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3.0/5.0 46% Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014) " Sex sells, but this film-noir sequel makes you feel dirty if you're left thinking that's enough. And if you count how many bullets are fired and compare it to how many holes you can shoot through its plot lines, the latter outnumbers the former." —
Posted Aug 22, 2014
2.0/5.0 20% Into The Storm (2014) " After overprioritizing its special effects and being barren of a story and characters who make you care, all you've got here is an exotic Lamborghini on the outside with a lawnmower engine failing to chug it along." —
Posted Aug 10, 2014
2.5/5.0 60% Hercules (2014) " The second the film cleanly wraps up with nowhere else to go, you move about your life. Perhaps all you might question later is what his bushy beard is made from. Then you'd have your first laugh once learning that it came from yak testicle hair." —
Posted Jul 26, 2014
4.5/5.0 97% Life Itself (2014) " "Life Itself" pulls you in not only as a fly on the wall but as a guest at his family's dinner table. The film isn't afraid of showing pain and doesn't apply makeup on Roger's degenerating face or about his story as a whole." —
Posted Jul 6, 2014
4.0/5.0 80% The Fault In Our Stars (2014) " "The Fault in Our Stars" returns us to the rare, gender-crushing ingredients in "The Notebook". It figures out how to put a guy and a girl together and actually release in them natural chemistry instead of artificially forcing them to feel it." —
Posted Jun 6, 2014
2.0/5.0 33% A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014) " "Django Unchained" already recently nailed it. By contrast, "A Million Ways to Die in the West" is an attempted copycat -- messily comprised of some comedic hits but more misses -- that we just didn't need." —
Posted May 31, 2014
4.0/5.0 91% X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) " Blockbuster films so often blow so much of their budget on special effects but think of the plot as an afterthought. This one dares to reverse that mistake by investing heavily in its writing and allowing CGI to perfectly complement it." —
Posted May 24, 2014
2.5/5.0 73% Godzilla (2014) " Except for the clear purpose of cashing in on yet another "Godzilla" remake, everything is happening for no reason. Worst of all, what is ensuing misses and even mocks the reason why IshirĂ´ Honda originated 1954's Godzilla in the first place." —
Posted May 17, 2014
4.5/5.0 89% Locke (2014) " Expensive Hollywood trickery often is superfluous filler for a film that is otherwise too weak at its very core. Character and story matter most, and "Locke" only needs one man in one car to keep you mesmerized for 85 straight minutes." —
Posted May 3, 2014
3.0/5.0 74% Oculus (2014) " "Oculus" wins with what it does inside its own mind, which incites yours without needing gore to bring about fear. But the most glaring problem is it doesn't need to be a "ghost story" to get you there." —
Posted Apr 12, 2014
4.0/5.0 89% Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) " If the original is anything to applaud, the sequel usually isn't. And even more rarely is the sequel actually better. But with this near-perfect comeback, we don't see so much of it coming, we enjoy nearly all of it and we can't ask for very much more." —
Posted Apr 6, 2014
2.5/50 79% Island Of Lemurs: Madagascar (2014) " It's challenging to enjoy this rushed and incomplete film purely for what it is rather than fault it for what it could have been. It feels like an elementary-school field trip rather than a film ready for nationwide IMAX distribution." —
Posted Apr 5, 2014
2.5/5.0 48% RoboCop (2014) " While entertaining at moments and lacking a more enjoyable RoboCop, the most grievous omission is a true villain. You get the feeling that RoboCop has nothing to do." —
Posted Feb 13, 2014
2.5/5.0 55% Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014) " Plagued by writers Adam Cozad and David Koepp, the result is a rookie/veteran script struggle that is selfishly directed by actor Kenneth Branagh. History will view it as the worst Jack Ryan film of the five." —
Posted Jan 18, 2014
1.0/5.0 3% The Legend of Hercules (2014) " It's a summer blockbuster wannabe that opened in January instead to recoup the piece of its $70 million budget that it can. The film self-professes its primary character as a legend without making him feel like one." —
Posted Jan 11, 2014
4.5/5.0 77% The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) " Despite my bladder nearly not making it after 3 hours, thankfully the true story of Jordan Belfort kept me completely distracted and entertained at the behest of my bodily needs." —
