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93% James White (2015) "Mond, making his feature directing debut after producing a slew of intriguing indies, brings intensity to an intimate domestic drama about a feckless New York City slacker who appears to have a fight-or-flight approach to a familial crisis. " ‐ NPR
Posted Nov 13, 2015
7/10 64% Spectre (2015) " It remains a decently robust and entertaining mid-level Bond movie - just one that's haunted by the specter of its predecessor. " ‐ NPR
Posted Nov 5, 2015
91% Bridge of Spies (2015) "Apart from Hanks, and an understated, scene-stealing turn by Mark Rylance as the Soviet spy Abel, Bridge of Spies mostly settles for being solidly told and atmospheric. " ‐ NPR
Posted Oct 16, 2015
9/10 84% Steve Jobs (2015) "The film feels so electric while you're watching, it's hard to believe that after two hours, it doesn't even get to the iPod, let alone the iPhone. " ‐ NPR
Posted Oct 9, 2015
9/10 95% Jafar Panahi's Taxi (2015) "[Panahi has] created his most accessible nonfilm yet. " ‐ NPR
Posted Oct 5, 2015
9/10 93% Coming Home (2015) "Coming Home can be understood as both a Nicholas Sparks-style weepie, and a social commentary about the Cultural Revolution. " ‐ NPR
Posted Sep 10, 2015
87% Mr. Holmes (2015) "Even those who've read the book can be startled by what happens in Mr. Holmes, while they're being moved by McKellen in a role he's come to late, but with his customary elegance. " ‐ NPR
Posted Jul 17, 2015
42% Irrational Man (2015) "Woody Allen's writing is as sharp as his leading character's morality is fuzzy. And if the director is revisiting territory from Crimes and Misdemeanors in spots, he's working some decently amusing variations here. " ‐ NPR
Posted Jul 17, 2015
10/10 87% The Tribe (2015) "By the end, The Tribe has revealed itself as so original, and so chilling, it's likely to leave you speechless. " ‐ NPR
Posted Jun 17, 2015
8/10 82% Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015) "At once earnest and flip, capturing teen angst without wallowing in teen drama. " ‐ NPR
Posted Jun 12, 2015
94% Charlie's Country (2015) "The film gets some of its power from the fact that Charlie's story tracks pretty closely with that of the actor playing him. But just some of its power. " ‐ NPR
Posted Jun 10, 2015
9/10 93% Spy (2015) "Feig's cheerfully feminist script makes only as much sense as it absolutely must, while providing McCarthy with chances to crack wise, show vulnerability and class, and do some of the more elegant pratfalls you'll have seen in a while. " ‐ NPR
Posted Jun 5, 2015
8.5/10 85% Heaven Knows What (2015) "Heaven Knows What [has] a backstory precisely as fraught as what happens on screen. And that's pretty fraught. " ‐ NPR
Posted May 29, 2015
5/10 50% Tomorrowland (2015) "While Tomorrowland's sermonizing left me feeling grumpy... it may well have an entirely different effect on impressionable children. " ‐ NPR
Posted May 22, 2015
9/10 97% Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) "A gorgeous, scrap-metal demolition derby of a popcorn picture. " ‐ NPR
Posted May 15, 2015
80 48% The Film Critic (2015) "A gentle wake-up call for reviewers who see themselves as movie gatekeepers rather than movie analysts. " ‐ NPR
Posted May 15, 2015
85% Far From the Madding Crowd (2015) "The madding now comes so close on the heels of the gladding and the sadding, that it isn't until the very end, that you realize you've been artfully shepherded - stampeded, really - right off an emotional cliff. " ‐ NPR
Posted May 1, 2015
85% Tangerines (2015) "Tangerines becomes an object lesson in the resilience of ancient animosities, and the limits, sadly, of common sense. " ‐ NPR
Posted Apr 17, 2015
9/10 97% About Elly (2015) "A thriller perched right on the fault line between modern thinking and Islamic tradition. " ‐ NPR
Posted Apr 8, 2015
7/10 42% Effie Gray (2015) "...attractively shot, appealingly acted, and decorously eye-opening. " ‐ NPR
Posted Apr 3, 2015
5/10 52% Woman in Gold (2015) "Director Simon Curtis is lucky to have Helen Mirren on hand, since she can turn the film's art history speeches into something that sounds like conversation. But the screenplay doesn't do either of them any favors. " ‐ NPR
Posted Apr 3, 2015
9/10 95% The Salt of the Earth (2015) "Wenders, hoping to illuminate not just these images but the man who made them, has found an intriguing way to capture both Salgado and his work simultaneously. " ‐ NPR
Posted Mar 31, 2015
96% It Follows (2015) "From the opening moments, the one thing clear about It Follows is that it will not follow in everyone else's footsteps. " ‐ NPR
Posted Mar 13, 2015
91% Eastern Boys (2015) "Both surprisingly resonant, and something of a thrill-ride. " ‐ NPR
Posted Feb 27, 2015
95% Wild Tales (2015) "The film is an anthology - a collection of six separate and unrelated stories - every one of which lives up to that title. " ‐ NPR
Posted Feb 19, 2015
8/10 60% The Last 5 Years (2015) "Kendrick qualifies as the movie's secret weapon - actually not so secret now that she's charmed audiences in both 'Into the Woods' and 'Pitch Perfect.' " ‐ NPR
Posted Feb 13, 2015
