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April 18, 2010
Drama about Walter who is a professional wrestler. He returns home to console his mother and niece as his twin sister has been brutally raped and murdered. In a victims' support group he meets a mature women. Her husband was murdered and her deaf son has anger issues. They both help each other through their pain and issues. Good cast. Sad content.
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August 5, 2009
It has been awhile since a movie bummed me out as much as this did. Dare I say, I was kind of looking forward to this one. Yeah, Ashton Kutcher is no great actor, but he plays a certain type of character well, and quite a few of his have made it to my "guilty pleasure" list (Butterfly Effect, Just Married, What happens in vegas. Not to mention being a fan of That 70's Show).
This one however, while not technically a bad movie, was just depressing. Ashton acts will all the conviction of a chunk of wood here and the whole thing just falls flat. Even Michelle Pfeiffer, normally a good actress, is unmoving. While I had pity for both their characters, and understood that a film about dealing with death was never going to be a laugh fest, I just never expected it to be quite this bleak.
I can't even say why it bummed me out that much. Sure it was bad, but it wasn't that bad, and I've seen films where way worse things happened yet still walked away uplifted or at least moved in some way.
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November 22, 2009
This was a very good movie. I liked it alot. Aston Kutcher and Michelle Pfeiffer had good acting in it. :)
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½ September 28, 2009
An interesting movie. About two families dealing with murders in their families, and sitting through the trials. The leading actors are Ashton Kutcher -- the first time I have seen him in a serious role and Michelle Pfieffer. They land up supporting each other. The images of a dark and depressing American town stand out as well.
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May 30, 2009
Personal Effects is a good drama starring Michelle Pfeiffer & Ashton Kutcher. This film really was the first of Ashton's that I could see a good dramatic side...good work! I am a fan of Michelle Pfeiffer's already so no having to sell me on her acting.

Both people's lifes collide when both experience a signigant loved one's loss. They both join a support group and start to find that both have more in common than just the loss of a family member...this is a lovely drama worth seeing.
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½ March 26, 2009
Didn't particularly like this was as though I already knew what was going to happen.
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April 3, 2011
The film was so so. It kind of reminded me of the film, Reservation Road, but that film was much better than this one. The pacing was off. I could see this story being told as a 2 character play on stage. Michelle Pfeiffer does a great job in the film. Ashton Kutcher was ok in the role but another actor could have brought more to the role than him. Kathy Bates was great as usual in her supporting role. I thought the ending was predictable.
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½ December 13, 2010
Interesting movie with the much needed romantic chemistry of Ashton Kutcher and Michelle Pfeiffer...helped to move the both of them through a grief stricken roles for both actors. Ashton is back from his one chance to make it in the NCAA Wrestling team to have his goals cut short due to the untimely murder of his sister. On the flip side, Michelle's world has problems with raising her deaf, short fueled very angry son. When Ashton intervenes in a bullying situation that Michelle"s son is involved in, he meets her and the two create a world that protects them from the problems they encounter. It is an absorbing yet interesting movie that shows the power of love when it is applied in delicate doses. See it this is a movie to remember.
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½ November 20, 2009
Michelle Pfeiffer is the mother of a deaf/mute son Clay (Spencer Hudson) who loses her husband to a violent death and becomes indirectly involved in the life of a young wrestler (Ashton Kutcher) who lost his sister to rape & a horrible death also. This movie highlights how the deaths of our loved ones can affect those left behind and explores group therapy as a way of overcoming and coming to terms with our grief. Ashton Kutcher better known for his comedic roles and Getting Punked Gag Series is certainly different here. In this movie he gives up a career as a wrestler to return to the scene of the crime to mourn his sister and whilst being physically strong, his character was quite convincing as the bereaved emotionally sensitive brother. Kathy Bates play Kutcher's mom but she just has a minor participation in the film and I was expecting a lot more from her.

Originally this movie was to be released at Christmas time 2009. Instead it went straight to DVD. Whilst it is not that great a movie, the performances by the leads are quite fine and I think this movie is well worth the time to watch.
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½ June 15, 2009
I can't say whether or not I liked this movie, but it was interesting. I still think Kutcher is a terrible actor, but he wasn't as annoying as usual.
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½ April 8, 2009
Personal effects is an excellent movie especially the relationship of Clay and Walter and of Walter and Linda. The Actors were great too. And the whole movie leaves you thinking about ... well anything touching our heart ... loss, love, grief, joy, success and so on. It wasn't too long nor too short. Ashton once again shows his desire for older women :-) Mrs. Pfeiffer played an outstanding mother and desperately love seeking women. And she is as beautiful as ever.
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April 24, 2009
Intriguing movie, that is ultimately surrounded by regrets, bitterness, vengeance, and loss. A young man comes home to find that his twin sister is brutally murdered and raped, and her body minimally charred by a ruthless killer whom tried to get rid of the remains by setting it afire. This act of cruelty drives Walter Blunt each day to seek revenge in honor of his sister, whom has left behind a young daughter. As he accompanies his mothers to grief sessions, it is there that he meets an older woman whom has her own set of grief and is constantly at ends with her son. Ashton Kutcher, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Kathy Bates stars. Worthy!
December 4, 2011
This was a very good movie. I liked it alot. Aston Kutcher and Michelle Pfeiffer had good acting in it. :)
June 6, 2011
This Film has a great plot & Michelle Pfeiffer is still exquite beyond belief, but I never noticed before what a lousy actor Ashton Kutcher is until this Film & also on Two And A Half Men. There is nothing believable about his acting, or that Michelle Pfieffer could be so insecure that she'd settle for this drip of a personality even if it is to fulfill her Cougar Needs.Didn't work for me
February 10, 2011
Very tempted to give this film a 4 and a half or 5. I guess it depends on which mood you are in. It is worth watching and thinking about, but it is not one of those films where you have to do too much thought to get the point across. Kutcher reveals a softer, thoughtful side, true to the character. I don't know why this film didn't have much publicity. It was great. Not a thriller, but a truly thought provocing story-line. I enjoyed seeing Kutcher and Phiffer in their roles, they worked the characters well. Very interesting movie
January 26, 2011
this movie to me had a great story to it. i have to say Ashton Kutcher and Michelle pfeiffer work great together in this movie
½ November 11, 2010
While landing itself in rather the infavorable view, the basis of this movie's plot isn't entirely predictable, nor does it fail to engage. Sure. Kutcher tends to be automatically (and often for good reason) dismissable, and just reading the synopsis can give a pretty big chuckle, but there was some charisma that held on by the three major roles.
October 26, 2009
This is a good though not completely original story. I didn't mind Kutcher's acting in this one, although I am tired of Michelle Pfeiffer and her 40-something character hooking up with guys that are much too young for her. I was horrified by the ending even I knew things were going to play out that way I didn't want it to happen.
July 3, 2009
Maybe this was a stretch for Ashton since his character did not remind me of Kelso at all- in fact- his character seemed rather blah. The movie was ok- Kathy Bates wasn't the terror I was hoping for. Michelle Pfeiffer looked old compared to Ashton- their relationship wasn't very believable. Maybe Demi was standing on the sidelines? Anyways- I wouldn't see it again.
June 4, 2009
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