Posted Dec 26, 2013
2.0/5.0 38% Delivery Man (2013) " Has Vince Vaughn peaked? While "Delivery Man" isn't his re-breakout role and it's not in nearly the same comedic league as its "Starbuck" inspiration, the film does show you a lesser-seen side: his drama instead of his comedy." —
Posted Nov 22, 2013
2.5/5.0 65% Thor: The Dark World (2013) " If "Star Trek" creator Gene Roddenberry were alive today to witness "Thor: The Dark World," he'd tell it to focus on being a superhero film rather than failing to dabble in science fiction." —
Posted Nov 9, 2013
2.0/5.0 22% Romeo and Juliet (2013) " Unless you've lived life under a rock and haven't ever seen this story or you just want to bask in the splendor that is the Paul Giamatti show, your memory of any previous tale of woe from Juliet and her Romeo is more than sufficient." —
Posted Oct 12, 2013
3.5/5.0 70% Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (2013) " The film had the right idea with Barry the strawberry, who poops jelly when he's afraid. But "Cloudy 2" is relatively simple, too straightforward and forgets that kids are smart, too." —
Posted Sep 27, 2013
3.5/5.0 32% A Teacher (2013) " The premise is attractive, but the execution is unfinished. Lindsay Burdge as the teacher who falls for her student makes this undiscovered indie worthwhile. But while we have reason to believe she's smart, we never understand why she's so stupid." —
Posted Aug 25, 2013
3.5/5.0 64% 2 Guns (2013) " A saving grace is still a saving grace no matter how much you blow holes in it. Instead of knocking it for relying too heavily on its Wahlberg/Washington bromance, realize instead that it's leading with its strength and that strength works." —
Posted Aug 4, 2013
2.5/5.0 42% Red 2 (2013) " Despite being a failed comic book movie, "Red 2" is stronger with each quirky character it has successfully defined than the overall movie it has created with them." —
Posted Jul 20, 2013
0.0/5.0 7% Grown Ups 2 (2013) " If "Grown Ups 2" was anything in the ballpark of a "good movie," then sea cucumber excrement is tasty. (One of the dirtiest animals on the planet, they resemble a long sausage and dine on dead animal carcasses)." —
Posted Jul 11, 2013
1.5/5.0 11% After Earth (2013) " Nevermind M. Night Shyamalan's cumulative global box-office grab of $2.5 billion on total production budgets of $665 million. Numbers lie. "After Earth" is a wasteland riddled with cinematic trash." —
Posted Jun 1, 2013
3.0/5.0 54% Oblivion (2013) " An ostentatious steak dinner in the special effects department never makes up for a story that tastes more like cheap ramen noodles." —
Posted Apr 20, 2013
2.0/5.0 28% 21 And Over (2013) " We feel manipulated into giving "The Hangover" masterminds our 10 bucks again while getting an immature regression back to what appears like a college film made by college film students." —
Posted Mar 3, 2013
2.5/5.0 56% Snitch (2013) " Dwayne Johnson doesn't just want to be The Rock. And perhaps he is more after all. Despite his professional wrestling fame, "Snitch" is Johnson's plea to be respected as a true, dramatic actor." —
Posted Feb 21, 2013
2.5/5.0 28% Broken City (2013) " "Broken City" safely navigates shallow waters and floats by as a mediocre thriller without emerging as a standout crime film or a total flop." —
Posted Jan 20, 2013
2.5/5.0 61% Jack Reacher (2012) " While Jason Bourne could dogfight Reacher with his man sack squished in a vice grip and the safety left on his Sig 228 gun while smoking some serious Maui wowie reefer, "Jack Reacher" has one twist you'd never expect: its star isn't its title character." —
Posted Dec 20, 2012
2.0/5.0 24% Paranormal Activity 4 (2012) " "Paranormal Activity 4" plays to people who are unwilling to think, don't want to or actually can't engage a well-constructed and deep plot that delves beyond surface-level door slams and quick "boo!" scare-and-jump scenes." —
Posted Oct 20, 2012
4.5/5.0 63% Sinister (2012) " I never look at Rotten Tomatoes until after I publish my review. My reviews agree with the Tomatometer 77% of the time. While "Sinister" is fresh here based on 100+ reviews, it's only barely so at 63%. That's wrong. This is the best horror film of 2012." —
Posted Oct 13, 2012
2.5/5.0 60% 10 Years (2012) " "10 Years," which should have abandoned its attempted comedy and focused on its somewhat effective drama, unintentionally backfires by proving that a real-life Hollywood couple has less on-screen chemistry than two actors who've practically never met." —
Posted Sep 22, 2012
