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January 4, 2013
The Other Man, it's for sure, a truly waste of time. Not only to the audience, but also for the actors, the writer, director, all the crew, for everyone that had made or watch it. When the movie could finally change, at least a not so terrible end it flaws. Talented actors in a real lost of time and money. Rotten.
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September 10, 2009
This drama film is ultimately disappointing and deserving of its relatively low rating because its edit is annoying and telegraphs where it is going. It is about adultery and triangle of love among the husband, wife and her lover. The story is supported by Liam Neeson, Laura Linney and Antonio Banderas, but unfortunately the suspenseful screenplay has a disappointing conclusion.
What baffles the viewer is the way the story has been set. One moment Lisa (Linney) is going to Milan for work, and the next, she has mysteriously disappeared. Nothing prepares us for the reality of the situation. Lisa obviously has left all the clues in her notebook for Peter (Neeson) to find. In fact, she is almost at the point of confessing to her husband her deception, but she probably wanted to spare him the truth.
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January 12, 2011
Oppressively, unforgettably awful, The Other Man is the kind of movie that is so desperately self-important that it's stripped of any redeeming sense of fun. If there was even a pulse of life present here, it might have at least vaulted it to so-bad-it's-good status, but I grew too frustrated by its incompetence to find any amusement in it. Universally disappointing efforts from a talented cast, the acting is half-hearted from its veterans and hysterical from the young folks (Romola Garai, so controlled and smart in Atonement, seems here to have been told "look rheumy and yell a lot"). Liam Neeson and Antonio Banderas invite us to spectate the single most boring clash between men of all time, and relegating Laura Linney to a role seen only in flashback is simultaneously the film's best and worst decision. She's the closest thing the movie has to expressing a tone, but at the same time, she's so rarely seen that it simply can't capitalize on her. I'm sure that her absence reflects very well on her, as long as you can ignore the shamelessly awful last ten minutes or so, but it does nothing to liven Neeson's poorly edited, inhuman, uncaptivating search for truth. Note to self and others: when a film with a cast like THIS disappears, there's usually a reason.
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May 5, 2010
A little off... didn't keep my attention very well.
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February 13, 2010
Good actors (including Liam Neeson and Laura Linney) are wasted in this film
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January 13, 2010
This was a pleasant surprise for me. I was not totally sure what to expect from "The Other Man", but it is really, pretty good. I had not been impressed with Liam Neeson at all in Taken, but here he is both very human and more or less likable. Antonio Banderas seems like someone I should know, but I do not think I've seen anything else he has been in. Laura Linney and Romola Garai are good, but then again, they usually are. The Other Man did not seem wholly original, but it is still interesting enough to watch. It takes a view on adultery and affairs that I have not seen before. This is the first time I've seen lovers that actually seem to care about one another. They are not just together for kinky sex, because they are discontent with their partner. Perhaps the single greatest thing about The Other Man is that everything is downplayed. Everything seems fairly plausible. The characters, and their reactions and emotions remain within the human realm. They do not fly of the handle, nor are they needlessly agreesive or passionate. Richard Eyre seems to be a rather talented director. I've wanted to see Iris and Notes on a Scandel for a while, but now want to see them all the more. The Other Man, is not a masterpiece at all; but it is good. It has a strong story that is driven by a talented cast. I'm really having a hard time believing that on 26% of Flixster users enjoyed The Other Man. Oh well, you can't win them all.
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½ November 2, 2010
One minute, Lisa(Laura Linney), a successful shoe designer, and Peter(Liam Neeson) share the perfect married life. Together, they have a grown daughter, Abigail(Romola Garai), who certainly seems well-adjusted. The next minute, Lisa is gone. And Peter has just found evidence of Lisa having an affair. To make matters worse, it is with somebody named Ralph, although not the same Ralph(Paterson Joseph) he and his wife know. Then, Peter finds an e-mail address that he wants traced.(While he is waiting, he would like a cappuccino and a gun, please.) That turns up a Ralph(Antonio Banderas)in Milan who is featured in some racy photos with Lisa.

