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—— Falafel (2007) " It's funny and energetic, dispensing insights without preaching them." — Screen International
Posted Jul 9, 2014
90% Clouds of Sils Maria " If there was ever a reminder needed of Juliette Binoche's great and enduring talent, Assayas delivers it here." — Screen International
Posted May 23, 2014
27% The Search " It can't help but feel slightly hubristic - and a sad waste of an opportunity for all involved." — Screen International
Posted May 21, 2014
60% Futatsume no mado (Still the Water) " Kawase delivers a striking meditation on what are clearly deeply personal themes ..." — Screen International
Posted May 20, 2014
100% Queen and Country " Queen And Country is a fitting, intimate curtain call on a long and a hugely dynamic and influential film career." — Screen International
Posted May 20, 2014
100% It Follows " Plays the teen horror conventions skillfully - and attractively ..." — Screen International
Posted May 18, 2014
79% Welcome To New York " Ferrara has done more than the feed the curiosity-seekers: he has drawn an incredibly committed performance from Gerard Depardieu as Mr Devereaux, a man ravaged by his own carnal desires." — Screen International
Posted May 18, 2014
10% Grace Of Monaco " A minor royal Euro-pudding which lands awkwardly in sub-Roman Holiday territory amidst a product placement blitz of diamonds and up-dos, chandeliers and yachts, soft-focus close-ups and bleachy Riviera hues." — Screen International
Posted May 14, 2014
52% Postman Pat: The Movie (2014) " Basic, slightly garish computer animation." — Screen International
Posted May 14, 2014
46% That Demon Within (Mo Jing) (2014) " A dark twisted trip through one Hong Kong cop's explosive meltdown." — Screen International
Posted Feb 28, 2014
94% Stranger by the Lake (2014) " Stranger By The Lake is by turns a commentary on risk-taking, sex, death and the gay community wrapped up in an art-house thriller with comic notes." — Screen International
Posted Jan 21, 2014
92% Nebraska (2013) " A wry, somewhat downbeat comedy in the vein of The Straight Story, Nebraska sees Alexander Payne return to the road trip in this affecting story of a taciturn old man with advancing dementia." — Screen International
Posted Nov 11, 2013
8% Diana (2013) " Watts does give a very brave performance that should not be under-estimated given the poverty of the dialogue and the pressure of the part." — Screen International
Posted Sep 6, 2013
68% El artista y la modelo (The Artist and the Model) (2013) " The film is never anything less than a pleasure to watch." — Screen International
Posted Aug 2, 2013
93% Our Children (2013) " Our Children isn't simply a story of a mother with post-natal depression. It's much more oblique, and, like any family, complicated than that." — Screen International
Posted Jul 31, 2013
96% The Lunchbox (2014) " A wistful, elegant love story played out across the streets of Mumbai, The Lunchbox is an unexpectedly aromatic charmer from first-time film-maker Ritesh Batra." — Screen International
Posted May 23, 2013
20% The Last Days On Mars (2013) " As the characters amiably shuffle their way through rote zombification, what's missing is a sense of peril on the way to the film's intriguing finale." — Screen International
Posted May 23, 2013
64% Bastards (2013) " At turns perversely frustrating and completely engaging, Bastards' composed aesthetic, intense performances and electronic score from Tindersticks is surprisingly seductive, given its subject matter." — Screen International
Posted May 23, 2013
53% Blood Ties (2014) " Blood Ties is too sprawling, its fractured narrative cut far too many ways for the film to succeed." — Screen International
Posted May 20, 2013
92% Gimme The Loot (2013) " Led by his two charismatic young lead actors, Adam Leon's Gimme the Loot is an almost compulsively endearing film about two tough-talking teenagers in the Bronx." — Screen International
Posted Mar 15, 2013
49% Blood (2013) " An effective British police thriller, Blood benefits from some stylish location work in Northeast England's The Wirral and a typically engrossing performance from Paul Bettany." — Screen International
Posted Jan 22, 2013
88% Journal de France " We never get a feeling for the man behind these images, which may be entirely appropriate in his other work, but here it makes a fragile pillar for a 100-minute running time." — Screen International
Posted May 30, 2012
—— SueƱo y silencio Screen International
