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75% The Road (2009) " It is at its best recasting the apocalypse as an inexorably personal experience, an element long lacking in this genre and one happily found here." — FILMINK (Australia)
Posted Jan 26, 2010
79% The Informant! (2009) " Hilarious and intriguing -- Matt Damon's convincing performance reveals the many layers of this true story." — FILMINK (Australia)
Posted Dec 1, 2009
75% Capitalism: A Love Story (2009) " No easy answers here, but that's exactly the point; a big ideas film that hopes to rouse the audience into social change." — FILMINK (Australia)
Posted Nov 3, 2009
89% Moon (2009) " Clearly inspired by the great science fiction films of the last century, Moon still manages to be awe-inspiring and strikingly original in its own right." — FILMINK (Australia)
Posted Oct 8, 2009
90% Stone Bros (2009) " A genuinely funny road movie that sees two fine actors dealing with personal and global issues in a fresh and emotionally engaging way." — FILMINK (Australia)
Posted Sep 22, 2009
64% The Girlfriend Experience (2009) " The rich client characters nearly ruin it, but the leading lady manages to shoulder the weight of this short but sharp effort from a fascinating filmmaker." — FILMINK (Australia)
Posted Sep 2, 2009
73% The Age of Stupid (2009) " By speaking directly to the disaffected and disinterested, its light tone successfully disguises an intent that could not be more serious or more urgent, which is no small feat." — FILMINK (Australia)
Posted Aug 21, 2009
84% Tyson (2009) " Brutally honest, Tyson offers one perspective on the life of the boxer - his own. This intimate look is enough to carry the film through its fascinating portrait of the fallen hero." — FILMINK (Australia)
Posted Aug 4, 2009
73% Rudo y Cursi (2009) " First time director Carlos Cuaron successfully mixes touching comedy with biting social realism." — FILMINK (Australia)
Posted Jul 29, 2009
50% Chéri (2009) " A disappointing script lets down the film despite its lavish costuming and consummate cast." — FILMINK (Australia)
Posted Jul 22, 2009
49% Twilight (2008) " A work of surprising precision and restraint from talented filmmaker Catherine Hardwicke." — FILMINK (Australia)
Posted Dec 10, 2008
53% City of Ember (2008) " An extraordinary children's adventure..." — FILMINK (Australia)
Posted Dec 10, 2008
84% Glass: A Portrait of Philip in Twelve Parts (2008) " Shot on a tight budget and a tighter calendar, the film offers a cinematic style which borders on verite in approach and execution." — FILMINK (Australia)
Posted Nov 14, 2008
54% Choke (2008) " Slighter and tighter than its blockbuster cousin, shot in the neighbourhood of just five percent of its predecessor's budget." — FILMINK (Australia)
Posted Oct 31, 2008
86% Dominick Dunne: After the Party (2009) " An indelible vision of a compromised, peculiar man." — FILMINK (Australia)
Posted Oct 24, 2008
26% Eagle Eye (2008) " The film is probably twenty minutes too long, and can't seem to decide if its techno-philic or -phobic, but is an otherwise compelling and cogent performance piece for LaBeouf and company." — FILMINK (Australia)
Posted Oct 3, 2008
73% Son of Rambow (2007) " Waffles between heart-on-its-sleeve candor and winking self-awareness." — FILMINK (Australia)
Posted Sep 5, 2008
17% The Happening (2008) " While hardly his worst work, this film is so far off his high water mark that it begs the question of whether M. Night Shyamalan will ever truly return." — FILMINK (Australia)
Posted Jun 13, 2008
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