The well-photgraphed "The Other Man" is something of a muddled mess about jealousy. Even worse, it cheats with a late plot twist that changes everything and honestly does not make that much sense. And it is completely unnecessary because if the movie had just played it straight, there is a good movie with a fine cast just waiting to get out. Of course, some of the rhetoric also needs to be toned down.
Cameron W. Johnson
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½ September 21, 2013
Well, I suppose it's cool to see that Liam Neeson and Laura Linney back together again, but as if the sexology wasn't awkward enough, this time around, there is some adultery going on that Alfred Kinsey isn't recording to put into a book. Well, actually, maybe Kinsey's and his wife's relationship was, in fact, more awkward and unusual than the little love triangle going on in this film, and it doesn't help that this film was sharp enough to avoid the awkward mistake of making Neeson the paramour, as Neeson shall not settle with being the titular "other" man. Sure, some would argue that it's a little more discomforting to be the poor sucker whose wife is having an affair, but hey, if a charmingly cool dude is to face a formidable opponent, then it may as well be Antonio Banderas. It's Aslan against Puss in Boots in the ultimately computer-generated cat fight for the hand of Laura Linney, and I put it like that to try and make this film sound more exciting than it is, even on paper. Man, if you look a little too far into this project, you'll find that it was pretty much doomed to be a little dull, especially when you get to the director's name, because Sir Richard Charles Hastings Eyre is Brit-tastically dry enough to simply say. Right quick, speaking of dry, somewhat, tragic romances, I can't help but look at Richard Eyre's name and think of "Jane Eyre", and I can think of some people who would say that this film's Eyre realizes this and keeps faithful enough to Jane Austen/Charlotte Brontė classics to be, well, boring. I for one would say that this film isn't entirely cleansed of good old-fashioned sleazy intrigue, and yet, while this film is certainly better than they say, it's not without its problems.

This is a relatively ordinary tale of relatively ordinary people facing situations of adultery, so the film feels that it hardly needs to bother with extensive character development, and on the whole, it makes the right decision, yet perhaps the film is too undercooked for its own good, as the characters have problematic traits that all but make problematic characters, due to limitations in the fleshing out of the leads who drive this drama. This character study stand to study on its characters more, which is kind of ironic, considering that we all recognize the characters, for although this film has a few refreshing elements, at least as far as style is concerned, it's a run-of-the-mill dramatic thriller of its type, offering familiar characters and scenarios. I was at least fearing that the film would be really generic, and it's not that, but neither is it anything new that you've seen, ultimately being a been-there-done-that affair regarding an affair whose familiarity almost blands things up, as surely as atmosphere problems decidedly bland things up. Even in the opener above I joked about fearing that this film was going to be boring, and really, the biggest surprise out of this film is dullness' not simply being lacking, but often challenged by a fair degree of entertainment value, so don't go in expecting this film to drag its feet too much, but don't exactly expect it to consistent thrill either, as there are still dry spells in Richard Eyre's directorial atmosphere, and when they jarringly break up moments of driving momentum with meditativeness, pacing inconsistency comes into plays and further distances resonance, until you end up with a rather distant film. Rotten Tomatoes' consensus calls the film "tension-free", and while I strongly disagree with that statement, there is still some coldness to this serving, which doesn't exactly have enough meat for thorough compellingness to survive questionable storytelling, because when I said that this is a relatively ordinary tale of relatively ordinary people facing situations of a adultery, I meant that it pretty much is just that, complete with a reasonable hint of intrigue, but an almost bland minimalism that goes reflected by the aforementioned storytelling shortcomings, as well as an ambition to make this film more effective than it could be. Don't get me wrong, I respect Richard Eyre for putting his heart into this, but he doesn't really get a whole lot in return, nor do we, because while this film is better than they say, it still leaves much to be desired, being too minimalist, underdeveloped, formulaic and talky to be all that memorable. Nonetheless, while this isn't, in more than one way, an affair to remember, while it has your attention, it keeps you going, or at least kept me going, largely because its artistic value is actually too sharp to deny.

