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½ June 24, 2011
Suprisingly good film considering the 'mild' teen films that we have around today. I'd agree with the name of the film, the main word being 'wild' as it's not afraid to mention things such as sex or alcohol. Comedic in some scenes and Emma Roberts and Alex Pettyfer have good chemistry. Although predictable, it's not awful and I'd consider this one of my guilty pleasures.
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February 4, 2010
New Girl. New School. New Rules.

The movie clearly is a chick flick azn girls only but I enjoyed it anyways been a guy and all, it entertain me to say the least. The story was nice and has a nice message to it. I see Emma Roberts been a great actress someday she's so adorable and likable but for now she's doing some work of her age and not typically great movies but that's ok because you gotta start somewhere.

Sixteen-year-old Poppy Moore (Emma Roberts) has always got what she wanted and lives a pampered life in her L.A. world. Though she's handed credit cards with unlimited balances and surrounded by countless hangers on, Poppy can't escape the mounting frustration she feels with her family situation and she makes sure everyone knows it. After an over-the-top prank pushes her father (Aidan Quinn) one step too far, Poppy is shipped off to an England/English boarding school.

Finding herself in a foreign world of early curfews, stern matrons, and mandatory lacrosse, the United States|American princess has finally met her match: a school of British girls who won't tolerate her rebellious ways. Under the watchful eye of the school's headmistress (Natasha Richardson) and surrounded by a new circle of friends (Josie, Kate, KiKi & Drippy), Poppy begrudgingly realises her bad-girl behavior will only get her so far. But just because she must grow into a fine young lady doesn't mean this Wild Child won't be spending every waking hour shaking up a very proper system. Poppy Moore starts Abbey Mount as she means to go on-her way,or no way.

Realising her Dad's not coming back to get her, and having nowhere to fit in, room-mate Kate tells Poppy she'll have to get herself expelled. Later that night, Poppy reads a book (Alice In Wonderland - her punishment for fighting) with a lighter when her room-mates sneak up on her with torches, and offer their help. They give their ideas on how she can get expelled, and act on them as a group, and let her take the blame. This brings the girls closer, but Poppy still wants to leave. When none of the plans to get Poppy expelled are working the girls realise they will have to go all out and hit the headmistress closer to home by snogging her son Freddie, which is completely forbidden by the school. After some flirting, Freddie asks Poppy out on a date, during which they kiss. Before going out with Freddie, Poppy is so excited she doesn't log off the computer, and runs off. Harriet takes her revenge on Poppy by rewriting her emails to best friend Ruby, and sticks one on the girls' door, suggesting that Poppy is just using them and is faking the friendship. Harriet also rewrites an email about Freddie, stating Poppy's plan to kiss him only to get expelled and that she thinks he is a loser.

Coming back from her night out, Poppy is ready to confess she's actually happy, to find the girls upset. They read the email to her and leave. Upset, Poppy goes to see Freddie but he has found the email about him also and feels betrayed. Poppy, with no one else to turn to, sneaks down to the cook's room to use the phone and rings Ruby, who it turns out is sleeping. Even more alone, Poppy starts playing with her lighter, setting a curtain alight. Hearing footsteps, she quickly puts out the fire and runs off. A few minutes later, she looks out her window to see a fire, and wakes Kate and the rest of the school. After the fire is put out, Freddie looks at the damage and finds her lighter. He gives it back to her, refusing to listen to what happened. Poppy goes to the headmistress and confesses. Poppy also asks Mrs. Kingsley to give a letter to Freddie apologizing and confessing her feelings about everything.

