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MaryAnn Johanson
  • "It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage." -- Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • "One should not believe in an ism." -- Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  • "It's not that I'm lazy; it's that I just don't care." -- Office Space
  • "There's not a lot of money in revenge." -- The Princess Bride
  • Agrees with the Tomatometer 76% of the time.

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    74% Black Mass (2015) "A solid execution of a familiar tale, crammed with a likable, watchable cast. But it doesn't have anything new to say about why men do despicable things. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 25, 2015
    81% The Good Dinosaur (2015) "Shamefully banal, and such a confused mess that I cannot even figure out what the title is supposed to mean. Almost a slap in the face to Pixar fans after the triumph of Inside Out. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 24, 2015
    No Score Yet The Wave (Bolgen) "The traditional Hollywood disaster flick goes to Norway, and is grim and gripping around all the time-honored ridiculous clichés crammed into it. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 24, 2015
    81% Doctor Who: Season 9 Episode 10 "The Doctor and Clara go to Diagon Alley, where Clara gets reckless again... I feel nothing. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 23, 2015
    64% The Dressmaker "So entertaining, so unexpected, so wonderfully oddball, so damn good. Witty genre-busting simmering with pathos, humor, and calamity. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 20, 2015
    73% Trumbo (2015) "Marvelously balances the silly and the solemn. There's almost a whiff of the Coen-esque in its slick sharpness, in its whistling past the graveyard. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 19, 2015
    71% High-Rise "Ben Wheatley takes on J.G. Ballard, and it's a frustrating experience: visually striking but far too literal while aiming for the allegorical. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 19, 2015
    17% The Perfect Guy (2015) "An enragingly stupid and obvious 'thriller' jammed with dull genre clichés, wild hypocrisy, and just a hint of victim blaming. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 18, 2015
    No Score Yet Downtime (1995) "Strictly for serious Doctor Who fans who won't mind the ultra-low-budget ethos, and who'll love the fan-fiction-y tidbits that are catnip to Whovians. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 16, 2015
    71% The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (2015) "One of the smartest and most enthralling SF film series ever breaks more new ground as it ends on notes as emotional and provocative as they are explosive. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 16, 2015
    67% Doctor Who: Season 9 Episode 9 "Doctor Who does found-footage... and it actually works in a way that most found-footage stories don't even bother with anymore. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 15, 2015
    13% Fathers And Daughters "It's all rather implausible and hugely melodramatic as it milks ham-fisted histrionics from high soap opera. A pitiable excuse for a movie. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 13, 2015
    75% The Hallow (The Woods) (2015) "Nothing but atmosphere, albeit atmosphere that is more effective and elegant than the typical horror flick. But there's almost no actual story here. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 13, 2015
    99% Brooklyn (2015) "Beautifully portrays a very universal experience - not only of immigration but of growing up - via an elegantly nuanced performance by Saoirse Ronan. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 11, 2015
    94% Doctor Who: Season 9 Episode 8 "I feel like we have finally met Peter Capaldi's Doctor for the first time. At last. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 9, 2015
    72% He Named Me Malala (2015) "A charming film - Yousafzai is as endearing and funny as she is ambitious and brave - but also one with a vital message: how we raise kids matters. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 6, 2015
    44% Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015) "One of the most sexist movies I've ever seen. Male juvenile fantasy at its most tired, its most obvious, its most banal, and its most infuriating. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 5, 2015
    58% Truth (2015) "A fascinating look at the pitfalls of modern journalism, and a compelling portrait of a journalist who paid a high price for letting them trip her up. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 5, 2015
    27% Burnt (2015) "A celebration of male obnoxiousness that goes warm and fuzzy over its temperamental manchild as he finally learns to impersonate a decent human being. What? " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 4, 2015
    No Score Yet Run "Prophecy and politics are intertwined in a realm where strange and beautiful imagery takes on dark meaning, and violence and male posturing rules all. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 4, 2015
    94% Doctor Who: Season 9 Episode 7 "Just when I've lost almost all hope for my show... we get an episode like this one. 'The Zygon Invasion' is incredibly good science fiction storytelling. Incredibly good Doctor Who. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 2, 2015
    75% Tales of Halloween "The best of the bunch in this anthology of vaguely interconnected shorts are the outrageous and uproarious genre pastiches 'Friday the 31st' and 'Bad Seed.' " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Nov 1, 2015
    18% The Vatican Tapes (2015) "The demonic-possession subgenre isn't exactly one crammed with quality cinematic experiences, but it hits a dull, unscary new low with this inept flick. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 30, 2015
    67% The Keeping Room (2015) "Call this a revisionist feminist postapocalyptic historical western home-invasion horror drama. But even that doesn't quite do it justice. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 29, 2015
