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4.5/10 17% When The Game Stands Tall (2014) " ...almost as bad as that moment in cinematic history when the real Buzz Aldrin has a conversation with Optimus Prime. Should be retitled: When the Facts Don't Matter" — Daily Film Fix
Posted Sep 5, 2014
4.5/10 36% The November Man (2014) " He's fit enough for a 60-plus-year-old and cool, to be sure, but he's no Liam Neeson. And THE NOVEMBER MAN is no TAKEN." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Aug 29, 2014
9/10 99% Boyhood (2014) " While it is really an exploration of 12 mundane years in the life of a fairly ordinary American family, it is never boring and rarely makes you think that anything that happens was forced." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Aug 22, 2014
5.5/10 33% The Expendables 3 (2014) " ...big, dumb fun but, also, wince-inducing cheese." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Aug 15, 2014
5.5/10 21% Into The Storm (2014) " Potentially offensive and insensitive tone can't extinguish undeniably entertaining disaster film." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Aug 8, 2014
8/10 95% Snowpiercer (2014) " At the dramatic center of SNOWPIERCER is this metaphorical concept of balance. We're taken on a journey to the front of a futuristic train, learning about an ecosystem that travels roughly over icy tracks. It's a ride worth taking." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Jul 25, 2014
6/10 58% The Purge: Anarchy (2014) " The kind of bad movie that ought to be projected ugly. It is nothing more than exploitative, trashy satire, but it does work and is a more complete film than its predecessor." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Jul 18, 2014
8.5/10 90% Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes (2014) " A sequel that ups the action while still retaining the emotional gravitas that marks the best cinematic epics." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Jul 11, 2014
6/10 8% America (2014) " Ironically, in presenting the argument against Zinn and others by attacking what D'Souza terms indictments of America, he takes a page directly out of the Zinn playbook. AMERICA asks one very important question: what's been left out of the history books?" — Daily Film Fix
Posted Jul 2, 2014
4.5/10 18% Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) " It is eye-rolling, but Wahlberg and Tucci keep things fun and lively. Don't expect to be moved dramatically in any significant way, however. The relationships and dialogue are written poorly and only act to weakly stitch action set-pieces together." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Jun 27, 2014
5/10 66% The Rover (2014) " The central performances are excellent if not capable of being too finely cut given the meandering, dare I say roving, narrative." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Jun 20, 2014
8.5/10 92% How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014) " Dreamworks sure knows HOW to make a sequel: just add more dragons! " — Daily Film Fix
Posted Jun 13, 2014
6.5/10 90% Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow (2014) " The first two acts are excellent, but the film loses steam as the action slows and the story becomes ever more familiar and less inventive." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Jun 6, 2014
8/10 91% X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) " As action-packed as it is, the quiet moments work best and, like 2011's First Class, the superhero universe of the X-Men is a cut above its comparatively cheesier brethren." — Daily Film Fix
Posted May 23, 2014
7/10 73% Godzilla (2014) " If audiences endorse this reboot of the Godzilla tale, we may see a franchise. But if this is a one-off, it is a worthy one, Godzilla has been given his due." — Daily Film Fix
Posted May 16, 2014
5.5/10 53% The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) " A problem of tone, it moves from emotion to emotion carelessly. And it is impossible to suspend disbelief when absolutely everything is visibly branded with the Sony logo." — Daily Film Fix
Posted May 2, 2014
4.5/10 19% Transcendence (2014) " ...possesses a lot of the same handsome camera work that seamlessly melded with special-effects in Nolan's "Inception" for which Pfister won the Oscar. It is the story and in particular the film's closing act that lets the entire production down." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Apr 18, 2014
6/10 89% Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) " As the film moves into its final act, it gets a little too familiar, even a bit baggy. We're reminded that at its core this franchise of films is just a bunch of aw-shucks fun." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Apr 4, 2014
5/10 41% Divergent (2014) " Like a Great Illustrated Classics adaptation of a lesser comic book, Divergent delivers a dystopian plot with mechanical precision but lacks the nuance and art that usually marks outstanding source material." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Mar 21, 2014
4/10 22% Need For Speed (2014) " When describing a film about golf years ago, I remember the late great film critic Roger Ebert talked about the Zen of the game. Need for Speed could have used a little metaphysical Zen." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Mar 14, 2014
5/10 40% In Secret (2014) " Not romantic enough, not nearly sexy enough, and not thrilling enough to be considered a thriller, In Secret is easy on the eyes but does little for the heart." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Feb 24, 2014
6/10 48% RoboCop (2014) " Hardly a better film than the one that inspired it, ROBOCOP (2014) is still the best handling of the material since 1987." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Feb 12, 2014
5.5/10 94% Her (2013) " The problem with the film is the inherent limitation imposed by the story and visual scope. At times, HER is like the HOBBIT without the dragon." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Jan 10, 2014
8.5/10 75% Lone Survivor (2014) " ...a hell of a good film." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Jan 10, 2014
4.5/10 77% The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) " Less a cautionary tale and more of a how-to manual... Many sequences take on a sophomoric quality reminiscent of two guys in a bar trying to impress each other with wild stories of depraved drunken debauchery." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Dec 24, 2013
