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0% The Prince (2014) " If filmmakers were put on trial for hackery, a good prosecutor might ask director Miller why The Prince contains no discernible prince but does feature a closing-credit shout-out to "Prince Yoohanhwesa."" — Village Voice
Posted Aug 26, 2014
8% Are You Here (2014) " Writer-director Matthew Weiner, creator of the magnificent Mad Men, has made a feature film - theoretically a comedy - that's just shy of terrible." — Village Voice
Posted Aug 19, 2014
17% Jersey Shore Massacre (2014) " Watching the hopelessly vapid get taken out, one by one, has never been more depressing." — Village Voice
Posted Aug 19, 2014
17% Very Good Girls (2014) " Very Good Girls is a film one wants to like but can't. It just doesn't work." — Village Voice
Posted Jul 22, 2014
59% Hellion (2014) " Hellion offers Paul his most adult screen role so far, and he's very fine, but the movie belongs to Wiggins, a newcomer whose innate gifts are a perfect echo of Paul's." — Village Voice
Posted Jun 10, 2014
89% Test (2014) " Six years after his debut feature, The New Twenty, writer-director Chris Mason Johnson returns with a film that's less polished but braver." — Village Voice
Posted Jun 10, 2014
83% Sol LeWitt (2014) " Teerink paints a portrait of an intensely modest man who relished the idea of other artists carrying out his ideas, and, in the process, extending a given idea further than he himself had imagined." — Variety
Posted May 6, 2014
95% Ran (1985) " Less a director's return to form than an essay in solipsism and self-pity run amok." — L.A. Weekly
Posted Apr 23, 2014
59% 13 Sins (2014) " Stamm brings such a deft touch to these tonal transitions that it's hard to believe he directed the dreadful 2010 hit The Last Exorcism." — Village Voice
Posted Apr 16, 2014
80% Watermark (2014) " Watermark is a documentary filled with images both beautiful and wrenching, yet the film as a whole is a disappointment." — Village Voice
Posted Apr 1, 2014
88% It Felt Like Love (2014) " In her pitch-perfect feature film debut, writer-director Eliza Hittman explores the terrible uncertainties of adolescence, and in the process reclaims the word "girls" for its rightful owners." — Village Voice
Posted Mar 18, 2014
65% U Want Me 2 Kill Him? (2014) " A compelling but ultimately unsatisfying film." — Village Voice
Posted Mar 11, 2014
9% Dark House (2014) " Dark House is one nutty horror movie, but what's crazier still is how well it works - until it doesn't." — Village Voice
Posted Mar 11, 2014
97% Ernest & Célestine (2014) " The film's gorgeous, hand-drawn animation is as lovingly detailed as the drawings a girl mouse named Celestine is secretly making about an imaginary mouse and bear friendship." — L.A. Weekly
Posted Feb 25, 2014
63% Nurse 3-D (2014) " If the onscreen serial killer isn't having fun, how can we?" — Village Voice
Posted Feb 10, 2014
100% The Great Flood (2014) " Destined for a long life in museums and history classes alike, this is cinema as art, and a classic." — L.A. Weekly
Posted Jan 31, 2014
18% Devil's Due (2014) " Devlin's script tips its hand so early on that Devil's Due lumbers toward a woefully flat, predictable ending, and the unwelcome promise of something truly demonic - sequels." — Village Voice
Posted Jan 17, 2014
45% Raze (2014) " Girl fight! If that phrase makes your pulse quicken, Raze may be the movie for you. Or, it may cure you forever of the desire to see women growl, bite, and brawl." — Village Voice
Posted Jan 7, 2014
52% Some Velvet Morning (2013) " Although the film's final twist undercuts all that has come before, Some Velvet Morning is provocation of the most artful kind." — Village Voice
Posted Dec 10, 2013
100% Gahan Wilson: Born Dead, Still Weird (2013) " In this entertaining documentary, the coolest kids in town sing the praises of cartoonist Gahan Wilson, whose work is a brilliant fusion of the personal and the political." — Village Voice
Posted Nov 19, 2013
64% Geography Club (2013) " Handles serious issues with a light touch, and should resonate with adolescents." — Village Voice
Posted Nov 12, 2013
84% The Armstrong Lie (2013) " To use a phrase from the film, The Armstrong Lie is a "myth-buster." It's wholly necessary, brilliantly executed, and a complete bummer." — Village Voice
Posted Nov 5, 2013
—— Billy & Buddy (2013) " The filmmakers do find a clever way to incorporate Roba's original Boule et Bill art into the plot, yet any one of those classic doodles has more vibrancy than this unappealing adaptation." — Village Voice
Posted Nov 5, 2013
—— Immigrant (2013) " So melodramatic and relentlessly grim that any passion [Shurchin] feels for the material isn't reflected onscreen." — Village Voice
Posted Oct 29, 2013
—— Bridging The Gap (2013) " Bridging the Gap is gorgeous and weird." — Village Voice
