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56% Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) "As each magnificently choreographed set piece unfolds in The Phantom Menace, there's little doubt that George Lucas knows how to create populist entertainment at its best. " ‐ Metro Times (Detroit, MI)
Posted Nov 16, 2015
93% Sand Dollars (Dolares de Arena) (2015) "Guzmán and Cárdenas present this tropical island as both Anne's romantic refuge and Noelí's exploitative landscape, a beautiful, enchanting -- and realistic -- Eden where snakes are merely snakes. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Nov 9, 2015
No Score Yet Addiction: A 60's Love Story (2015) "While Bornstein stumbles along his rocky road to redemption, Addiction lacks the narrative focus to make it more than a glorified home movie. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Nov 3, 2015
No Score Yet Manhattan Romance (2015) "Frenetic camerawork doesn't enliven the dull Danny, who champions ambiguity in art while pursuing cut-and-dried relationships in life. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Oct 6, 2015
92% The Creeping Garden (2015) "Heady and rigorous, The Creeping Garden is an illuminating science documentary that tickles the imagination. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 29, 2015
100% East Side Sushi (2015) "East Side Sushi captures the grind and pleasure of the food industry as Juana shifts from numbing routine to a challenging cuisine. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 25, 2015
88% Marshland "Marshland has superb performances and a heady atmosphere, but its greatest strength is finding resolution while letting the mystery be. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 25, 2015
No Score Yet Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer (2015) "This brash regurgitator of American pop culture comes off as a singular artist, an irrepressible SpongeBob with a steel spine. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 25, 2015
80% The New Girlfriend (2015) "Ozon sacrifices his sharp portrayal of grief and rebirth to clumsy convention. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 15, 2015
No Score Yet The Challenger (2015) "Even the gravitas of Merkerson and Duncan can't save this flimsy construct of boxing-movie clichés. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 8, 2015
80% I Touched All Your Stuff (2015) "Bühler and Mariani make their process part of the narrative, deconstructing the documentary form while delving into Kirk's copious digital life. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Aug 25, 2015
13% Return to Sender (2015) "Even with the dramatic buildup, Mikati hesitates to make Return to Sender an all-out revenge fantasy, and the characters are too sketchy for an effective psychological thriller. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Aug 12, 2015
100% Two Step (2015) "A noir character study where loss, suffering, and self-preservation drive criminal and victim alike. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jul 28, 2015
No Score Yet Bonobos (2015) "The film evolves into an interesting primer on the differences between life in captivity and the wild. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jul 28, 2015
0% Mad Women (2015) "Things just happen to the Smith family, with illness and incarceration treated like trials to be endured. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jul 7, 2015
20% Chagall-Malevich (2015) "An ambitious jumble of competing story lines that never gels into a cohesive portrait. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jun 10, 2015
No Score Yet Dukale's Dream (2015) "This documentary exudes Jackman's can-do optimism, but the real star is an Ethiopian coffee grower who's just as enterprising. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jun 2, 2015
61% Hungry Hearts (2015) "Hungry Hearts owes much to early Polanski (especially Repulsion and Rosemary's Baby), but Costanzo prizes ambiguity over tension. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jun 2, 2015
No Score Yet Miles To Go "The bigger problem: Quincy Rose, the opaque actor in nearly every scene, and the writer, director, and editor who doesn't distinguish between cinematic intimacy and revealing a character's inner life. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted May 14, 2015
No Score Yet Childless (2015) "The uncomfortable truths of these unpleasant people can be revelatory, especially when the childless Mary and Natalie dig into their strained interactions with Katherine. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted May 12, 2015
62% The Great Museum (2015) "Holzhausen is respectful but not reverential, portraying the museum as a living thing that's being cared for with meticulous diligence. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Apr 22, 2015
77% Felix & Meira (2015) "Offers compassion over certainty, even when circumstances call for an all-or-nothing commitment to a happily ever after. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Apr 14, 2015
52% Woman in Gold (2015) "What Woman in Gold has over nonfiction portrayals is emotion, and director Simon Curtis milks every scene for its heart-tugging potential. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Mar 31, 2015
32% Cut Bank (2015) "Without his usual tics, Malkovich is a wonder, quietly transforming an unassuming town fixture into Cut Bank's conscience. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Mar 31, 2015
76% Cupcakes (2015) "Fox infuses Cupcakes with Ofer's can-do optimism, where the power of song can overcome any personal or professional strife. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Mar 24, 2015
