• R, 1 hr. 37 min.
  • Drama
  • Directed By:
    Chris Fisher
    In Theaters:
    Feb 24, 2006 Wide
    On DVD:
    Apr 4, 2006
  • Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
  • Dirty
    2 minutes 24 seconds
    Added: May 9, 2008


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Dirty Reviews

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Bobby H

Super Reviewer

January 26, 2008
This movie is worth watching, a time or two. But really if your looking for a great movie of this nature just watch "Training Day". This was much like that, with a lot less planning to make it truly good.
Al S

Super Reviewer

November 30, 2007
This is no Training day, it's dark, violent noir that fails to deliver in it's story. It's highly stylized but very dull with a waste of a good cast.
Michael S

Super Reviewer

September 16, 2007
Really NOT bad at all, despite the fact that Cuba Gooding Jr. tries, but fails(greatly) to match Denzel's Oscar winning Training Day performance.
Jeffrey M

Super Reviewer

August 20, 2011
The pieces are there, but the execution is glaringly lacking. The editing is erratic and often nonsensical, having the feel of a PCP ride. The plot has many aspects, all with great potential, but it's so fragmented that it's difficult and frustrating to try and follow. That, in the end is its' greatest fault, failing to deliver on story, focusing too much on style.
John B

Super Reviewer

June 23, 2008
I barely remember seeing the thing which isn't a great sign. I saw Wyclef Jean in concert a couple of years ago. I remember seeing that!
Joseph E

Super Reviewer

September 28, 2009
I Started out liking it, and end up hating it, and then ended up enjoying it some more, until the heartbreaking ending.
Chosen 7

Super Reviewer

November 10, 2007
Good film, great performances by Cuba Gooding Jr. and Clifton Collins Jr. This film seemed like a cross between Harsh Times, Training Day, and the tv show The Shield.
April 25, 2010
This movie is pretty mixed up. And the fine acting of Cuba Gooding Jr. is a detriment to him in all roles like this. After you see him convincingly play mentally challenged people or his goofiness in Snow Dogs or Rat Race, I can?t shake it for him to play a hardened gangster type. It has nothing really to do with the performance, which is good. It?s just that he doesn?t have those roles ? or maybe in good movies. Don Cheadle does that well. He can play mentally challenged people like the Boogie Nights guy or off-kilter British Basher then still convincingly play Snoopy Miller or Mouse.

Still, enough about Cuba. This movie tries some horror elements, cop drama, thriller chase type things, puzzles, bad lighting and staging, too much. It?s not a great story, but tries to pack so much in that it really doesn?t do itself any favors.

Forgot, Cuba was good as the flashy gangster in American Gangster. So there?s one.
March 21, 2010
A very intense dirty cop movie. One of Cuba's versions of TRAINING DAY, only not only he but Clifton gives a dramatic performance.
August 16, 2008
This was a good movie. I enjoy the gangster movies, and this one was actually good. Cuba was his old sef and did really well. I enjoyed Collins in this movie as well. Everything seem to flow well, and it mixed up many of the gangs in LA.
May 10, 2008
While the story was interesting in its own way. it wasn't interesting enough to care about corrupted cops. Of course Sancho did not want to get involved, but at any rate, basically a story which we didn't care about anyone in it. Perhaps they could've played up the Sancho angle some more.
November 16, 2007
This was a strong and very suspenseful movie. Cuba in my opninion was not right for this part. The ending was kind of predictable.
September 14, 2007
A good movie that had a great performance from Cuba and mostly Clifton Collins Jr. I loved the bizarre visual elements of the film.
July 18, 2007
I like Cuba however didn't care much for this his language is awful, love him in inspiring roles, not thug roles!
July 1, 2007
This is definatly in the same mold as Training Day, but I still found that I liked the movie alot. Theres even a nice twist towards the end of the movie that wasnt expected.
June 12, 2007
Wow...Cuba has done it again! Another B-film that is excellent! Good to see Lobo Sebastian and Clifton Collins Jr. in another movie together since the movie "187" with Samuel L. Jackson-----A must see! Funny to hear such great hood dialogue comming from Cuba's mouth!
January 14, 2007
Out of all the movies he has done this was my least favorite..I don't like to see him or Denzel do movies like this..
November 13, 2006
This movie is one of those that a lot of people hadn't heard of but I really wanted to see. Once again mainly because of Cole Hauser but I also like Cuba Gooding Jr. This is about ex-gang members becoming cops and then they become dirty cops.

Cuba Gooding Jr. plays one of the ex-gang members turned dirty cop and he does a great job at it. He was excellent as an ex-gang member. I was really surprised at how good he was in this role. Clifton Collins Jr. plays his partner and long time friend. He is kind of unsure about what they are doing through the whole movie and really wants to be a good cop. But he follows his partners lead and does what he does. Cole Hauser plays a detective that ends up leading the dirty cops. He does a good job at playing a bad cop and at playing a bad guy at that. This is a really good movie that didn't get respect. I think it deserves respect and deserves a watch.
August 5, 2006
GREAT movie...really sad tho...dirty cops who were ex gang members use street smarts to do what needs to be done when drug deal goes bad
May 25, 2006
way too many curse words, and no action, the cops curruption is just too obvious, they should've watched Crash, hahaha
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