91% The Departed (2006) "This crime thriller is a profane, blood-drenched joy to watch. " ‐ NPR
Posted Jan 25, 2015
9/10 97% Two Days, One Night (2014) "[A] slice of pressurized middle-class life ... so real, it feels a bit like a documentary. " ‐ NPR
Posted Jan 2, 2015
9/10 99% Leviathan (2014) "'Leviathan' is structured as an intimate suspense story, with a Job-like hero on whom all sorts of hell will be visited by an uncaring state. " ‐ NPR
Posted Jan 2, 2015
8/10 99% Selma (2015) "DuVernay's most remarkable accomplishment may be that with such passion-inspiring material, she has made such a measured, resolute and levelheaded film. " ‐ NPR
Posted Dec 26, 2014
98% Mr. Turner (2014) "Spall may make a grotesque of Turner - piggish, rutting, whoring - but he finds such incandescence in the world around him. And director Mike Leigh lets you see that incandescence as Turner saw it: Everywhere. " ‐ NPR
Posted Dec 19, 2014
74% Joyeux Noël (Merry Christmas) (2006) "You can't watch this film without thinking about modern wars and about how much easier it is to demonize a foe when language and customs are more at odds. " ‐ NPR
Posted Dec 14, 2014
7.5/10 73% Inherent Vice (2015) "[P.T. Anderson] is a terrific stylist ... and the scattershot pleasures he's peddling in 'Inherent Vice' may well satisfy those who like style more than substance, or maybe who like their style with substances. " ‐ NPR
Posted Dec 12, 2014
78% Rosewater (2014) "Rosewater ... has an urgency that's all about the storytelling smarts of its first-time writer-director. " ‐ NPR
Posted Nov 14, 2014
88% Foxcatcher (2014) "Miller uses three superb performances to take us deep into a privileged world where the choreographed struggle of wrestling mixes toxically with the psychological struggles of familial disappointment. " ‐ NPR
Posted Nov 14, 2014
8.5 92% Force Majeure (2014) "But while you'd think audiences would barely even register a cad any more, two new movies - 'Listen Up Philip' and 'Force Majeure' - resurrect the breed with leading men who are almost impossible to empathize with, but compelling nonetheless. " ‐ NPR
Posted Oct 24, 2014
8/10 83% Listen Up Philip (2014) "But while you'd think audiences would barely even register a cad any more, two new movies - 'Listen Up Philip' and 'Force Majeure' - resurrect the breed with leading men who are almost impossible to empathize with, but compelling nonetheless " ‐ NPR
Posted Oct 24, 2014
92% Birdman (2014) "[The] full title is Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), but rest assured, the more you know, the more fun it'll be. " ‐ NPR
Posted Oct 17, 2014
7/10 88% Gone Girl (2014) " In the film's final stages [Fincher] seems to be relying entirely on craft - but, boy, is it effective craft. " ‐ NPR
Posted Oct 3, 2014
92% Pride (2014) "The film's high spirits are genuinely infectious. And it says something that 30 years after the events it depicts, Pride should feel so unexpectedly rousing. " ‐ NPR
Posted Sep 26, 2014
8/10 85% The Trip To Italy (2014) "I'd follow these guys "'round the horn" in a second. Maybe that's where they'll head next time. " ‐ NPR
Posted Aug 15, 2014
8/10 90% The Dog (2014) "It'll leave you alternately amused and slack-jawed in astonishment. " ‐ NPR
Posted Aug 8, 2014
9/10 89% Calvary (2014) "Calvary is bleak and corrosively funny in about equal measure. " ‐ NPR
Posted Aug 1, 2014
10/10 98% Boyhood (2014) "The film gives every appearance of happening exactly the way life does, And exactly the way life does, it makes you care. " ‐ NPR
Posted Jul 11, 2014
7.5/10 89% Venus in Fur (2014) "Roman Polanski's been making films about psycho-sexual mind games for decades, and when his opening shot poses his stage director next to a very phallic cactus, you know he's at it again. " ‐ NPR
Posted Jun 20, 2014
7/10 52% Jersey Boys (2014) ""Eastwood's got a feel for music (he composed the scores for most of his recent films). But he doesn't have a particular flair for musical staging." " ‐ NPR
Posted Jun 20, 2014
7.5/10 85% 22 Jump Street (2014) "Filmmakers Phil Lord and Chris Miller (who are themselves impressive partners at this point) know enough not to mess with a successful formula. " ‐ NPR
Posted Jun 13, 2014
8.5/10 91% How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014) "It's clear that [director Dean DeBlois] took inspiration from the first Star Wars trilogy - not a bad model for breathing new life, and yes, a bit of fire, into one of Hollywood's more nuanced animated franchises. " ‐ NPR
Posted Jun 13, 2014
7.5/10 77% Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon (2014) "Not that 'Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon' is likely to do the kind of business most Myers movies do ... but it's competent enough to suggest the filmmaker has more arrows in his quiver than 'yeah, baby.' " ‐ NPR
Posted Jun 6, 2014
63% Filth (2014) "Credit the filmmakers with descending persuasively into the swampy squalor of a diseased mind. If you're in the mood to go there with them, Filth offers an indecently bracing wallow. " ‐ NPR
Posted May 30, 2014
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