimley
as Frank Brackett
Bob Newhart
as Tom Halliwell
Tom Selleck
as Peter Malloy
Deborah Rush
as Ava Blazer
Gregory Jbara
as Walter Brackett
J. Smith-Cameron
as Trina Paxton
Glenn Close
as Herself
Debra Monk
as Mrs. Lester
Ernie Sabella
as Aldo Hooper
Dan Hedaya
as Military Attorney
Joseph Maher
as Father Tim
William Parry
as Fred Mooney
William Duell
as Emmett Wilson
Richard Woods
as Reverend Morgan
Kevin Chamberlin
as Carl Mickley
Wally Dunn
as Cousin Lenny
Larry Clarke
as Cousin Ernie
June Squibb
as Cousin Gretchen
Alice Drummond
as Aunt Susan
Mary Diveny
as Cousin Ellen
Anne Russell
as Aunt Marge
Patrick Garner
as Stan Forrest
Adam LeFevre
as Batchelor Party Guest
Bill Camp
as Batchelor Party Guest
Scott Robertson
as Batchelor Party Guest
John Christopher Jones
as Batchelor Party Guest
Macintyre Dixon
as Batchelor Party Guest
Joanna Wolff
as Jennifer the Flower Girl
Chris McKenna
as Locker Room Guy
Mark Ballou
as Locker Room Guy
Charles Newmark
as Locker Room Guy
Andrew Levitas
as Locker Room Guy
Daniel Joseph
as Locker Room Guy
Seth Ullian
as Locker Room Guy
Greg Siff
as Locker Room Guy
Ryan Janis
as Locker Room Guy
Jane Hoffman
as Mrs. Baxter
William P. Hoag
as Bartender
Danny Canton
as Cameraman
Selma Blair
as Cousin Linda
Patricia Guinan
as Billy's Mom
Nesbitt Blaisdell
as Billy's Dad
Samantha Buck
as Classroom Student
Lauren Fox
as Classroom Student
Lizzy Mahon
as Classroom Student
Simone Marean
as Classroom Student
Michael McGruther
as Classroom Student
Niki Roma
as Classroom Student
Jacqueline Maloney
as Classroom Student
Patrick Mylod
as Classroom Student
Ginger R. Williams
as Classroom Student
Jill Horner
as Student
Lauren Ward
as Student
Clare Kramer
as Student
Miranda Kent
as Student
Tara Carnes
as Student
Arden Myrin
as Student
Ian Sherwood
as Student
Jo-Jo Lowe
as Awards Event Model
Lisa Emery
as Classroom Reporter
Gary DeWitt Marshall
as Classroom Reporter
Marla Sucharetza
as School Reporter
Ronald Rand
as School Reporter
Ross de Marco
as School Reporter
Joanne DiMauro
as School Reporter
Tony Jones
as School Reporter
Grace DeSena
as School Reporter
Bruce Bennetts
as School Reporter
Tracy Appleton
as School Reporter
Jim Taylor McNickle
as School Reporter
Laura Caufield
as School Reporter
Mimi Stuart
as School Reporter
Dinah Gravel
as School Reporter
Peter Barmonde
as Wedding Photographer
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Audience Reviews for In & Out

  • Jan 28, 2014
    A joyful and hilarious coming out of the closet party with a cant-miss list of stars. A wonderfully enjoyable movie with a magnificent performance by Kevin Kline.
    Al S Super Reviewer
  • Jun 08, 2013
    Emily: Is everybody gay? Is this a Twilight Zone? "An out-and-out comedy" In & Out is one of those movies I'm in-between on. It's not a film I necessarily liked, but I also would have trouble saying it was a bad movie. As far as the film goes, it's pretty well made and features a good performance from Kevin Kline and a pretty solid supporting cast. It all seemed so dull though, and the film had very, very few truly funny moments.  Howard Brackett is an English teacher who has been engaged for three years and plans on marrying her soon. When one of his former students wins the academy award for best actor, he makes an acceptance speech in which he thanks his gay teacher Mr. Brackett. This leads Howard to question his own sexuality, while the small, rural town goes crazy amidst the rumor and gossip. Will the wedding happen? Is Walter gay? And does anybody really care if he is? In & Out isn't a bad movie, it just wasn't my brand of comedy. It's worth a look if you think the story sounds interesting, and at the very least you'll see another good performance by Kevin Kline, plus one of Joan Cusack's funnier roles. In the end though, I could take this movie or leave it. It was easy to sit through, but it isn't anything I care to see again or anything I'll probably remember. 
    Melvin W Super Reviewer
  • Oct 10, 2010
    If you like stereotypes then this is for you.
    Marion R Super Reviewer
  • Jul 31, 2010
    Stereotypical and sometimes plain absurd, IN & OUT does manage to cause a few laughs, mostly due to Kevin Kline and Joan Cusack's performances. Debbie Reynolds and Matt Dillon have their moments as well. For its climactic scene, the film demands a suspension of disbelief and, if you do just that, you will certainly enjoy an inspiring (but utterly implausible) sequence.
    Fernando Rafael Q Super Reviewer

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