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½ August 1, 2014
Brutal in its depiction of violence, this movie is no better than the one that inspired it, Last House on the Left. This is stomach turning violence for violence's sake, though the producers claim it is an educational movie about what can happen to your daughters if left unsupervised. The acting is poor, and the production values are too. There is nothing of redeeming quality here, except Maya Barovich isn't terrible to look at.
December 19, 2012
There was actually some good acting and some very realistically disturbing scenes here. The end was intense. But trying to act like it's an original piece of work...please.
½ January 13, 2009
A blatant, disgusting rip-off of Last House on the Left, so much I'm surprised a lawsuit wasn't filed. Poor quality filmmaking and just awful on all counts.
September 25, 2012
What an awful mess.........
July 21, 2012
Horrible, horrible film. Avoid at all costs.
½ May 28, 2012
This really, really is the most pathetic piece of film I've ever seen shot. Don't see this movie, there are plenty of other terrible movies in the world you can waste your life watching. You are only on the earth for a finite amount of time, and if you see this film, there is a fair chance you'll be lying on your deathbed saying 'if only I had used the hour and a bit watching Chaos for something more worthwhile... like smashing my head into the wall, and then somehow finding a way to inspire my subconscious into penis envy, then maybe I could have spent the rest of my days understanding why brain dead little boys made and watched movies like these'
½ May 12, 2012
Same reasons as The Killer Inside Me. Just plain awful.
March 15, 2012
The most brutal and f*cked up film ever to be released. David DeFalco is a sick and retarded mother f*cker. Do NOT watch this sh*t of a movie.
April 20, 2007
Damn, this was one awefull movie.
½ September 12, 2009
And I though The Last House on the Left was bad!!!!!
Well, this was horrible!!!!!!
The only thing that makes me give it 1 star is the acting of the blond girl. Her screams feel realistic.
Anything else in the movie is just awful.
January 19, 2010
The worst exploitation film ever made, and not "worst" in the good kind of way.
September 10, 2009
Stupid a$$ movie. Don't believe the hype...definitely wasn't the most brutal movie ever. The best part of the movie is the extra that comes with the DVD...the freak director does an interview at the morgue (real dead bodies and all) with his shirt off...freaking hilarious!

DeFalco or whatever the hell your name're a hack and the biggest freaking tard ever! Showing off your muscles in a morgue???!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA
½ July 27, 2008
Kevin Gage is good as the killer/rapist. He cuts a nipple off one of the girls, makes her eat it, kills her AND THEN rapes her. He shoves a Crocodile Dundee sized knife up the other girl's ass. Nice moves but without any merit. Everyone else in this movie sux. The acting is painfully bad.

This is another film that's supposed to be a message about toture porn instead of simply being toture porn. The film begins with a written message saying so and hopes that by alerting parents and potential victims to the scaries out there, maybe it will save a life.

What a joke. F*** you, you pussy filmmaker. Who cares if Roger Ebert didn't like your film? I didn't like it either because it totally sucked. And you made it suck more with your weakness.
December 24, 2006
[font=Times New Roman][size=4][color=#000000]Well, damn?where do I start? Did I give this movie a low score because it showed a woman?s nipple being cut off and eaten? No. I am not squeamish about gore in movies and really, that isn?t that shocking of a scene if you have watched movies like [i]Cannibal Ferox[/i] and [i]Cannibal Apocalypse.[/i] Did I give this movie a low score because the SFX sucked or the actors were crappy? No. The actors are not amazing, but they all did their job adequately. The killers act like mindless psychos. The victims act afraid and scream a lot. They do nothing great as far as acting goes, but they did their job. The effects likewise are not cutting edge or even very good. They are, again, adequate and they get the job done that they are supposed to which is to show bloody murder and torture scenes. The music score wasn?t good. It did not add to this film in any useful way (like a good soundtrack is supposed to do) and it actually detracts from the movie in some places. Still though, that?s not why I scored this film as low as I did. Why the heck did I score it so low?[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Times New Roman][color=#000000][size=4] OH!!! That?s right! It?s because I HAVE SEEN THIS FILM BEFORE! IT CAME OUT IN 1972 AND WAS CALLED [i]THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT.[/i] The thing that REALLY made me put this film in a low score category was the fact that the director, David DeFalco (who dresses like a wanna-be WWF goon in all the special features) doesn?t have the jewels to ADMIT this is a remake. If they (I include his producer here) had just been honest ANYWHERE in the special features and said they had remade LHOTL because they liked it or wanted to ?modernize? it or whatever, I would have given the movie at least one or two more points. The working title was [i]The House in the Middle of Nowhere[/i] and originally the cast included David Hess who played ?Krug? in LHOTL for crying-out-loud! This is a remake and yet DeFalco acts like he has reinvented the Horror genre with this film.[/size][/color][/font]

[font=Times New Roman][color=#000000][size=4] The special features include a blurb where DeFalco and one of the film?s co-producers ?answer? to a movie review written by Roger Ebert. All through their explanations and attempts at defending their movie they kept talking about their ?vision.? ?Our vision? this and ?our vision? that. I just shook my head. As far as I could tell all of this was Wes Craven?s vision since it was originally his plot and this movie copies it almost scene for scene through most of it. DeFalco tries to claim they based the Chaos character on ?Pee Wee Gaskins.? Donald Gaskins was a serial killer all right. It is thought he may indeed have eaten parts of some of his victims while he tortured them. That?s about all the connection I could barely make to the main character of this film.[/size][/color][/font]

[font='Times New Roman'][color=#000000][size=4] As a cautionary tale, it is useless because other films have done it before and done it better. It does not shock. It does not frighten. It certainly doesn?t do anything better or even that differently than [i]Last House on the Left[/i] did back in 1972. Even if the filmmakers wont admit it, this movie is a remake and it?s a remake that didn?t need to be done. The attempt to connect this film to real life events is laughable and despite DeFalco?s claim in the features that he is the ?future of horror? this film is useless sexploitation trash, not a real horror movie. If you really want a shocking (when it was released) cautionary tale, find and watch the original. Let this one gather dust on a warehouse shelf.[/size][/color][/font]
October 1, 2006
Sadistic, amateurish garbage. Inept filmmaking, writer, and acting on every level. How did this even get released? Don't even get me started with the ending. One of the worst movies I have ever seen.
½ September 28, 2006
Review coming soon... WOW is all I can say 4 now
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