    64% Spectre (2015) "After a truly spectacular and fresh opening sequence, everyone might as well be enacting a Bond puppet show, which is sometimes unpleasantly retro-icky. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 28, 2015
    No Score Yet Atari: Game Over (2014) "The truth about one of the great urban legends of videogame history is nowhere near as epic as you'd imagine: in fact, it's rather anticlimactic. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 27, 2015
    88% Difret (2015) "An earnest and passionate film, based on a true story that is enraging yet inspiring, that is essential viewing for anyone concerned with women's rights. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 26, 2015
    83% Doctor Who: Season 9 Episode 6 "So my Let's Wait and See Plan after last week's episode did not pan out. It's not that there isn't some good stuff here. But where it ends up is too easy. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 25, 2015
    88% Experimenter (2015) "A creepy-cool vibe of constructed cinematic artificiality echoes the illusory nature of Stanley Milgram's notorious experiment into human behavior. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 23, 2015
    89% Mississippi Grind (2015) "A compelling character study of two intriguingly flawed people, the sort of richly observed drama that has gotten all but pushed out of mainstream cinema. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 23, 2015
    11% Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (2015) "Cheap, lazy, and limited by its slavish adherence to the found-footage trope. Bonus: features the most cynical use ever of 3D to boost cinema ticket prices. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 22, 2015
    16% The Last Witch Hunter (2015) "If this were Law & Order: Black Magic, which it almost seems like it wants to be, it'd be a helluva lot more interesting than it is. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 21, 2015
    74% Goosebumps (2015) "More theme-park attraction than movie, and paradoxically distastefully self-congratulatory about the Goosebumps phenomenon and insulting toward its author. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 21, 2015
    94% Doctor Who: Season 9 Episode 5 "As for this episode, I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it, either... I suppose [this is] kind of my problem with the show lately: it's a bit Monty Python. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 20, 2015
    84% Steve Jobs (2015) "You've never seen such a compelling, entertaining movie about a genius jerk. As smart and as sleek as a Macbook Pro, and a compulsory bit of modern history. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 19, 2015
    51% Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015) "The barrage of nonstop sitcom idiocy is nigh on unendurable. A father plotting against his daughter as touching and uplifting? Way worse. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 16, 2015
    58% The Program "Pretty much strictly for fans of Ben Foster and Chris O'Dowd, who are both superb here. Probably not for fans of Lance Armstrong (if he still has any left). " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 16, 2015
    69% Crimson Peak (2015) "A deliciously creepy haunted-house story. Oozes eldritch atmosphere yet plays with our genre expectations in ways that make it as funny as it is scary. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 15, 2015
    26% Pan (2015) "An embarrassingly empty pastiche of numerous beloved action blockbusters, all frenetic action and soulless mishmashes of fantasy imagery. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 14, 2015
    91% Green Room (2016) "Blue Ruin's Jeremy Saulnier is back with a smart, savage, dryly funny horror flick that has something to say about all-too-human monsters. No spoilers! " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 13, 2015
    93% The Martian (2015) "An excellent complement to the novel, simplifying the science without dumbing it down yet retaining the suspense and urgency of its interplanetary stranding. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 12, 2015
    95% Doctor Who: Season 9 Episode 4 "I actually fear that the presumption is that we should not think too much about anything we see.... Yet part of the fun for me was that Doctor Who was always a show that rewarded extra thinking-about. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 11, 2015
    96% Room (2015) "I wish I could have stopped the film - numerous times - simply to give myself a chance to step back from an emotional precipice of horror and tension. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 10, 2015
    92% Dukhtar (2015) "A gripping story from a place where women are less than second-class citizens that insists that they are, in fact, people who deserve to live as they please. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 9, 2015
    91% 99 Homes (2015) "A horror story of today's economy, of America's heartless culture in which maximizing profit is all. Michael Shannon brings his usual terrifying intensity. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 8, 2015
    71% Suffragette (2015) "The first feature film ever about the women who fought for their right to vote is glorious. It is angry and passionate and defiant. It is essential. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 7, 2015
    93% Sicario (2015) "The 'War on Drugs' has never felt more like an actual war in this brutal, scathing condemnation of the lawlessness of the battle... on the 'good guys' side. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 5, 2015
    81% Doctor Who: Season 9 Episode 3 "I don't recognize this show anymore. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 5, 2015
    85% The Walk (2015) "Puts CGI, IMAX, and 3D (and Joseph Gordon-Levitt) to perfect use. Everything here comes with a vertiginous thrill and a delightful enchantment. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 2, 2015
    60% The Intern (2015) "A nice movie about real problems people face in real life, and it deals with them in as sidelong a way as it possibly can, avoiding all strong emotion. " ‐ Flick Filosopher
    Posted Oct 2, 2015
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