18% Serena (2015) "By making Serena ornamental, Bier diminishes her power, and Lawrence plays her as a petulant Lady Macbeth wannabe. Worse is Bradley Cooper, whose Pemberton comes off like an entitled scion, not a clear-cut timber king. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Mar 24, 2015
36% Can't Stand Losing You (2015) "Can't Stand Losing You conveys ... how the Police's genre-defying sound resulted from three distinct styles (and egos) bashing together. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Mar 17, 2015
89% Buzzard (2015) "Burge and Potrykus are the De Niro and Scorsese of stunted adolescence, collaborators who explore the petulance and violence of stymied young men. " ‐ Metro Times (Detroit, MI)
Posted Mar 6, 2015
21% October Gale (2015) "There's an Old Hollywood romanticism to Mischa Chillak's music, underscoring the noirish elements in Nadda's subdued and intimate thriller, where regret is as deadly as a firearm. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Mar 3, 2015
60% The Worst Year Of My Life (2015) "There's an honest messiness to the dissolution of Kyle and Amber's relationship, with its emotional manipulation and financial distress. " ‐ L.A. Weekly
Posted Feb 12, 2015
100% Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine (2015) "Josue revisits his life and death with heart-wrenching effectiveness, but even in the recollections of his closest friends, Shepard remains an elusive figure. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Feb 3, 2015
27% Je m'appelle Hmmm... (My Name Is Hmmm...) "A hodgepodge of artistic gestures grafted onto a traditional narrative, neither fully linear nor experimental. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jan 27, 2015
100% Valley Of Saints (2015) "The calm surface of Dal Lake hides a multitude of sins in the exquisite Valley of Saints, and director Musa Syeed captures its tranquil beauty amid the chaos of Kashmir. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jan 7, 2015
60% Goodbye to All That (2014) "Otto's inattention is manifested in clumsiness and bad luck. Other characters are likewise defined by a single trait and act accordingly, with vague motivations and fragmentary dialogue. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Dec 16, 2014
40% Isn't It Delicious (2014) "Too much of Isn't It Delicious is either sketchy or hokey, trading an honest exploration of Joan's destructive self-absorption for a family finding peace through dispassionate compassion. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Dec 9, 2014
No Score Yet The Historian (2014) "As a filmmaker, Doleac can't reconcile all his story lines. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Nov 25, 2014
30% Murder of a Cat (2014) "Murder of a Cat has an off-kilter charm, with Greene prizing humor over menace, and Clinton's maturity over plot resolution. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Nov 25, 2014
56% Brahmin Bulls (2014) "Mahesh Pailoor's accomplished first feature, written with his wife, Anu Pradhan ... " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Nov 14, 2014
28% Miss Meadows (2014) "It takes a committed performance to make a character like Miss Meadows fly, and Katie Holmes goes all in. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Nov 11, 2014
82% Lagerfeuer (West) (2014) "Schwochow's intimate, handheld camerawork often feels like surveillance, which transforms mundane events into the menacing moments of a psychological thriller. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Nov 4, 2014
64% Private Peaceful (2014) "O'Connor captures all the beauty of these rural childhoods without skimping on the harsh realities of 20th-century feudalism. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Oct 28, 2014
93% Diplomacy (2014) "What Gély lacks in historical fidelity he gains in dramatic interplay between men who held power very differently. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Oct 14, 2014
56% #Stuck (2014) "Acher adroitly juggles all the gimmickry, using it to comment on Holly and Guy's burgeoning relationship. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Oct 7, 2014
93% Copenhagen (2014) "A flighty Peter Pan meets his grounded Wendy in Copenhagen, Mark Raso's tender romance about the sliding scale of maturity. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 30, 2014
0% Days and Nights (2014) "At 92 minutes, Days and Nights feels choppy and hurried, pushing the narrative toward inevitable tragedy rather than exploring how these dispirited people got there. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 23, 2014
70% Take Me to the River (2014) "The cross-generational collaborations begin to click when musicians who found fame in the 1950s, '60s, and '70s recall the importance of mentors on their careers and demonstrate an eagerness to pass on their accumulated wisdom. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 9, 2014
No Score Yet Another Me (2014) "Perhaps if Coixet (Elegy) had approached Another Me as a family drama instead of a genre exercise, she might have captured its real horrors. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 4, 2014
76% Kelly & Cal (2014) "Assured ... " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 2, 2014
69% God Help the Girl (2014) "Browning captures Eve's weariness and enthusiasm, and her lovely voice and crisp delivery gives Murdoch's labored lyrics a vulnerable immediacy. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 2, 2014
33% Last Weekend (2014) "Last Weekend is too enamored of this nouveau riche household to be satirical, instead offering unexpected moments of genuine warmth as a calling card for goodness. " ‐ Village Voice
Posted Aug 26, 2014
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