While waiting for the Honour Court which will decide if she should be expelled, she finds a picture of her Mum and the lacrosse team. Poppy sits with the picture when Freddie finds her crying. After a heart to heart, they are friends again. At the Honour Court, Poppy tells her story while her room-mates find out Poppy was out with Freddie when the email was sent, and Harriet was the only one around. Going to the court,they get the whole school to confess they were present at the fire. Harriet then lets slip about Poppy's lighter being used to start the fire, which only Poppy and Freddie knew about, and accidentally confesses to restarting the fire after Poppy successfully put it out. Poppy is innocent. The movie is left off where Harriet is expelled, and Poppy will remain at Abbey Mount.
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August 29, 2008
Really good. I love Emma & Alex! :)
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½ January 28, 2010
Another nice fun movie.
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December 13, 2008
its an ok movie actually i was actually surprised.
if i compared this to any movie it would probably have to be st trinians of course not as good as st trinians by a long shot but nevertheless a worth while movie.
its entertainging and funny with likeable characters and of course i good old revenge story so it is worth a watch even if its on a rainy day it'll keep you entertained!
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January 1, 2009
This was okay for a teen movie. Vastly superior to St Trinians which I recently also inflicted on myself, still could have been better though. Could have done without the sports crap and what was with the make-under - pretty blonde goes yuck brown halfway through movie and thanks hairdresser for it because it makes her look like her mother. (Huh?!). Admittedly said mother is dead, but still. The character was WAY more fun as a vacant blonde and I think the movie actually goes downhill from the dye job!
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½ August 24, 2008
Emma Roberts demonstrates that she's definitely inherited the talent of both her dad, Eric, and aunt, Julia.
Bubbly, beautiful and very funny, Roberts gives a spirited performances as Poppy, a rebellious Malibu princess who's shipped off to a strict English boarding school.
Wild Child isn't just a great vehicle for Emma Roberts, it's an entertaining movie in itself!
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½ January 2, 2009
Emma Roberts is so damn adorable she makes any film instantly likable. Even here where she plays a bit of a bitch for the first half. The film relies too heavily on the stereotypical differences between England and America to be of any real comic note, but there are a few genuine laughs. Most of the laughs will be directed AT the film for it's dated humour. Performances are OK and the mix of girl trying to fit in, romance and even a bit of underdog sports comedy means there is always something going on to stop the film from stalling. Tally-Ho.
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½ August 23, 2008
The beginning seemed far too quick for my liking but the rest of the movie was really good. Had some really good laughs in there and great acting from all. It was a bit cheesy when Emma and Alex kissed though, the music was really bad. Really funny.
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½ March 23, 2009
I guess Emma Roberts' more memorable role was taking on the iconic Nancy Drew character, but now she exchanges those sleuthing skills and good manners for spoilt brat antics. Naturally as the loner who stands out because of her rather uncouth behaviour and fashion sense, this was somewhat a throw back to The House Bunny, where the protagonist is clearly out of place, and remains to be seen if it is herself who would be assimilated into the norm, or if she could be the trend-setter and begin a serious case of behavioural osmosis. For starters, this is clearly chick flick territory, with all characters being girls and the only male supporting characters happened to be her dad (Aidan Quinn), the school principal's son Freddie (Alex Pettyfer) for romantic purposes and Nick Frost who cameos as a small town hairstylist. Wild Child is surprisingly entertaining with a good story to tell, even though it's the usual about having friends for life versus the superficial ones that one tend to meet from time to time. Written by Lucy Dahl, daughter of the renowned Roald Dahl, that credit alone provided some interest in this movie, despite the story and plot development being nothing unusual and being very predictable. But I guess predictability could still work if the ensemble cast delivered their roles convincingly, which they do, and with any movie that deals with friendship and one targetted at children, this is as plain sailing a movie as it can get, nobody dies, everyone becomes friends, tense situations get diffused amicably, and there's plenty of BFF-love to go around.
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½ January 5, 2011
Nothing really wild about this picture but nothing offensive either. Young teenage girls will probably like it if they can identify with the slightly overage cast.
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½ March 18, 2009
For once a rich kid brat we can root for! Loving the supporting cast, especially Nick Frost as a camp hairdresser, Shirley Henderson's teacher and Alex Pettyfer's love interest. Still, the plot's not up to much, the characters are two-dimensional and it all ends up as fluffy as a Bel Air wardrobe. Still, the ending annoyed me. But, still, I liked it.
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½ December 7, 2008
Fun, cute movie with a moral or two.
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August 24, 2008
This could have easily been very squealy and girly and pink but thankfully Emma Roberts' character is given some depth from the start and the film is thus rendered watchable. It's not the most original idea and it does fall into the odd cliche but all in all, it's enjoyable for those not female and 12. Though there should have been more of the relationship between Emma and her sister.
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August 12, 2008
Upon leaving the screening the only things that were going through my mind was "Eww", many other English slang words, and how Emma Roberts appeared to be the only cast member that could act.

The only way you'll enjoy Wild Child is if your a girl, teenage and bored of the summer holidays.
August 9, 2010
"I want something that says elegant, but at the same time, incredibly slutty and available.... in fact, I'm not that bothered by elegant."
I love this movie! Hilarious!
September 2, 2010
When spoiled brat sabotages her "new" mother's homecoming she's shipped off to a London boarding school where she reluctantly learns how to share, who she is, and what really matters in life. Nice "wake up" call.
July 14, 2009
Emma Roberts played a good role in this movie. I thought it was end up different. There was pretty good parts and but otherwise was kind slow played out.
November 20, 2009
Totally predictable, but it?s very entertaining still. Emma Roberts does a good job, she has an unmistakable charm about her. Nicely photographed.
June 23, 2009
This movie shows that a girl turns from a brat to a girl that cares for others and i really liked it!
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