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100% The Warui yatsu hodo yoku nemuru (The Bad Sleep Well) (1962) " Opening with a bravura wedding sequence and ending with a sycophantic bow to a replaced telephone receiver, the film has its longueurs, but Mifune's buttoned-down avenger is a compelling portrait of righteous obsession foundering on unpredictable reality." — Village Voice
Posted Jun 19, 2008
86% Sorry, Wrong Number (1948) " Number derives sleek hysteria from its audaciously constraining narrative strategy." — Village Voice
Posted Jan 2, 2008
98% Rosemary's Baby (1968) " Superbly acted (especially by bone-thin Farrow and Ruth Gordon as the ultimate neighbor from hell), it's a satantango in the land of Is-this-real-or-am-I-crazy?, with a luridly literal ending that doesn't negate the previous, more interior terrors." — Village Voice
Posted Sep 19, 2007
92% The Parallax View (1974) " It's an astringently cynical take on official history, with Warren Beatty as a muckraker investigating the strange aftershocks of a senator's killing." — Village Voice
Posted Jun 7, 2007
—— Slow Jam King " Enthusiastically scored to the titular quiet storms, ersatz c&w, and hip-hop textures, the anti-rockist Slow Jam King is more fun to listen to than watch..." — Village Voice
Posted Jun 6, 2006
73% Nathalie (2003) " Nathalie is intricate, provocative, cleanly acted, but it's never entirely convincing -- and never more so than in the table-turning climax." — Village Voice
Posted Apr 11, 2006
63% Game 6 (2005) " A gratifying playground of high-wire language." — Village Voice
Posted Mar 7, 2006
14% London (2006) " Syd's emotional tailspin is embarrassingly banal, and his assertion that 'everybody here hates me' quickly applies to the audience as well." — Village Voice
Posted Feb 7, 2006
50% The White Countess (2005) " Irredeemably dull." — Village Voice
Posted Dec 20, 2005
88% Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) " To this viewer and reader, the decade-old juggernaut is as deeply felt as it is flawed, dense and illogical and laudably weird." — Village Voice
Posted Nov 15, 2005
95% Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005) " A whimsical success of a very high order: The pace never lags, the invention is incessant, and it makes you want to have a bite of cheese afterward." — Village Voice
Posted Oct 4, 2005
—— Rodnees: We Mod Like Dat! " We're going to trot out the mandatory one-word Beatles-album-derived closer: Help!" — Village Voice
Posted Sep 27, 2005
32% The Baxter (2005) " The Baxter nods to better-behaved comedies of the past." — Village Voice
Posted Aug 23, 2005
89% A State of Mind (2005) " One leaves the film with the Twilight Zone sense that the place isn't quite the hellhole prior reports have suggested." — Village Voice
Posted Aug 9, 2005
63% Saint Ralph (2005) " Ralph Walker is no Max Fischer, and his monomania gets dull fast." — Village Voice
Posted Aug 2, 2005
77% Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (2005) " Though the film lacks some of the paper incarnation's subtlety, Dai's infidelity to his own text keeps things interesting." — Village Voice
Posted Jul 26, 2005
82% Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) " Fun and nourishing, Charlie's the topsy-turvy equivalent of a three-course dinner in a single stick of gum." — Village Voice
Posted Jul 12, 2005
94% Wheel of Time (2003) " Patient and fascinated, but never succumbing to abstraction." — Village Voice
Posted Jun 14, 2005
77% The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005) " The multiple story lines can feel choppy, but the dialogue has snap, and the pants' powers never distract from the teenagers' emotions." — Village Voice
Posted May 31, 2005
87% Saving Face (2005) " Despite a fairly explicit lesbian boobfest (projected attendance just went up!), the film is more good-natured than provocative." — Village Voice
Posted May 24, 2005
33% 2009: Lost Memories (2002) " The amped-up Dickian scenario features too many frame-filling fireballs." — Village Voice
Posted May 17, 2005
87% 3-Iron (2004) " The change in tone, from swiftly destabilizing drama to outright fantasy, feels less like Kim provocatively switching gears, and more like he's painted himself into a corner." — Village Voice
Posted Apr 26, 2005
10% House of D (2004) " Marred by a rambling voice-over at one end and a pat therapeutic resolution on the other, the film has a nice half-hour patch somewhere in the middle." — Village Voice
Posted Apr 12, 2005
20% The Ring Two (2005) " The let's-travel-through-the-TV-screen sequence was better in Fat Albert." — Village Voice
Posted Mar 22, 2005
87% Millions (2005) " Feels contrived." — Village Voice
Posted Mar 7, 2005
13% Bigger Than the Sky (2005) " Bigger lopes along endlessly, a no-surprises foray into backstage high jinks and the notion of life as the best acting coach there is." — Village Voice
Posted Feb 22, 2005
55% Wonderful Days (Sky Blue) (2004) " Most of the action is tedious, and the less you pay attention to the dialogue, the less you'll feel your hand inadvertently twitching as if with joystick." — Village Voice
