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Josh Levin

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44% Cowboys & Aliens (2011) " It's fun to think about what Cowboys & Aliens might have been if any creativity had crept past the title page." — Slate
Posted Aug 2, 2011
29% The Warrior's Way (2010) " The Warrior's Way never achieves awesomeness, mostly because it never fully embraces its elementary-school playground aesthetic." — Slate
Posted Dec 7, 2010
72% Megamind (2010) " Mostly, the jokes and the recurrent attempts to tweak the superhero genre serve as a reminder that somebody else has already done it better." — Slate
Posted Nov 4, 2010
79% The Other Guys (2010) " There's just a bit too much formula and not quite enough insane-asylum lunacy." — Slate
Posted Aug 5, 2010
66% The Blind Side (2009) " The problem with a story that's almost too good to be true is that someone in Hollywood will try to make it better." — Slate
Posted Nov 20, 2009
71% More Than a Game (2009) " While More Than a Game succeeds in depicting the friends' deep mutual affection, the edges of the LeBron James story are too often smoothed to a dull, inspirational point." — Slate
Posted Oct 8, 2009
90% Zombieland (2009) " Zombieland, with its belching, goo-spewing undead, looks at the scenery of a video game through a fanboy's eyes." — Slate
Posted Oct 2, 2009
41% Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2008) " Beverly Hills Chihuahua isn't terrible. OK, it's kind of terrible, but it's a talking-dog movie, and anyone who goes to a talking-dog movie without being prepared to step in poop deserves to ruin his shoes." — Slate
Posted Oct 6, 2008
26% Eagle Eye (2008) " Eagle Eye feels less like a vehicle for an action hero than the latest in a series of national focus groups to determine LaBeouf's commercial viability." — Slate
Posted Sep 26, 2008
2% Meet the Spartans (2008) " This was the worst movie I've ever seen, so bad that I hesitate to label it a 'movie' and thus reflect shame upon the entire medium of film." — Slate
Posted Jan 30, 2008
36% Art School Confidential (2006) " The movie accomplishes the simple-enough task of demonstrating that art school types are pretentious and self-centered. What it fails to reveal is why anyone should care." — Slate
Posted May 11, 2006
86% Slither (2006) " There's something winning about this grab bag of orally fixated invertebrates and mucus-covered Noids." — Slate
Posted Mar 31, 2006
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