Score composer Stephen Warbeck works sporadically, but whenever he gets work, he makes it count, and while his efforts for this film are kind of unevenly used, due to the dryly quiet moments, they're well worth waiting for, being a touch formulaic, but nevertheless with a tender intensity whose minimalist strike is not simply beautiful in a very atmospheric way, but complimentary to the heart of this tasteful dramatic thriller, whose musical artistry is perhaps topped in its value by visual artistry. If anything stands out in this film, believe it or not, it's Haris Zambarloukos' cinematography, which has a near-gothically tasteful attention to sparse lighting, as well as a hauntingly oily color palette that sometimes resembles a painting, often stuns and is consistently beautiful to a one degree or another, capturing your attention time and often, and having a tendency to capture the griminess of this almost sleazy dramatic art thriller. The film looks gorgeous, and the score isn't too shabby either, so on a stylistic level, this film excels in a truly underappreciated way that does a fair bit in getting the film by, because it does a fair bit in selling substance that needs inspired selling, partly because of the dramatic thinness, and largely because of the dramatic potential. I don't know how far this film could have gone if its storytelling was more realized, as there are limitations to this drama's familiar subject matter, but through all of the natural shortcomings, there is an intrigue that stands as conceptually worthy, and is sometimes successfully brought to life by Richard Eyre's direction, which is flawed, but has highlights in atmospheric reinforcement that keeps dullness at bay more often than not, and has a tendency to establish genuine tension, maybe even a mild hint of resonance, particularly when it comes to a genuinely surprising and heavy, if somewhat forced dramatic twist. The film is rarely all that compelling, but really, I found it to be more effective than many say it is, because when it works, you get a pretty endearing glimpse into what could have been to break up a consistency in a fair degree of engagement value, partly anchored by what Eyre does well in his ambitious directorial performance, and partly anchored by consistent inspiration within the acting. The film has a relatively small cast, but it's a strong one that, in spite of some underwriting, delivers, with Antonio Banderas being convincing as a man who wants more than just flings from another man's woman, while the fairly pretty Romola Garai proves to be convincing in her portrayal of a daughter suffering as she struggles to deny the harsh reality that her family is falling apart under the weight of unfaithfulness, as surely as leading man Liam Neeson truly steals the show with a subtly powerful portrayal of a betrayed and furious man who faces the crumbling of a marriage and a desire to exact vengeance against the man who has ruined his life. Neeson carries this film, and while he doesn't exactly carry the final product far enough for it to truly reward, his performance is just one of a fair deal of strengths that get the film by as a generally engaging, if somewhat forgettable dramatic thriller.

When the affair is done, the underdevelopment of characters who stand among the conventional elements which can be found throughout the film, as well as pacing issues reflect natural shortcomings within a story concept, which are great enough to drive the final product into underwhelmingness, in spite of an ambition that is still paid off enough through outstanding musical and visual artistry, highlights in direction and across-the-board strong performances - the strongest of which being by Liam Neeson - for Richard Eyre's "The Other Man" to stand as a reasonably entertaining and often engaging drama, in spite of its missteps.

2.5/5 - Fair
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½ January 29, 2011
The film wasn't exactly what I expected. I thought from the trailer that I would be watching a thriller and it turned out to be a drama. The film needed a rewrite. It would have been better off as a thriller. All 3 leads, Neeson, Antonio, and Linney are great in the film, they just needed a better script. The pacing was off. I did like the scenes between Neeson and Antonio.
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½ March 28, 2010
Not too bad a plot...what an interesting way to settle or meet up with someone that intervenes in your relationship with your spouse? this is a good way of looking at handling..."the other person" outside of a marriage. It needed something more to spice it up than trickle it down to a rather narrow yet heartbreaking ending.