6.5/10 50% The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (2013) " A winner... With its PG rating and whimsical approach, MITTY is a treat for families this holiday season." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Dec 24, 2013
7/10 80% Saving Mr. Banks (2013) " The movie ironically but, perhaps, indirectly, points out that Walt Disney believed his own hype. In contrast to Travers stark view of the real world, Disney looked at the world through animated rose-colored glasses." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Dec 20, 2013
5/10 84% The Armstrong Lie (2013) " Gibney tries in vain to get to the heart of the story. Probing questions get answered, but most viewers won't be satisfied." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Dec 13, 2013
7.5/10 74% The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug (2013) " My 12 year-old and I had a ball. The drama and exposition take a backseat to thrilling action sequences with eye-popping visuals." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Dec 13, 2013
7/10 89% The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) " Sexless and relatively bloodless, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is about as good a follow-up to the 2012 hit as one could possibly imagine." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Nov 20, 2013
7.5/10 93% Dallas Buyers Club (2013) " ...more than just a film resting on gimmickry. It is really a solid narrative and one that connected intimately with me. " — Daily Film Fix
Posted Nov 15, 2013
6/10 65% Thor: The Dark World (2013) " There's just a little in this movie for everyone. And such scattershot fun is more than enough to tide us over until Captain American returns next year." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Nov 7, 2013
3/10 18% Free Birds (2013) " Perhaps the best that can be said of "Free Birds" is that it makes the turkey the hero of Thanksgiving once again. It's just too bad that the film is written as though viewers have only bird brains." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Nov 1, 2013
5/10 34% The Counselor (2013) " One of the biggest problems is that the film gives us no one to root for--we could care less about anyone in the film. The story meanders randomly from character to character, and there are a lot of them, without any meaningful connective tissue." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Oct 25, 2013
9/10 97% 12 Years a Slave (2013) " Director McQueen's now signature techniques are on full display here. In Ejiofor, McQueen finds another gifted actor that embraces hard and emotive story-telling." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Oct 18, 2013
6.5/10 83% The Short Game (2013) " There is little heavy lifting here but a whole lot of fun to be had." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Oct 4, 2013
9/10 97% Gravity (2013) " At a scant 90 minutes, director Alfonso Cuar√≥n's dramatic mystery/science-fiction/thriller will absolutely enthrall most viewers. I was riveted." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Oct 4, 2013
4.5/10 29% Kick-Ass 2 (2013) " This time around the lessons learned from the first film seem to be largely forgotten and the script strains to find credible motivators to get Kick-Ass and Hit Girl back into their latex." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Aug 16, 2013
5/10 68% Elysium (2013) " ...the prevalence of the F-bomb does not add one thing to the story and only cheaply gives us any sort of gritty realism that quickly evaporates during the film's sequences on Elysium." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Aug 9, 2013
6.5/10 72% Pacific Rim (2013) " Exciting and stylish director del Toro's loving send up of the monster movie wears its cheesy veneer as well as the gargantuan armor surrounding the film's robotic heroes. I give it a "FIX" rating." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Jul 12, 2013
5.5/10 31% The Lone Ranger (2013) " I give RANGER a maginal "Fix" rating. I kind of liked it, especially that thrilling opening sequence that cannot be matched by the spaghetti Western comedy that follows." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Jul 3, 2013
7/10 68% World War Z (2013) " Not the best zombie movie ever made, but one of the best of the genre. You get zombie transformations, cities overrun by fast-moving undead, a family story with heart, plenty of good zombie kills, and some pseudo-science thrown in for nerds like me." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Jun 21, 2013
5.5/10 56% Man of Steel (2013) " While it gets a "fix" rating for what it gets right, the film is uneven and exhausting. Clearly, the success of Marvel's "The Avengers" has had an indirect and unfortunate impact on the once classic narrative." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Jun 14, 2013
5/10 38% The Purge (2013) " The Purge is satire done so broadly that the audience might forget that it is trying to comment on something with weight and meaning." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Jun 7, 2013
4/10 34% The Internship (2013) " You can smell how desperate the guys are to make us laugh again, and it's just not a funny odor." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Jun 7, 2013
3/10 68% Fast & Furious 6 (2013) " An embarrassing parody of the first 5 films..." — Daily Film Fix
Posted May 25, 2013
7.5/10 84% Upstream Color (2013) " Carruth's complex and muted thriller is exquisitely made and acted. It's a film that challenges the viewer provoking fine existential questions." — Daily Film Fix
Posted May 18, 2013
6/10 78% Iron Man 3 (2013) " The movie trades on the continuing Marvel film universe without expanding it in any appreciable way. Ultimately, you will have had enough of Tony Stark when this one ends and that's not how Tony would want it." — Daily Film Fix
Posted May 3, 2013
4/10 50% Pain & Gain (2013) " What starts out as an irreverent comedy with action elements turns into lurid, unpleasant masochistic viewing. " — Daily Film Fix
Posted Apr 26, 2013
4/10 62% Evil Dead (2013) " Without an appealing, charismatic lead, this remake is pretty vacant." — Daily Film Fix
Posted Apr 5, 2013
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