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3/5 48% X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) "If you thought Days of Future Past was as epic and nightmarish as it could get for Marvel's mutant superheroes, then think again. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted May 19, 2016
4/5 90% Green Room (2016) "The contrast between the pastoral setting and shocking blood-letting creates lots of breathless tension, putting Green Room in good company with down-and-dirty siege flicks like Assault on Precinct 13 and especially Straw Dogs. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted May 12, 2016
4/5 90% Captain America: Civil War (2016) "The Russos deliver the goods once again and prove to have a safe pair of hands when it comes to pacey, well-choreographed action and accommodating a large starry cast. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Apr 21, 2016
3/5 27% Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) "Despite the avalanche of set pieces and nods to upcoming Justice League movies, it must be said that Affleck is the class act - he fits his bat suit well and also nails Bruce Wayne, whether as ageing roué or haunted hero. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Mar 24, 2016
4/5 91% The Witch (2016) "Spellbinding horror that drips with dread. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Mar 11, 2016
3/5 85% Goodnight Mommy (2015) "A disturbingly compelling watch. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Mar 3, 2016
2/5 27% The Benefactor (2016) "Fanning (criminally underused) and James have so little meat to their roles, they end up as ciphers while Gere has a ball as a drug-addicted tycoon on the verge of a nervous breakdown. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Feb 26, 2016
3/5 13% Breakdown "It's not the most original of premises, but Fairbrass proves a rugged presence and Cosmo is a terrifying villain. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Jan 15, 2016
5/5 82% The Revenant (2015) "Here's a movie where the elements ooze from the screen, and DiCaprio matches the experience by baring his wounds and his soul in a performance of agonising honesty and emotion. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Jan 14, 2016
3/5 89% What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi Legacy (2015) "A valuable examination of personal responsibility v familial loyalty set against events that should never be taken for granted. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Nov 20, 2015
3/5 78% Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans (2015) "[A] watchable documentary ... " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Nov 20, 2015
4/5 82% On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) "The sixth outing for 007 is a magnificently memorable adventure that sees Bond out to stop the dispersal of a killer virus by a bevy of beauties brainwashed by Telly Savalas's villainous Blofeld. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Nov 2, 2015
2/5 20% The Vatican Tapes (2015) "Devilish fare like The Exorcist and The Omen that rush to mind. Those classics had thrills and gore galore. This is just too tame to terrify. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Oct 29, 2015
4/5 97% Listen To Me Marlon (2015) "Riley does a fabulous job here but it's no hagiography; this is Brando in the raw. Here, Marlon is just Marlon. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Oct 23, 2015
3/5 85% The Walk (2015) "Zemeckis has aimed high but on this occasion the documentary reality of Man on Wire trumps the wonder of Hollywood artifice. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Oct 8, 2015
4/5 No Score Yet The Taking "Slinger creates one of British cinema's vilest villains, excruciatingly smug but menacing and deadly to boot. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Sep 3, 2015
4/5 95% The Dance of Reality (2014) "It won't be to all tastes (graphic nudity, full-frontal urination) and is more hallucinatory memory book than straight autobiography, but what a journey it is. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Aug 20, 2015
3/5 22% Pressure (2015) "It's perfectly watchable, if not quite on a nerve-shredding par with lung-busting thrillers like The Poseidon Adventure, The Abyss or Black Sea. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Aug 20, 2015
3/5 No Score Yet Captain Webb "It's no big-budget extravaganza but anything that celebrates such historic British endeavour deserves a pat on the back. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Aug 13, 2015
4/5 94% Best Of Enemies (2015) "Some may argue outside events - antiwar protests, civil unrest - are pushed to the background, but this is a documentary about hugely erudite, larger-than-life personalities. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Jul 23, 2015
3/5 81% Ant-Man (2015) "In the end, it may be more comedy than grand superhero epic, but Marvel and Disney should still be laughing all the way to the bank. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Jul 9, 2015
4/5 75% We Are Many "A valuable tribute to protest, it's a film that should be seen by the many. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted May 21, 2015
4/5 95% A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014) "It's as beautiful and hypnotic as its enigmatic heroine. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted May 21, 2015
3/5 79% WYRMWOOD: Road Of The Dead (2015) "Inventive DIY horror that harks back to Ozploitation's golden era. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted May 8, 2015
4/5 75% Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) "Although there are some longeurs when Whedon feels bound to plot a pathway to Marvel's next tranche of potential blockbusters, the witty repartee between stars at ease in their superhero skin leavens the odd lull. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Apr 23, 2015
