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½ July 26, 2009
This isn't an absolute travesty like most of the shit Tartan distributed in its twilight hour, but it isn't very good either. Props for an ambitious, if not perfectly-realized, plot, and for avoiding a surprising amount of Asian horror cliches. Yes, THAT ghost is still rammed down our throats wholesale, but Silk is blessedly free of familial dissolution and inexplicable female rivalry and all those themes that were original ten years ago. Despite noble intentions, Silk is constructed like a typical American thriller on about a tenth of the budget, which leaves the movie feeling anywhere from unmemorable to straight-up hilarious. There's a fantastically bad CGI car crash near the end, one that could have been much more effective with a cut to a black screen and screeching tires. This feels like the product of someone who watched a lot of American films but didn't know what made them work. Between that and the performances (one decent from our protagonist, one completely atrocious from singer Karena Lam, and the rest falling on some side of bad), Silk just doesn't have what it takes to get off the ground. Not recommended unless you're really jonesing for some Hong Kong horror.
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August 24, 2008
Scientists investigate a ghost they have trapped in a tenement apartment in this action/sci-fi/horror from Taiwan. With its pseudo-scientific explanations of ghost lore, this movie asks you to turn your brain on, but it only works if you turn it off and just enjoy the visuals. Unfortunately, the nonsense becomes tedious in the last act and SILK loses momentum.
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February 21, 2009
After a great deal of trouble, a group of scientists have managed to trap the ghost of a child in a room. The room is secure and the ghost is unaware he is trapped. The physicists, with the help of a lip reader, aim to discover who the boy was and why his life force remains by studying the boy's occasional words and keeping a detailed, timestamped diary of his actions. They can only study him from a distance, since he has killed before and presumably would again.

This intriguing setup, a post-postmortem of sorts, has the groundwork for what could be a very interesting stage play. The rest of the film, unfortunately, is a complete mess. A hodge-podge of fantasy, pseudo science and asian ghost horror, the film fails ultimately not because it is too ambitious but because it does not fully commit to its ambitions. The pseudo-science is used alternatingly as a plot device, as a key point and as an excuse. The horror elements are tired, ineffective and lacking in atmosphere. The whole film has the sleek, shiny look, feel and structure of a Hollywood production (of a Taiwanese screenplay), car chase and overuse of CGI included.

