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6.8/10 75% Breastmilk (2014) " Breastmilk proves to be an eye-opening and educational experience, illustrating the complexity around a seemingly simple choice of feeding babies mother's milk in modern America." — Paste Magazine
Posted Sep 11, 2014
6.2/10 21% A Long Way Down (2014) " The film struggles with a meandering story and superficial characters who do little to elicit compassion from the audience." — Paste Magazine
Posted Jul 17, 2014
8.5/10 42% Wish I Was Here (2014) " Braff has always maintained that he chose an alternative route to retain creative control-and the film's final cut seems to vindicate his decision and the faith of the thousands of backers, too." — Paste Magazine
Posted Jul 17, 2014
4.4/10 24% Tammy (2014) " For the most part, their characters are aimless and without purpose, much like the movie itself." — Paste Magazine
Posted Jul 6, 2014
5.2/10 24% Third Person (2014) " The latest Paul Haggis feature aims to be mysterious and enigmatic, but is instead a disjointed mess, hampered by a confounding ending that cheats the audience of any sort of satisfying emotional resolution." — Paste Magazine
Posted Jun 27, 2014
6.9/10 82% Begin Again (2014) " Both Ruffalo and Knightley are perfect in their respective roles; in lesser hands, their characters could have become too predictable, too cliched." — Paste Magazine
Posted Jun 27, 2014
3.9/10 14% Blended (2014) " Blended is pure pablum, loosely masquerading as a "romantic comedy," though its sorely lacking in both those areas." — Paste Magazine
Posted May 29, 2014
4.1/10 10% The Angriest Man in Brooklyn (2014) " The Angriest Man in Brooklyn is hampered by heavy-handed direction and an unbelievable script with a schmaltzy ending." — Paste Magazine
Posted May 22, 2014
7.4/10 88% The Discoverers (2014) " A smart script and an endearing father-daughter relationship between veteran actor Griffin Dunne and Madeleine Martin save it from becoming too formulaic." — Paste Magazine
Posted May 21, 2014
7.3/10 67% A Short History Of Decay (2014) " The film flourishes when it moves away from a coming-of-age story to a more family ensemble piece." — Paste Magazine
Posted May 14, 2014
9/10 88% Chef (2014) " A detailed and entertaining romp through kitchen life, Chef proves once again that Favreau's a major triple-threat in Hollywood: He wrote, directed and even stars in the film, despite his non-cookie cutter, leading-man appearance." — Paste Magazine
Posted May 8, 2014
6.9/10 61% Hank And Asha (2014) " Though the film's leads are engaging and appealing, the contrived plot device of communicating solely through video becomes tiresome after the novelty wears away." — Paste Magazine
Posted Apr 17, 2014
6.7/10 19% Tasting Menu (2014) " The lack of true conflict, comedy or even just a hint of spice in this food-themed dramedy leaves viewers feeling unsatiated." — Paste Magazine
Posted Apr 17, 2014
6.3/10 59% Dom Hemingway (2014) " While it's an entertaining ride, thanks largely to Law's commitment and Shepard's comic dialogue, the story becomes too bloated for its own good." — Paste Magazine
Posted Apr 10, 2014
8/10 65% Bad Words (2014) " While some of the scenarios are highly improbable, the riotous script paired with Bateman's sure-handed direction and performance keep the film grounded in reality -- and almost believable." — Paste Magazine
Posted Mar 11, 2014
7.7/10 100% Portlandia: Season 4 (TV, 2014) " When the sketches hit their marks, the results aren't just comedy, but pretty good social commentary, too. " — Paste Magazine
Posted Mar 3, 2014
4.8/10 15% Barefoot (2014) " It's an amalgam of tried-and-true themes minus any originality." — Paste Magazine
Posted Feb 21, 2014
6/10 54% Adult World (2014) " While innocuously entertaining, Adult World is missing both substance and, at times, any mooring in reality." — Paste Magazine
Posted Feb 12, 2014
4.7/10 0% Best Night Ever (2014) " The film tries to make up for the lack of an original story with over-the-top antics that, most of the time, aren't funny. " — Paste Magazine
Posted Jan 30, 2014
7.9/10 81% The Spoils of Babylon: Season 1 (TV, 2014) " Some younger audiences might not get all the old-school references, but the acting, the dry (and sometimes plain stupid) humor, combined with cheesy-looking production, all wrapped in a soapy parody, adds up to a lot of timeless fun. " — Paste Magazine
Posted Jan 10, 2014
7.9/10 93% The Past (2013) " There are no good guys or bad guys in the film -- just real people with real flaws." — Paste Magazine
Posted Dec 20, 2013
8.3/10 92% Philomena (2013) " The steady direction by Frears, coupled with the snappy and substantive dialogue, keeps the film grounded when even the truth becomes hard to believe." — Paste Magazine
Posted Nov 20, 2013
5.7/10 —— Apart From That (2006) " The indie feature works well on several levels, but as it tries to capture the characters' everyday lives, Apart From That gets bogged down in minutiae." — Paste Magazine
Posted Oct 31, 2013
4/10 —— Qwerty (2012) " The film lacks both romance and laughs, largely due to a clunky script, stilted supporting performances and an unappealing leading character." — Paste Magazine
Posted Oct 31, 2013
6.5/10 —— Trattoria " Trattoria...does an admirable job in capturing the pressures that restaurant owners are often under. But it's missing a key ingredient -- passion." — Paste Magazine