Posted Oct 22, 2013
29% Hellbenders (2013) " Aided by capable if unnecessary 3D effects, Petty displays a flair for staging violent action, but he's trapped inside a broad comic set-up that doesn't mesh with the story's innate meanness." — Village Voice
Posted Oct 15, 2013
58% Pulling Strings (2013) " This bilingual romantic comedy is overly long and has a paper-thin plot, but it's too sweet-natured to dislike." — Village Voice
Posted Oct 3, 2013
61% The Summit (2013) " It's a noble effort, but by wading into the murky waters of who acted heroically, and who, perhaps, did not, Ryan loses touch with the mountain itself ..." — Village Voice
Posted Oct 1, 2013
68% Haute Cuisine (2013) " Writer-director Christian Vincent and co-writer Étienne Comar, aided by Frot's quiet intensity, imbue Hortense's quest to pull off culinary miracles with an urgency that's almost absurdly compelling, and all the more entertaining for it." — Village Voice
Posted Sep 17, 2013
—— Dead Before Dawn 3D (2013) " Overlong but amusing ..." — Village Voice
Posted Sep 3, 2013
—— Wampler's Ascent (2013) " A stirring film that's part documentary, and part promotional tool." — Village Voice
Posted Aug 27, 2013
80% Ain't Them Bodies Saints (2013) " Lowery isn't a Malick and he's certainly no Kazan, but he's his own man, and a filmmaker to watch." — Village Voice
Posted Aug 13, 2013
93% This Is Martin Bonner (2013) " By calling on his leads to underplay nearly every moment, Hartigan calls into question our deeply ingrained instinct, as moviegoers, to witness a steady parade of amped-up emotions." — Village Voice
Posted Aug 13, 2013
68% Terraferma (2013) " It's all very predictable, very Hollywood. Storytelling cliché, it would seem, knows no borders." — Village Voice
Posted Jul 23, 2013
63% The Rise (Wasteland) (2013) " Athale has a flair for guy-pal banter; here, the talk is funny and profane, silly and profound, often in the same breath." — Village Voice
Posted Jul 23, 2013
93% Still Mine (2013) " [A] pitch-perfect, deeply affecting film ..." — Village Voice
Posted Jul 10, 2013
25% Absence (2013) " There are many things absent from this found-footage horror movie, including suspense, logic, and originality." — Village Voice
Posted Jul 2, 2013
22% Rapture-Palooza (2013) " Should please those who own Shaun of the Dead on Blu-ray, and can quote one-liners from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (the novel, not the film)." — Village Voice
Posted Jun 4, 2013
—— From The Head (2013) " A remarkably assured debut." — L.A. Weekly
Posted May 31, 2013
26% Erased (2013) " A thriller whose storytelling ingredients are so familiar that one could watch it with the sound off and still know what's going on." — Village Voice
Posted May 14, 2013
35% Aftershock (2013) " Aftershock is incompetently made and morally muddled, but since talent, morality, and Mr. Roth have never been on speaking terms, we're not exactly surprised." — Village Voice
Posted May 9, 2013
49% No One Lives (2013) " Director Ryûhei Kitamura (The Midnight Meat Train) is too talented for material this retro-junky, but he and screenwriter David Cohen keep the action coming hard and fast ..." — Village Voice
Posted May 8, 2013
29% The Numbers Station (2013) " There are some decent shootouts, but the movie's strongest assets are the soulful performances ..." — Village Voice
Posted Apr 23, 2013
45% The Lords of Salem (2013) " The movie is eerily photographed, but never suspenseful or scary, and eventually, events descend into goat-sacrificing silliness." — Village Voice
Posted Apr 16, 2013
65% Antiviral (2013) " Papa Cronenberg must be proud, but be advised: If there's a blood test in your future, book it before seeing this movie." — Village Voice
Posted Apr 10, 2013
52% Lucky Bastard (2014) " Although it takes Nathan a bit too long to get his characters to Van Nuys, knowing in advance that Dave is likely to snap not only creates suspenseful dread, but ultimately makes the moviegoer complicit in the violence (which is believably haphazard)." — L.A. Weekly
Posted Apr 8, 2013
62% Evil Dead (2013) " The plotting as a whole feels fresh, as does the emphasis on women strong enough to defend themselves." — Village Voice
Posted Apr 3, 2013
0% Lotus Eaters (2013) " Maddeningly shallow-maybe that's the point-but McGuinness does have talent." — Village Voice
Posted Apr 3, 2013
80% The Story Of Luke (2013) " A feel-good story about an autistic man's quest for independence, The Story of Luke is a charming little film in need of a bit more grit." — Village Voice
Posted Apr 3, 2013
94% Blancanieves (2013) " So witty, riveting, and drop-dead gorgeous that moviegoers may forget to notice that they can't hear the dialogue." — Village Voice
Posted Mar 26, 2013
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