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18% When The Game Stands Tall (2014) " In the end, the only real impact is limited to a few scenes ..." — New York Times
Posted Aug 21, 2014
25% Think Like a Man Too (2014) " Things turn loud and desperate and stay that way, and the moral seems to be: Whatever you do, don't act like a man, because that means unjustified bravado, whoop-it-up antics and adolescent humor." — New York Times
Posted Jun 19, 2014
27% Burning Blue (2014) " The script, by Mr. Greer and Helene Kvale, rolls along with lifeless, profoundly unimaginative dialogue ..." — New York Times
Posted Jun 5, 2014
—— Small Small Thing (2014) " There is no gore here, and no on-screen violence, but this is in every way a horror movie. With a devastating ending." — New York Times
Posted Jun 5, 2014
100% The American Nurse (2014) " A solid, worthwhile documentary. If the film is workmanlike at times, it is also elegantly cleareyed." — New York Times
Posted May 15, 2014
12% Walk Of Shame (2014) " A beautiful woman leaves a bar and goes home with James Marsden. And that is just about the only thing that makes sense in "Walk of Shame."" — New York Times
Posted May 2, 2014
100% Next Goal Wins (2014) " In some ways, this is just another underdogs-go-for-it sports movie. In others, it is as sensitive and observant as an Edith Wharton novel." — New York Times
Posted Apr 23, 2014
—— Half The Road: The Passion, Pitfalls & Power Of Women's Professional Cycling (2014) " The message is repeated ad infinitum; this documentary is painfully long for a project of this kind." — New York Times
Posted Apr 17, 2014
—— Greencard Warriors (2014) " Ms. Kruishoop's direction and Helle Jensen's cinematography, on dark streets and in small rooms, create an all too foreboding sense of danger." — New York Times
Posted Mar 27, 2014
—— Beatocello's Umbrella (2013) " In theory and largely in execution, it is little more than a promotional video for Kantha Bopha, a group of hospitals in Cambodia, and Dr. Richner, who has run them since the early 1990s. But what a guy!" — New York Times
Posted Dec 12, 2013
73% The Stone Roses: Made of Stone (2013) " By the time the long, throbbing concert finale begins, there is no doubt that Mr. Brown's intensity has not faded over the years and that the Stone Roses' breakup was a serious loss." — New York Times
Posted Nov 5, 2013
—— Behind The Blue Veil (2013) " Robyn Symon's billowy but deadly serious documentary ..." — New York Times
Posted Nov 1, 2013
2.5/5 —— Boss (2013) " "Boss" is billed as an action comedy, but it isn't always clear what is part of the joke and what isn't." — New York Times
Posted Oct 17, 2013
3/5 —— The Last Day Of August (2013) " The characters do not escape stereotyping, but the film deserves credit for looking at Shannon's view of the relationship as well as that of the smug urban professionals." — New York Times
Posted Oct 3, 2013
4/5 —— Running Wild: The Life of Dayton O. Hyde (2013) " The burning question is why Mr. Hyde's story has never been made into a feature film. " — New York Times
Posted Oct 3, 2013
3.5/5 —— Naked As We Came (2013) " Here is the way it should happen when a family says goodbye: Making peace. Making connections. Smelling the orchids. Seeing the light." — New York Times
Posted Sep 12, 2013
3.5/5 —— Shuddh Desi Romance (2013) " Ms. Kapoor, in her early 20s, gives a performance that seems to reinvent female confidence." — New York Times
Posted Sep 9, 2013
2.5/5 80% We the Parents (2013) " Audiences may feel mixed emotions when at the end of the film a woman sums up her feelings about the campaign, declaring, "Now I know if a school ain't doing good, we can change that."" — New York Times
Posted Sep 5, 2013
4/5 62% Nicky's Family (2013) " An enthralling documentary by Matej Minac..." — New York Times
Posted Jul 18, 2013
2.5/5 60% Assaulted: CIVIL Rights Under Fire (2013) " Like so much of current polarized communication, "Assaulted," wherever it is shown, is likely to be preaching to the choir." — New York Times
Posted Jul 11, 2013
3/5 67% State 194 (2013) " Sadly, the overall effect of "State 194" is a fresh wave of frustration and discouragement over a heartbreaking and seemingly insurmountable political standoff and its human toll." — New York Times
Posted May 16, 2013
2.5/5 —— The Second Meeting (2013) " Their meeting was arranged by the filmmaker, and their encounters reek of false bonhomie." — New York Times
Posted May 9, 2013
3/5 82% The Painting (2013) " Short on narrative sophistication but visually a true objet d'art." — New York Times
Posted May 9, 2013
4/5 78% Caroline And Jackie (2013) " It captures the awkwardness, loneliness and unacknowledged desperation that haunt us all but that are particularly poignant when seen among attractive 30-somethings." — New York Times
Posted May 3, 2013
3/5 —— Code Of The West (2013) " A mostly dutiful documentary that drifts dangerously close to earnestness." — New York Times
