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Young Manhattanites boogie-oogie-oogie, in Whit Stillman's Proustian exploration of urban manners, discarded innocence and the onset of modern times.


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  • Oct 31, 2015
    Both Whit Stillman movies I've now seen (the other being Damsels in Distress) have produced a similar reaction in me: within the first moments, I find the dialogue completely jarring and think "No one talks like that." Before long, though, I find myself completely wrapped up in it. I preferred this film to Damsels because of its aesthetic and soundtrack--and no, I wouldn't call myself a disco fan--and also because it doesn't end with a meaningless dance scene like Damsels did. Last Days of Disco turns on human relationships that encounter almost insurmountable challenges and that happen to coincide with the doom of the titular musical genre. It aggrandizes a little story, but not in a bad way. Quite worth the watch.
    Daniel P Super Reviewer
  • Sep 12, 2010
    In "The Last Days of Disco," Alice(Chloe Sevigny) and Charlotte(Kate Beckinsale) are two comely editorial assistants who are admitted into a trendy club every night on looks alone. Des(Chris Eigeman), a manager at the club, is under pressure not to admit Jimmy(Mackenzie Astin) because he is in advertising and therefore scum. Des also thinks he is gay after watching an episode of Wild Kingdom.(Not "Animal Kingdom" which I'll be reviewing next.) Regardless, Josh(Matt Keeslar, of "The Middleman"), an ADA, thinks the whole scene is cool. At the end of the night, Alice goes home with Tom(Robert Sean Leonard). Writer-director-producer Whit Stillman tries in vain with "The Last Days of Disco" to have something intelligent to say about the transition stage from college to first job, as these characters are in the process of moving on from friends they barely like to spouses they tolerate just enough to not kill them in their sleep. The movie is set in the waning days of disco, a party that was about to end for all.(By the way, we make fun of John Travolta for all the bad movies he has made while Olivia Newton-John is still cool because she has been on "Glee" twice.) I could have tolerated the movie's sour tone if it had not been so excessively talky on every single subject under the sun and there had been more of a plot which sneaks in just under the wire.
    Walter M Super Reviewer
  • Apr 18, 2010
    While most of the crowds headed for Studio 54, Whit Stillman decided to make another film and came up with this gem. What is great about Stillman..dialogue, dialogue, dialogue. Probably the last serious film that Kate Beckinsale was involved in.
    John B Super Reviewer
  • Mar 21, 2010
    This Movie is from Criterion Collection, most movies from this collection are pretty good, but this one is not. It Sucks. Its about the Eighties Time Frame, and shows the lives of a number of people throughout the Movie. To me the movie made little sense, and had about every disco song in it. 1 1/2 stars for effort.
    Bruce B Super Reviewer

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