It's a shame the film never came together, because this was quite the missed opportunity. Surprisingly original and ambitious, with a broad range of themes and an emotional core, different circumstances might have made something special out of this.
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½ August 31, 2008
Slow and tedious..this ghost movie is not scary in the least. Watching a child ghost walk about is not eerie the way this movie is presented...its a hodge podge of sci-fi blended with some theoretical menger sponge..its the application of such theory that is almost laughable in this movie..this movie may hold your interest but if you are looking for scares and jolts, look elsewhere...
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½ April 8, 2008
Really original and interesting. An interesting new take on a ghost story with a really strong scifi slant. Definately recommend!
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July 31, 2007
I loved this movie! Creepy story about trapping ghosts in a scientific way. Very original and nicely done. Reminded me a little of "The Eye" which was another movie from Taiwan that I loved.
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February 25, 2007
An excellent ghost story that isn't so much scary as it is interesting. Good performances by the cast and nice direction make this a pleasant entry in the looong line of Asian ghost stories, and it also manages to seem new. Recommended if you like ghost stories, if you're sick of "the whole Asian ghost story thing" and your like half the people I know, you're going to hate it no matter what (but oddly enough, watch it anyway).
½ August 17, 2012
Lots of scientific views in this movie. Learned a lot. This movie was very interesting and had its share of creepy moments. Recommended (:
July 8, 2009
So, when you watch a APAC-horror movie, one of the last things you should expect is a SWAT team operation, or whatever they would call the police special forces in Korea. This movie was all over the map and, worst of all, not scary at all. Not even really all that creepy. One thing I can say that is nice about it is the visual display and symbolism of what it is trying to put across. But that can?t make up for all of its problems. The ending almost does, but not enough.
August 24, 2008
Reasonably great foriegn movie. A bit of unpractical sci-fi, but provides enough suspense to keep u hooked on.
August 24, 2008
gawd chinese is losing my respect x_x I keep thinking oh maybe this one won't be funky, but no, I fast forewarded the film to see if the end would be nice, but I knew just about everything going on and not only that but it ended weird and kind of that happy ending kinds that seem too impossible. I couldn't sit through it.
June 24, 2007
A surprising supernatural movie that shows the power of a mother and son's love. And a misguided man who trapped the boy's spirit in a room to study him and find the secret to why the boy hasn't passed the earthly plane. All spirits linger for a short time then disappear. The man thought it was hate that kept the boy's spirit from moving on.
½ July 1, 2007
I liked this movie immensely. It's original storytelling and generally eerie tone grabbed me from the get go and kept me interested to the end. It has flaws, and is made on the cheap, but it is still one of the more original pieces I've seen in awhile. I absolutely loved the way the living interact with the dead and the idea of the thread of silk connecting the chosen few. This seems to me like a film someone in America will remake.
½ June 29, 2007
I rarely watch movies with sub-titles, much less foreign films, but I gotta admit this was very good!
SYPNOSIS:(May have some spoilers)
The film is a mix of SCI-FI and the usual elements of ASIAN HORROR. A group of scientists led by Hashimoto, armed with a newly invented material called the MENGER SPONGE captures the energy of a ghost child. This invention financed/owned by the Japanese government, is quite malleable and can be used as a coat for walls, for camera filters and can be used as an eye-spray to allow the user to see Ghosts.
They enlist the aid of an agent named Ye Tung, a law enforcer from the JCCU, who can read lips and has a gifted eyesight, to assist them in unveiling the mystery of the ghost child. Hashimoto and his team lets the ghost child loose, so that,Ye, aided with the MENGER SPONGE spray, can see a strand of SILK that emanates from the supernatural child, this strand is the key to a mysterious power.
Ye tracks the ghostly boy and the strand to the horrifying truth of the child's death. Fearing that the ghost child is dangerous and for his own hidden agenda, Hashimoto,(and his team) decides to isolate him, but in doing so, they unknowingly unleashed the supernatural force in the other end of the SILK strand, a MUCH more POWERFUL, and MALEVOLENT energy.
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June 14, 2007
A mystery/ghost movie with some "grudge" feeling but not so scary i thought. I have seen better ones in its genre but if u like this type of movies its worth seeing.
October 12, 2014
Triggered an obsessive infatuation! I just had to find out how and why the little boy became a ghost!
½ January 1, 2013
A surprisingly good ghost story. Deserves to be more well known.
½ October 25, 2011
It is often pulled back at times by un-interesting scares or bad CGI, but Silk craves for thoughtfulness and intriguing premises within its story, and still manages to keep us interested
½ August 25, 2011
This is a lot of story to fit into one film but director Chao-Bin Su manages to keep things flowing very elegantly. Not beautifully filmed but scored brilliantly this Ghost/Love/Police story is well worth your time. Chen Chang is masterful as a special unit police officer assigned to a secret military experiment to find out why the ghost of a small boy lives on. He has his own demons and soon finds out that so do many others! I highly recommend this film. -Reviewed by E.
July 16, 2009
Though there were some pretty crummy special effects, "Silk" holds a very unique story that is not only creative and original, but also touching and moving.

Don't expect to get any jumps or scares out of this movie, it is hardly a horror film. It does have a creepy atmosphere to it along with some pretty Grudge-like scenes, but like I said, don't expect anything out of the ordinary in the horror department for this movie.

When it comes to the actual story, "Silk" is a winner. There is a very deep story along with unique twists and turns that are not your typical everyday horror movie cliches. There is a whole new take on "ghosts" and entities in this movie that I have never seen before, along with some very creative fictional ideas, or "concepts" I should say about ghosts and the after life, that are actually strangely believable.

My only gripe about this movie is its comical special effects, especially for a scene where the main actor crashes his S.U.V. It broke the mood of the whole movie for a bit as I burst out laughing at how ridiculous it looked.

Other than that tiny issue, "Silk" is a movie that is a sure hit, and well worth watching.
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