Posted Mar 28, 2013
4/5 100% Encounter Point (2007) " It isn't often that you see a film about Israelis and Palestinians that can be called hopeful, but Ronit Avni's assured, thoughtful and clear-eyed documentary certainly qualifies." — New York Times
Posted Nov 16, 2006
3/5 50% Jaan-E-Mann (2006) " Jaan-E-Mann (the title means 'beloved') has many of its genre's shortcomings, including a shaky hold on the line between farce and stupidity and a soapy, melodramatic denouement. But it also has personable stars." — New York Times
Posted Oct 19, 2006
1/5 29% El Cortez (2006) " Lou Diamond Phillips's character in El Cortez is a Reno hotel desk clerk who suffers from black-and-white flashbacks." — New York Times
Posted Oct 5, 2006
3.5/5 36% Saving Shiloh (2006) " Saving Shiloh is touching, intelligent and admirably thoughtful." — New York Times
Posted May 11, 2006
2/5 13% The Mistress of Spices (2006) " Imagine Like Water for Chocolate without the passion. Such is the premise of Mistress of Spices, Paul Mayeda Berges's film-directing debut." — New York Times
Posted May 4, 2006
4/5 73% Nathalie (2003) " A woman (Fanny Ardant) hires a prostitute (Emmanuelle Béart) to seduce her unfaithful husband (Gérard Depardieu) in Anne Fontaine's seductive and intriguing film." — New York Times
Posted Apr 13, 2006
2/5 25% Madea's Family Reunion (2006) " This movie's trailers promise a slapstick comedy about an obese black woman who takes no guff and enjoys beating people up. It isn't exactly, and that's a disappointment." — New York Times
Posted Feb 27, 2006
1.5/5 9% When a Stranger Calls (2006) " The film is not quite suspense-free, but almost. When finding a dead body underwater isn't scary, something is very wrong." — New York Times
Posted Feb 18, 2006
1.5/5 7% Date Movie (2006) " Date Movie has a nascent sense of the absurd but doesn't know what to do with it." — New York Times
Posted Feb 18, 2006
1/5 6% Big Momma's House 2 (2006) " ... inconsequential sequel for the undemanding moviegoer." — New York Times
Posted Jan 26, 2006
—— El Vacil√≥n: The Movie (2005) New York Times
Posted Dec 6, 2005
2/5 14% In the Mix (2005) " [A] one-dimensional romantic comedy that ... feels like an old-fashioned vehicle picture, the kind the big movie studios used to make in the 1930's and 40's just to bring in the fans of a particular actor or actress." — New York Times
Posted Nov 28, 2005
2.5/5 17% Blackmail Boy (Oxygono) (2004) " The Greek film Blackmail Boy has the feel of farce at times, but much of the time it just seems determined to shock." — New York Times
Posted Nov 17, 2005
4.5/5 73% Pulse (Kairo) (2005) " There are very few moments in Kiyoshi Kurosawa's fiercely original, thrillingly creepy horror movie that don't evoke a dreamlike dread of the truly unknown." — New York Times
Posted Nov 9, 2005
4/5 93% Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price (2005) " Robert Greenwald's documentary makes a devastating case against the largest retailer on the planet." — New York Times
Posted Nov 4, 2005
33% Carlito's Way: Rise to Power (2005) New York Times
Posted Oct 29, 2005
2.5/5 4% The Fog (2005) " Mildly scary here and there." — New York Times
Posted Oct 29, 2005
4/5 70% Protocols of Zion (2005) " There are laughs in Marc Levin's Protocols of Zion, which is quite an accomplishment for a film about the increasing anti-Semitism around the world." — New York Times
Posted Oct 20, 2005
3.5/5 78% Three of Hearts: A Postmodern Family (2005) " A significant development turns Susan Kaplan's documentary into a thought-provoking story." — New York Times
Posted Oct 18, 2005
3/5 88% Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D (2005) " The illusion is impressive but incomplete, and therefore mildly disappointing. But I cannot deny having felt a little nervous when 'we' were standing too close to the edge at the Grand Canyon-like Hadley Rille. So clearly I am a liar." — New York Times
Posted Sep 23, 2005
2/5 11% Venom (2005) " Venom certainly can't be called a good movie, but within the horror genre it's perfectly palatable." — New York Times
Posted Sep 16, 2005
1/5 83% Salaam Namaste (2005) " Salaam Namaste must set some sort of record for genre pileup." — New York Times
Posted Sep 12, 2005
1.5/5 50% The Oil Factor (2005) " Most of this is old news. And the filmmakers never make a coherent case, at least not to the layperson. As a result, the film, which runs about 90 minutes, seems painfully long." — New York Times
Posted Jul 18, 2005
2.5/5 18% This Revolution (2006) " Stephen Marshall's admirable but unfocused new film is set in New York City during the 2004 Republican National Convention." — New York Times
Posted Jun 29, 2005
92% Up for Grabs (2005) " The film spends a little too much time on the fates of previous home run balls in general." — New York Times
Posted May 6, 2005
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