3/5 70% The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014) "A straightforward, slickly edited psycho-killer flick with moments of razor-sharp tension and a welcome appearance from Alien star Veronica Cartwright as Timlin's granny. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Apr 16, 2015
3/5 No Score Yet Sixteen (2013) "An excellent showcase for bright, young talent like Nsengiyumva and Rosie Day, who plays the girlfriend painfully trying to understand what makes her brooding beau tick. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Mar 19, 2015
4/5 100% Tales Of The Grim Sleeper (2014) "Utterly engrossing. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Jan 29, 2015
4/5 74% Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) "Light-hearted, fast-moving entertainment is the name of the game, with Firth a quite excellent action hero. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Jan 29, 2015
4/5 89% A Most Violent Year (2015) "It's a tense, subtly evocative Big Apple tale that could crown Chandor as a worthy successor to quintessential New York director Sidney Lumet. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Jan 22, 2015
83% In Fear (2014) "It's nicely constructed, with a cloying atmosphere of ever-increasing dread as darkness and torrential rain begin to fall. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Jan 5, 2015
4/5 96% Blue Ruin (2014) "Understated, atmospheric and compelling, Blue Ruin has an art house indie aesthetic reminiscent of the Coen brothers' debut Blood Simple, and that's high praise, indeed. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Jan 5, 2015
4/5 71% Interstellar (2014) "This majestic film retains a human heart. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Nov 7, 2014
4/5 88% Filmed In Supermarionation "Fans couldn't ask for anything more. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Oct 10, 2014
4/5 85% Tony Benn: Will and Testament "Highly personal and poignant, it's a fabulous tribute to a formidable political personality. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Oct 3, 2014
2/5 60% Draft Day (2014) "In the Costner sporting canon, it's no Bull Durham, Field of Dreams or Tin Cup, but the star is a rock-solid presence and is well supported by a cast chock-full of recognisable faces. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Oct 3, 2014
4/5 96% Ida (2014) "Stark but beautiful, understated but hauntingly entrancing, this sublime drama confirms Pawlikowski's place among the best of modern Polish directors. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Sep 26, 2014
3/5 60% The Equalizer (2014) "Washington has the stellar charisma and mobility (unlike the portlier Woodward) to keep total disbelief from the door. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Sep 26, 2014
3/5 78% Grand Piano (2014) "The tension fizzles once the reasons for the gunman's motives become evident. A shame, as it's an intriguing conceit. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Sep 19, 2014
4/5 No Score Yet Monarch "In this low-budget but fascinating little gem, that fine Irish actor TP McKenna takes on the larger-than-life role of Henry VIII, a big-actor part if ever there was one. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Sep 12, 2014
3/5 67% Lucy (2014) "It's barmy but there are enough enthralling moments in which action clichés (fights, car chases) are turned on their head, to often breathtaking visual effect. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Aug 22, 2014
5/5 94% The Dark Knight (2008) "If Batman Begins was the classy hors d'oeuvre in Christopher Nolan's blockbuster trilogy, then this awesome follow-up is a main course that delivers on all levels. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Aug 20, 2014
2/5 6% Paranoia (2013) "The bland leading man, lack of suspense and tedious panoramic shots of New York create feelings of inertia rather than paranoia. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Jul 23, 2014
3/5 88% Cheap Thrills (2014) "It's a thought-provoking ride, particularly in a post-financial crisis world where a combination of desperation and temptation can make anyone consider doing the unthinkable. " ‐ London Evening Standard
Posted Jun 6, 2014
3/5 77% Licence To Kill (1989) "It's a watchable adventure boosted by impressive action sequences and a fiery climax with a bone-crunching punch-up. Pity Dalton didn't have another crack at proving his secret-agent credentials. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted May 20, 2014
91% X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) "In the end, it's the cast that makes the movie so compelling and prevents it from being another noisy action-fest. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted May 16, 2014
3/5 37% The Quiet Ones (2014) "If you like your scary stories jumpy and bumpy rather than bloody and gory, then this haunting Hammer horror will be right up your (dark) alley. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Apr 11, 2014
3/5 79% Lamb Of God's As The Palaces Burn (2014) "[A] watchable fly-on-the-wall documentary. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Feb 28, 2014
3/5 58% Bounty Killer (2013) "Mad Max and Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! are just a couple of the exploitation flicks that come to mind in this entertaining slice of low-budget mayhem. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Jan 10, 2014
3/5 78% Bad Santa (2003) "With Thornton giving a terrific deadpan performance, this is the perfect antidote to the usual saccharine Christmas confection. " ‐ Radio Times
Posted Dec 5, 2013
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