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½ January 24, 2010
I love the cast... but the director Richard Eyre build up was soooooooooo slow that all I can fill up was a huge "flop" at the end...
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November 2, 2010
This film is about a man Liam Neesom who discovers that his wife was having a long term affair with someone in Italy by accessing a file on her computer entitled "Love" thus discovering emails and pictures. He is enraged and tracking the other man down to Milan, he goes there and befriends him in order to find out more about him with the intention of killing the adulterer. Banderas steals the show as the "other man" Ralph who you would love to hate but ends up feeling sorry for. Eventually the truth comes out, and this leads to a rather surprising ending.
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September 6, 2009
The Movie Channel made this movie seem like so much more than it was. Y'know, like it was on a Talented Mr. Ripley level. But forsooth, nay. The Other Man is the story of a husband (Liam Neeson) who thinks his wife (Laura Linney) is cheating on him and tracks down her lover with the intent of making him suffer (Antonio Banderas). Two things I didn't like about this film: 1) casting Banderas as the stereotypical Latin lover. Really?? In 2008?? 2) There were moments where Neeson would flip out and randomly start cursing. It weirded me out. Like it was a compulsion, or he was having an inner monologue except he wasn't on stage. While I can sympathize with anyone whose been betrayed by someone they love, I really didn't like Neeson's character in this film. Halfway through the movie I realized I wasn't gonna get what I expected but decided to sit through it all the way. Where was the intrigue I was promised? This film ended up being nothing more than a pathetic, lonely, angry man who has chased everyone away and all he has now is his revenge. But he's such a tool you don't even think he deserves it.
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½ January 24, 2010
This was a pretty lame movie. Why did they even make this?
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December 16, 2009
Liam Neeson plays a man who suspects his wife (Laura Linney) of adultery. So he tracks down the man she was having an affair with, played by Antonio Banderas.
The movie makes it look like she just disappeared, so through half the movie I was frustrated that Neeson wasn't trying to find out where she was or who she was with now. Since it was clear that she wasn't with the Banderas character because he was always shown alone and he was also looking for her. The twist I didn't see coming but by the time it was revealed I had already given up on the movie.

Neeson has nothing to do but shake his fists in anger and be angry and jealous through most of the movie. When he expresses his anger over Banderas by yelling at a mom and her child, it was even harder to take the movie seriously. Despite playing a character we're supposed to despise....Banderas was even more likable. He loved the Laura Linney character, so in a way it was cruel that it was really....Liama Neeson e-mailing him and not the blond woman shoe designer that he fell for lol.
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½ May 10, 2009
Interesting take on love and infidelity, but ultimately kind of boring. It feels as though nothing's really happening, but that actually kind of makes it a more logical story and it's sort of a draw for my overall opinion.
July 30, 2013
This movie is not truly a thriller or a mystery in any usual sense of that term. At first, I kept expecting it to turn in that direction and was a bit disappointed but once I accepted that it was more a character-centered drama it proved to be a very enjoyable, albeit decidedly melancholy, movie. The acting by all the principals is excellent. It is no surprise that the three stars (and especially Antonio Banderas, whose character is slowly unpeeled like an onion) give performances of great depth and subtlety. The screenplay is fascinating and the direction is excellent. A very sophisticated and engrossing film. Highly recommended.
May 22, 2012
quite the psychological thriller but very well true at first glance i see a man who looks completely oblivous to the fact that his wife is and has been cheating on him with another man but his soon finds that hard to swallow at first but then his sadness and disbelief turns into an obsession and a blind rage that just leaves him wanting to know more about his wife's lover plus i must say there were twwists and turns that really threw me for a loop that were just interestingly brilliant though in reality we know the events that happene in the film are real quite often happen to everyday people maybe not as frequent but it does happen overall i thought the film was an excellent flim piece kudos to the cats and director plus i was very entertained kept me guessing
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