2.0/5.0 40% The Possession (2012) " Just a nugget of truth doesn't amount to a true gold rush. Whether or not you believe in the "true story" on which this film is "based," that real-life backstory is more titillating than its cinematic dybbuk dramatization." —
Posted Sep 2, 2012
4.0/5.0 64% The Campaign (2012) " This primarily predictable film is nonetheless a deliciously side-splitting meal that mostly maintains its delicacy throughout while only infrequently pausing to chew on some unwanted fat." —
Posted Aug 10, 2012
4.5/5.0 88% The Dark Knight Rises (2012) " Pour one part Michael Bay (eye candy) plus another part Quentin Tarantino (rich writing) and the resulting mutation is Christopher Nolan and his near-perfect Batman conclusion to one of the greatest trilogies of all time." —
Posted Jul 20, 2012
2.5/5.0 48% Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) " Too often a film fails on its ability to skillfully write, portray or act out a compelling story, but its redeeming savior is expensive special effects. Viewers deserve the total cinematic package and they don't get it here." —
Posted May 31, 2012
4.0/5.0 34% Battleship (2012) " Despite the blockbuster mistake of allowing Rihanna to make her big-screen debut, "Battleship" succeeds where it absolutely must: It's one of the best, most entertaining popcorn flicks ever." —
Posted May 17, 2012
4.0/5.0 38% Detention (2012) " Kahn's fast-paced, Aaron Sorkin-like "Detention" deserves cult-hit status. Just as "The Social Network" embodies our Facebook culture, this SXSW film-festival favorite rewrites today's high school movie bible." —
Posted Apr 13, 2012
2.0/5.0 51% John Carter (2012) " There's no surer-fire way for a film to ink its own $250-million obituary than by contrasting itself to two of Hollywood's most titanic films when it only has half the heart, soul and story of either one." —
Posted Mar 10, 2012
2.0/5.0 85% Chronicle (2012) " This film's fanboy ejaculate loves you short time as it spews the buildup of what could be interpreted as a "story" and ultimately ends without one." —
Posted Feb 3, 2012
2.5/5.0 51% Contraband (2012) " A film can't just rely on the surefire ingredients a big-budget film needs to become a box-office success. This film did, and because "Contraband" played it too safe and didn't take risks, its surefire bet misfires." —
Posted Jan 14, 2012
3.5/5.0 80% Young Adult (2011) " You can typically always hear Diablo Cody's unique, pop-culture writing style directly through her characters. But not this time. Mavis' journey from immaturity to immaturity parallels Cody's maturation as a writer." —
Posted Dec 9, 2011
2.0/5.0 24% Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (2011) " The bloated franchise's worst film without question, the fourth "Twilight" popcorn flick is a futile exercise on the disappointment of anti-climactic waiting. It doesn't sparkle or shine. It flickers, and then disappointingly dies." —
Posted Nov 18, 2011
3.5/5.0 60% Real Steel (2011) " Big Hollywood names aside (Jackman, Spielberg and Zemeckis), this family film overcomes an initially harebrained-sounding plot with just enough thrill, modern-day ocular wizardry and heart-warming emotion to convert most initial skeptics into believers." —
Posted Oct 8, 2011
3.0/5.0 90% The Lion King (2011) " While "The Lion King" is one of the best Disney movies of all time, "The Lion King 3D" is a manipulative exploitation to bring paying parents back with their kids merely through the sexiness of today's 3D fad." —
Posted Sep 17, 2011
2.0/5.0 45% 30 Minutes or Less (2011) " Devastatingly mistaking makeshift witticisms for authentic philistine comedy translates into a film that's unfunny as a used tampon is appetizing." —
Posted Aug 11, 2011
4.0/5.0 79% Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) " This film succeeds where most comic book adaptations fail: a love story you actually feel, a mostly cohesive story and a believable superhero who manages to inspire all without being too far out of reach." —
Posted Jul 23, 2011
2.5/5.0 39% Cars 2 (2011) " "Cars 2" is a Honda needing a body shop as compared to the pristine Ferrari that was "Cars". It's an unequal Pixar blend for adults and kiddies that never evolves into the storytelling success of its predecessor." —
Posted Jun 24, 2011
3.0/5.0 34% The Hangover Part II (2011) " Business and creative people go together as well as fine wine at a burger joint. For this sequel, the brass beat out the artists and afford us the double-edged sword of the same exact formula from two years ago." —
Posted May 26, 2011
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