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After the phenomenal box-office and critical success of David Cronenberg's 1986 remake of The Fly, a series of big-budget remakes of '50s horror favorites rode in on its coattails in the late 1980s -- though none managed to rise above mere camp clones of their elders, albeit garnished with modern makeup effects in an attempt to draw modern teen horror-junkies. One remake that managed to live up to its cheesy inspiration was Chuck Russell's version of The Blob, in which the title goo crashes to earth and promptly begins digesting the residents of a small California town while growing to gargantuan proportions. The clean-cut teen hero originally portrayed by Steve McQueen (his first starring role) is replaced here with a rebellious outsider (Kevin Dillon) whose preppie rival (Donovan Leitch) for the affections of the cute heroine (Shawnee Smith) is quickly eliminated by the all-consuming space-gelatin. No sooner has the plasma menace set up house in the town sewers when a shadowy government Blob Squad shows up under the direction of the grandfatherly Dr. Meddows (Joe Seneca), to clean up the mess... or not. This high-spirited remake replaces the '50s "Daddy-O" conventions of the original with '80s cynicism -- not even likeable characters are spared from the slaughter -- and anti-government sentiment. It also pushes the gore envelope in ways unavailable to its low-budget parent -- e.g. the scene in which one victim is sucked through a sink drain was only hinted at in the 1958 film, but here viewers are treated to the entire bone-crunching ordeal. Though the quality of blob effects seems inversely proportional to the creature's size (some of the climactic "wall-of-blob" footage is painfully cheap-looking), the end result is more blob for the monster-movie fan's dollar.more
Rating: R (adult situations/language, violence)
Genre: Horror
Directed By: ,
Written By: Chuck Russell, Frank Darabont
In Theaters:
On DVD: Sep 11, 2001
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


Kevin Dillon
as Brian Flagg
Shawnee Smith
as Meg Penny
Donovan Leitch
as Paul Taylor
Jeffrey DeMunn
as Sheriff Herb Geller
Ricky Paull Goldin
as Scott Jeskey
Candy Clark
as Fran Hewitt
Beau Billingslea
as Moss Woolsey
Art LaFleur
as Pharmacist/Mr. Penny
Del Close
as Rev. Meeker
Michael Kenworthy
as Kevin Penny
Douglas Emerson
as Eddie Beckner
Sharon Spelman
as Mrs. Penny
Jack Nance
as Doctor
Charlene Fox
as Woman in Doctor's Of...
Paul McCrane
as Dep. Bill Briggs
Erika Eleniak
as Vicki De Soto
Teddy Vincent
as Sally Jeffers
Clayton Landey
as George Ruiz
Joe Seneca
as Dr. Meddows
Don Brunner
as White Suit #1/Scient...
Jacquelyn Masche
as White Suit #2
Jack Rader
as Col. Hargis
Wade Mayer
as Movie Patron
Frank Collison
as Phil Hobbs
Pons Maar
as Theater Manager
Judith Flanagan
as Eddie's Mother
Richard Anthony Cren...
as Town Hall Soldier
James Arnett
as Radio Man
Peter Crombie
as Soldier at Command P...
Rick Avery
as Soldier with Cracked...
M. James Arnett
as Radio Man
Moss Porter
as Sergeant
Jennifer Lincoln
as Young Woman in Town ...
Craig Noble
as Puddle Soldier
Portia Griffin
as Gospel Singer
Opelene Bartley
as Old Woman in Tent
David Weininger
as Soldier #1
Bill Moseley
as Soldier #2
M. James Arnett
as Radio Man
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Isolationism and false security are as much the targets of the '88 model blob as hobos and horny jocks.

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Chuck Russell's remake of The Blob is one of those rare films that reinvents the formula of the original and makes it more horrifying. The 1958 version of the film will always be a horror classic, but this version amps up the stakes quite a bit by having better, more disturbing special effects, which add so much to the film's atmosphere. I very much enjoyed the film, and I think the fans of the original film will also enjoy this newer version. As far as remakes are concerned, this is among the better ones. When done right, an update can actually be very good and that's the case about The Blob. The cast do a fine job with the material, and director Chuck Russell clearly has an understanding on how to create a truly entertaining, disturbing and very memorable horror film. The effects are clearly the highlight of the film and there are enough demented scenes that will appeal to monster film fans. This is a very well done picture that is sure to appeal to diehard horror hounds and it's definitely entertaining from start to finish. Chuck Russell has pulled off a great remake that is among the best that I've seen. Be prepared for some serious blob carnage as the giant mass eats and attacks its prey. From a technical standpoint, this version looks better, but in terms of story, the original will always be the one to watch. Enjoyable and areal delight for fans, if you come across The Blob, give it a shot, you're sure to have a blast. This is among the best films in the genre of the late 80's and it most certainly is a memorable picture to watch and enjoy. As a remake, this one does what so many other reimagining's have failed to do, revise the story and incorporate a very good cast with plenty of thrills to give the fans something worth seeing.

Alex roy

Super Reviewer

80's camp with wonderfully stereotypical characters. Not nearly as good as the original but has it's own cheesy charm.

Randy Tippy

Super Reviewer

This remake of the 50's cult classic was a very enjoyable thrill-ride of a movie - and a surprisingly gory one too! The gore effects are superb and the Blob creature has been brought to life as effectively as it could be for an 80's movie without being too cheesy. In my eyes it deservedly earns a spot on a list of best horror movie remakes next to the likes of Carpenter's 'The Thing' and Cronenberg's 'The Fly'.

Lee ?

Super Reviewer

The Blob Quotes

Dr. Meddows: I want that organism alive!
– Submitted by Nick S (4 years ago)
Meg Penny: You don't believe either, do you?
– Submitted by Nick P (4 years ago)
Scott Jeskey: (talking to Vikki as she's in the car sleeping?) Hot as a dog out there tonight. That's a, That's a nice blouse. Nice material. It must be hot, though. I'll just undo one of these for you. That's better, huh? Oh, no? Oh, well. I'll just, undo another one then. Okay. (The Blob pours out of Vikki's body) OH GOD, VICKI!!
– Submitted by Creep F (5 years ago)
Vicki De Soto: What are all those lights down there? Isn't that the hospital?
Scott Jeskey: It's probably a promotional gimmick. They're giving away free tonsillectomies.
– Submitted by Creep F (5 years ago)

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