Posted Oct 4, 2013
7.5/10 98% Let The Fire Burn (2013) " First-time filmmaker Osder, with masterful editing by Nels Bangerter, has crafted a captivating and taut documentary." — Paste Magazine
Posted Oct 4, 2013
7.3/10 45% Morning (2013) " Though mourning is a part of the human cycle, Morning is not an easy film to watch -- save for the great acting by the entire cast." — Paste Magazine
Posted Sep 26, 2013
8/10 96% Enough Said (2013) " Holofcener's characters are wonderfully imperfect, and Enough Said shows that, just as in real life, sometimes moms and dads don't have all the answers." — Paste Magazine
Posted Sep 20, 2013
5.7/10 31% Adore (2013) " It's not until the last 15 minutes of the film do we see consequences of the affairs on the young men's families. We wished that there would have been more of these outbursts throughout the film instead of the dreamlike state in which Adore languishes." — Paste Magazine
Posted Sep 12, 2013
8.3/10 92% In a World... (2013) " We've already met Lake Bell, versatile actress... It's time to meet Lake Bell, feature film writer, director (and producer). And what a debut it is: Her film has heart, soul and a message without getting too preachy." — Paste Magazine
Posted Aug 22, 2013
7.2/10 64% Unfinished Song (2013) " [Unfinished Song] is a British film that's sure to fly under the radar this summer, which is a shame since it's an entertaining little story about love, regret and aging." — Paste Magazine
Posted Jun 27, 2013
6.2/10 21% Copperhead (2013) " Despite good performances throughout the film, the pacing of Copperhead is slow, with many long takes and establishing shots that seem a bit over-indulgent." — Paste Magazine
Posted Jun 27, 2013
5.5/10 —— Missed Connections (2013) " If the plot sounds completely contrived, that's because it is." — Paste Magazine
Posted Jun 6, 2013
8.4/10 82% Shadow Dancer (2013) " Marsh focuses this slowly simmering drama on more universal themes of family, betrayal and decisions that people make that are both right and wrong at the same time." — Paste Magazine
Posted Jun 6, 2013
5.9/10 22% Violet & Daisy (2013) " Essentially, the film is Tarantino-ultralite -- just without the crisp dialogue, graphic violence or much of a plot." — Paste Magazine
Posted Jun 6, 2013
5.9/10 44% He's Way More Famous Than You (2013) " While on some level, He's Way More Famous Than You successfully skewers the cult of celebrity and the entertainment business, it ultimately marginalizes itself from the audience because of the un-likability of the leading character." — Paste Magazine
Posted May 24, 2013
7.5/10 66% The Iceman (2013) " Despite the film's flaws, it's Shannon's take on Richard Kuklinski's duality -- as a brutal, amoral killer who insists on sending his two girls to Catholic school -- that's most fascinating to watch." — Paste Magazine
Posted May 10, 2013
5.2/10 33% Escape From Planet Earth (2013) " Escape from Planet Earth is a mildly entertaining examination of intergalactic sibling rivalry that will probably appeal to many younger kids, but not to the parents who have to sit through it with them." — Paste Magazine
Posted Mar 1, 2013
5.5/10 33% Cheerful Weather For The Wedding (2012) " A languid film that fizzles from the start." — Paste Magazine
Posted Dec 14, 2012
7/10 50% In Our Nature (2012) " Yes, the pacing of In Our Nature is slow, and drags near the film's halfway point, but the top-notch ensemble propels the film forward, adding complexity to the characters while leaving the over-the-top melodrama for Lifetime." — Paste Magazine
Posted Nov 30, 2012
5.9/10 67% Price Check (2012) " Writer and director Walker posits a theory that unfortunately undermines the entire film: Casting the great Parker Posey as an offbeat character does not automatically make a film a comedy." — Paste Magazine
Posted Nov 14, 2012
6/10 9% Festival of Lights (2012) " Unfortunately, the exploration of politics and relationships aren't fully fleshed out under Prasad's unsure direction." — Paste Magazine
Posted Nov 1, 2012
8.9/10 85% End of Watch (2012) " At its core, End of Watch is a buddy cop movie between Gyllenhaal and Peña, who are each at their top of their game." — Paste Magazine
Posted Sep 21, 2012
6.7/10 22% The Words (2012) " Described as both a romantic drama and a thriller, the film doesn't quite live up to the billing -- despite a premise rife with promise and a star-studded cast." — Paste Magazine
Posted Sep 7, 2012
0% General Education (2012) " Unfortunately, in General Education, even tried-and-true formulas fall flat thanks to the lack of several key elements-good dialogue, fully developed characters and a satisfying story." — Paste Magazine
Posted Aug 23, 2012
4/10 20% Mighty Fine (2012) " We're left with something akin to a Lifetime movie, as there are a number of interesting possibilities, which could have added complexity and depth to the film, that are never fleshed out." — Paste Magazine
Posted May 25, 2012
5.1/10 20% The Lucky One (2012) " Unfortunately, this film will only appeal to those on date night or diehard Sparks fans." — Paste Magazine
Posted May 11, 2012
8.5/10 100% Modern Family: Season 3 (TV, 2011-2012) " Modern Family is probably the best comedy ensemble on TV right now. " — Paste Magazine
Posted Sep 21, 2011
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