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After turning 60, working-class man Serge (Grard Depardieu) decides to retire and is ready to reap his pensioners rewards. He runs into the implacable wall of bureaucracy after finding out that his former employers have neglected to declare his earnings. To receive full benefits he needs to go back to them and gather the missing affidavits. Encouraged by his wife, our hero climbs his old 1970s Mammoth motorcycle and sets off on a trip to recover lost wages and buried memories. As he reconnects with old friends, Serge discovers that their idea of him is vastly at odds with his self-image; salvation comes to him from his young niece, who awakens the happy poet that lies dormant inside him. -- (C) Olive Films


Yolande Moreau
as Catherine
Miss Ming
as Miss Ming
Isabelle Adjani
as The Lost Lover
Benoît Poelvoorde
as The Competitor
as Pension Fund Employee
Philippe Nahon
as Director of the Retirement Home
Bouli Lanners
as Recruiting Agent
Anna Mouglalis
as Fake Crippled
Albert Delpy
as The Cousin
Bruno Lochet
as Restaurant Guest 1
Rémy Roubakha
as Restaurant Guest 2
Joseph Dahan
as Restaurant Guest 3
Gustave de Kervern
as Delicatessen Employee
Stéphanie Pillonca
as Restaurant Waitress
Jawad Enejjaz
as Judge of Faces
Rémy Kolpa-Kopoul
as Kopoul-Roundabout Boss
as Wine Grower
Paulo Anarkao
as Big Bertha
Céline Richeboeuf
as Miss Ming's Friend
Aurelie Brin
as Miss Ming's Other Friend
Sophie Seugé
as Miss Ming's Accomplice
Bernard Geoffrey
as Slaughterhouse Director
Dick Annegarn
as Cemetery Guard
Marie-Claude Pluviaud
as Fish Shop Customer
Catherine Hosmalin
as Catherine's Friend
Eric Monfourny
as The Priest
Noel Godin
as Le Tartobole
Serge Nuques
as The Crazy Biker
Zoé Weber
as The Little Girl on the Phone
Cédric Geoffroy
as Assistant Director of Slaughterhouse
Gustave Kervern
as Delicatessen Employee
Sine Bundgaard
as Wine Grower
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Audience Reviews for Mammuth

  • Apr 21, 2013
    After ten years of faithful service to a slaughterhouse, Serge(Gerard Depardieu) is given a party and a jigsaw puzzle by his co-workers. Retirement does not end up agreeing with him or his wife Catherine(Yolande Moreau) who ends up hating him loafing around the house and her demotion to the fish counter. Salvation for the former comes from a surprising direction when it turns out Serge will have to get affidavits for every odd job he has performed in order to get his full pension. Given the movie's plot, it should come as no surprise that the story is on the episodic side. "Mammuth" takes that to extremes by almost appearing to resemble Serge's 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle at times. Even then, it does not provide all the pieces, including one scene that is 3/4 totally wrong. The picture that we do get involves a man whose life was thrown sideways early in life, as he continues to be haunted by Isabelle Adjani.(Notice how some people have all the luck.) But sadly the movie wants to apply that notion to all minimum wage employees who struggle through life through no fault of their own.
    Walter M Super Reviewer
  • Oct 05, 2011
    Directors Gustave Kervern and Benoît Delépine in this movie combined intense Frenchness with a kind of English comedy-sensibility the best possible way and they got weird movie which is fummy and sad! Gérard Depardieu was a real star even in very unusual scenes which Kervern and Delépine sometimes unexpectedly spring on the viewer, just to keep us all off balance (one of those scenes shows Depardieu engaging in the kind of activity with his cousin which is almost always reserved for teenagers in the movies)... A fat, resentful and slow-witted man called Serge, riding a motorbike "Mammuth" is uncompromisingly unsympathetic. His wife is working in a supermarket (played by Yolande Moreau) and she, too, is massively unsympathetic. And two of them in a story when Serge retires from his job in a meat-packing plant - does not promise a lot... it'll be your mistake to assume that! Serge must now tour around the country on his old motorbike, collecting the lost payslips and documents that prove his employment history and this is a chance for us to travel with him into his dodgy dark past haunted by the ghost of an old girlfriend, played by the beautiful Isabelle Adjani. Enjoy this unexpected journey in full! I really did!
    Panta O Super Reviewer
  • Jun 05, 2011
    Having two rather unsympathetic characters as your leads isn't a problem for me, especially when they are played by Gerard Depardieu and the fearless Yolande Moreau at the top of their game. What I did find troubling with <i>Mammuth</i> however is that it is (ironically) so slight, it barely exists. The promising, pretty funny start sets up what could have been a decent, off-beat road movie, with Serge tasked to seek out his many past employers in order to get enough pay-slips or affidavits in order to draw his pension. Though this does indeed remain the 'hanger' for the film, we are mostly given over to indulging in "kooky" scenes that have absolutely no weight, little point, and quickly start to grate - such as the continual concentrations on Serge's "free-spirited" (psychotic) niece Miss Ming. Running through is a thread that remains disappointingly under-explored about Serge's past and his guilt over the death of a beautiful young woman. There are some scenes that work (a bizarre, funny sequence where Serge is re-united with his now elderly cousin and they try and wank each other off as they once did when they were kids, abandoning their attempts when cramp sets in) and others that simply do not. The final scene is disarmingly sweet and moving and ends the film on a high, and though there is good work from the leads and occasionally some interesting things to say about the human condition, too much of the short running time is annoying or forgettable and overall <i>Mammuth</i> disappoints.
    Daniel P Super Reviewer

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