Posted Feb 15, 2005
95% The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill (2005) " Several sharp jolts give the doc its dramatic shape, and one episode in particular, caught with a neighbor's lens, will make you gasp with grief." — Village Voice
Posted Feb 8, 2005
8% White Noise (2005) " Vigorously pushes the supernatural line throughout, but unfortunately its final movement is so incoherent that the whole thing collapses." — Village Voice
Posted Jan 11, 2005
43% A Love Song for Bobby Long (2004) " Exasperating Southern-lit seminar." — Village Voice
Posted Dec 28, 2004
23% Fat Albert (2004) " The overall approach is to throw preordained movie sequences (rap number, shopping spree) together and hope for the best." — Village Voice
Posted Dec 21, 2004
69% In the Realms of the Unreal - The Mystery of Henry Darger (2005) " Jessica Yu's elegant new doc In the Realms of the Unreal is a spry, creative response to his oceanic talent and claustrophobic life." — Village Voice
Posted Dec 21, 2004
—— AmnesiA (2004) " So true to its title that I've forgotten many of the details already -- and I just saw it this morning." — Village Voice
Posted Nov 30, 2004
44% National Treasure (2004) " National Treasure gets more entertaining as the preposterousness rises." — Village Voice
Posted Nov 23, 2004
68% The Spongebob Squarepants Movie (2004) " Could SpongeBob, all gangly goodwill and ice cream appetite, be the anarchic savior for our stressed-out times?" — Village Voice
Posted Nov 23, 2004
89% Jandek on Corwood (2004) " Chad Friedrichs's doc has too many rock-crit talking heads, too often saying the same thing based on scant information -- a clumsy portrait of the artist that inadvertently serves as a mirror of the critical faculty itself." — Village Voice
Posted Nov 16, 2004
56% The Polar Express (2013) " Unnervingly smooth, mouths moving in strange, even frightening formations, the Polar people are the least convincing things on-screen, glaring impostors amid the otherwise painstakingly rendered scenery." — Village Voice
Posted Nov 9, 2004
59% Enduring Love (2004) " Razor-walking self-consciousness (or just plain braininess) is perhaps impossible to depict coherently on-screen, and the someone's-watching-me vibe is otherwise overfamiliar to moviegoers." — Village Voice
Posted Oct 26, 2004
47% Ja zuster, nee zuster (Yes Nurse! No Nurse!) (2004) " Styles range from cabaret to barbershop to toe-tapping bubblegum, and the rainy-day serenade at the start nods Cherbourgward, with a soup├žon of Low Countries sass." — Village Voice
Posted Oct 26, 2004
12% Stella Street (2004) " Stella Street goes from can-I-laugh- yet? to wanna-go- home in about three minutes." — Village Voice
Posted Oct 20, 2004
87% Untold Scandal (2004) " E J-Yong's transposition illuminates, with satisfying crispness, the hyper-Confucian high society of the time, as well as the underground Catholic movement." — Village Voice
Posted Oct 12, 2004
36% Shark Tale (2004) " The filmmakers don't have enough faith in the world they've created." — Village Voice
Posted Sep 28, 2004
72% Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004) " His nostalgia enabled by technology, Conran takes the ghosts in his machine seriously, and the results appear at once meltingly lovely and intriguingly inhuman." — Village Voice
Posted Sep 21, 2004
15% Head in the Clouds (2004) " I remember best [Gilda's] mutable hair, which went from a bob to a wave to a longish Angelina Jolie coif." — Village Voice
Posted Sep 14, 2004
44% Evergreen (2004) " Though the acting is tentative at times, with performances not quite landing on the same page, Evergreen is a compassionate slice of Pacific Northwest misery." — Village Voice
Posted Sep 7, 2004
80% Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War (2004) " In the rare moments when a rifle, grenade, howitzer, bayonet, dagger, fist, land mine, or flamethrower isn't being deployed, the film pushes its melodramatic plotline with soap operatic shamelessness." — Village Voice
Posted Aug 31, 2004
25% The Princess Diaries 2 - Royal Engagement (2004) " Scenes end abruptly, laughs are as rare as yetis, and the overarching question seems to be: Can we turn this into a franchise?" — Village Voice
Posted Aug 17, 2004
66% Bright Young Things (2003) " Aside from cameos by Jim Broadbent (as the drunken major) and Peter O'Toole (as Nina's reclusive, eccentric father), much of the acting strains for a sophistication that quickly becomes annoying." — Village Voice
Posted Aug 17, 2004
86% Garden State (2004) " Stormy twentysomething emotions seethe under a deft quirkfest." — Village Voice
Posted Jul 27, 2004
43% Planet Earth: Dreams (2004) " Foreman aficionados may want to keep the curtains of this theater drawn, and listen as his fertile lines suggest what could have been: 'The space between the trees is blank enough for something interesting to happen in it.'" — Village Voice
Posted Jul 13, 2004
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