Posted May 25, 2012
43% 7 Days in Havana Screen International
Posted May 25, 2012
86% In the Fog (2013) " A carefully-calebrated three-hander from Sergei Loznitsa, its slow, precise rhythms playing out to compelling effect." — Screen International
Posted May 25, 2012
100% White Elephant (2013) Screen International
Posted May 24, 2012
—— Elephant White (2011) Screen International
Posted May 23, 2012
93% The Hunt (2013) " Daring to force his narrative right up against the edge of credibility, Vinterberg uses the hot-button topic of child abuse to push and probe at a town's close-knit facade until the wounds bubble up angrily to the surface." — Screen International
Posted May 21, 2012
67% Mekong Hotel " Its running time may make it more digestible than some of Weerasethakul's more ambitious pieces, although it straddles the line between full-feature and his short films and experimental work quite beautifully." — Screen International
Posted May 18, 2012
23% Baad el Mawkeaa (After the Battle) " A flatly shot mash-up of politics and drama that run side-by-side and are often individually interesting but never convincingly connect. " — Screen International
Posted May 18, 2012
75% Leave it on the Floor (2013) Screen International
Posted Feb 14, 2012
85% Bullhead (2012) " It's a violent and complex work which requires the viewer to be completely engaged for 129 minutes as the intricacies of plot and character interact." — Screen International
Posted Feb 3, 2012
91% Wreckers Screen International
Posted Dec 2, 2011
0% Lotus Eaters (2013) " Lotus Eaters tracks a posse of pointless rich kids around London, but the result can come across as even more aimless than the antics on screen." — Screen International
Posted Oct 26, 2011
64% Junkhearts (2011) " Junkhearts does boast a memorably vulnerable performance by Marsans who commits fully to Krishnan's direction." — Screen International
Posted Oct 25, 2011
—— Kaitanshi Jokei (Sketches of Kaitan City) (2010) Screen International
Posted Oct 25, 2011
85% George Harrison: Living In The Material World Screen International
Posted Oct 8, 2011
—— Real Madrid - Barcelona Screen International
Posted Sep 23, 2011
90% The Fairy (2012) " In their third feature, gifted physical comedians Abel, Gordon and Romy gracefully build on their distinctive brand of burlesque humour." — Screen International
Posted Jul 30, 2011
49% Sleeping Beauty (2011) " Young actress Browning has gone the distance for her director and together, they have delivered something here that sometimes catches your breath." — Screen International
Posted Jul 6, 2011
70% Sidewalls (2011) " A sweet, slight romance for the Internet age, Gustavo Taretto's debut feature is an appealing if low-key affair, distinguished by some beautifully fluid framing of a built-up Buenos Aires." — Screen International
Posted Jun 20, 2011
81% The Skin I Live In (2011) " Pedro Almodovar's 18th feature finds the man from La Mancha in dazzlingly idiosyncratic form with a sexual melodrama which unites the visual austerity of his more recent work with elements of sheer Almodovarian entertainment." — Screen International
Posted May 20, 2011
—— Mascarades (Masquerades) (2008) Screen International
Posted Apr 22, 2011
95% Sing Your Song (2012) " Harry Belafonte's life makes an extraordinary screen story." — Screen International
Posted Feb 12, 2011
33% London Boulevard (2011) " London Boulevard is a curio at best." — Screen International
Posted Feb 10, 2011
64% In Your Hands (Contre Toi) (2010) Screen International
Posted Feb 10, 2011
83% The Ghost Writer (2010) " A stylish, precise salute to Hitchcock's thrillers but still bearing all the hallmarks of Roman Polanski's distinctive style." — Screen International
Posted Feb 16, 2010
49% Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010) " Of all the players, Uma Thurman channels the Bride to deliver a Medusa the children won't easily forget when it comes to bedtime." — Screen International
Posted Feb 11, 2010
76% Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (2010) " A strong central performance from Andy Serkis as the late British punk rocker Ian Dury powers Mat Whitecross' directorial debut through a fractured 113 minutes." — Screen International
Posted Jan 8, 2010
76% The Young Victoria (2009) " A lovingly-detailed, lavishly-recreated British period production with all the right cast giving all the right performances." — Screen International
Posted Dec 18, 2009
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