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80% Hide Your Smiling Faces (2014) " Traces of classic coming-of-age dramas such as Stand by Me and River's Edge are evoked in this lyrical and low-key reflection on sudden mortality and childhood's end." — Wall Street Journal
Posted Mar 31, 2014
76% Bronson (2009) " The movie's giddy brio can leave you punch-drunk, and oddly unsatisfied." — Stop Smiling
Posted Mar 5, 2014
48% Antichrist (2009) " Von Trier admits he has no idea what any of this s--- means, but only a filmmaker of his skill could make such an inchoate mess so strangely entertaining. " — Stop Smiling
Posted Mar 5, 2014
87% Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009) " Herzog wades deep into the swampy funk of New Orleans, which in this post-Katrina setting might as well be an end-of-the-world movie. He's clearly turned on by [its] weirdness, the casual corruption, the gangsterism and the Southern Gothic outrageousnes." — Stop Smiling
Posted Feb 17, 2014
75% The Road (2009) " There's about as much action as My Dinner With Andre." — Stop Smiling
Posted Feb 17, 2014
83% Teenage (2014) " The film stitches together an astounding collection of archival materials, supplemented by period reenactmentsand concepts adapted from Jon Savage's 2007 book of the same name." — Wall Street Journal
Posted Feb 11, 2014
50% The Battle of Pussy Willow Creek (2013) " In some ways, its comic license is no more a betrayal of history than some of the liberties taken by Steven Spielberg and "Lincoln."" — Wall Street Journal
Posted Jun 25, 2013
67% I am Secretly an Important Man (2010) " Peter Sillen, an indie documentarian with a flair for engaging stubborn, eccentric performers brings his compassionate eye to the life of another subculture hero." — Wall Street Journal
Posted Mar 6, 2013
100% Convento (2012) " Against the sacred and time-tossed setting, the artist's creations cast an uncanny spell: Inanimate yet alive, abandoned as scrap or carrion, yet newly born." — Wall Street Journal
Posted Dec 12, 2012
73% Klown (2012) " Every seemingly happy resolution sets up the next catastrophe." — GreenCine
Posted Jul 23, 2012
59% American Animal (2012) " Personal filmmaking with ambition to burn." — Wall Street Journal
Posted May 14, 2012
78% Caroline And Jackie (2013) " Marguerite Moreau (Caroline) and Bitsy Tulloch (Jackie) play their yin/yang roles with a gleaming intensity as the story veers increasingly stranger and darker." — GreenCine
Posted Apr 30, 2012
100% The New Year (2010) " A star is born in this observant and compassionate drama about a young woman trying to sort her way out of an involuntary limbo in her coastal Florida hometown." — Wall Street Journal
Posted Apr 30, 2012
91% Fake It So Real (2012) "" — Wall Street Journal
Posted Jan 13, 2012
90% Hausu (House) (1977) " House suggests that the nitrous-oxide hyperdrive of Japanese pop culture-as vivid now as ever in entertainments like Takashi Miike's Yatterman, for instance-is a brilliantly imagined, if not in fact transcendental brand of therapy" — Paste Magazine
Posted Oct 17, 2011
90% Daylight (2011) " Barker leaves the histrionics to other thrill-makers, opting for the excruciating slow boil." — Wall Street Journal
Posted Jul 14, 2011
100% Simón del desierto (Simon of the Desert) (1965) Paste Magazine
Posted Apr 4, 2011
86% One Hundred Mornings (2011) " Solid acting and stellar cinematography accomplish more than a truckload of special effects." — Wall Street Journal
Posted Mar 25, 2011
73% Gabi on the Roof in July (2011) " Wisely observant of human nature as it bounces between the leads, Gabi evokes Woody Allen with a more generous heart (and a lot more casual nudity)." — Wall Street Journal
Posted Jan 24, 2011
81% I Served the King of England (2008) Paste Magazine
Posted Sep 30, 2010
90% Cropsey (2010) " Perhaps most chilling is that the movie leaves the mysteries unresolved." — Wall Street Journal
Posted Jun 4, 2010
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