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February 28, 2011
The tagline is "nothing so appalling in the annals of horror history". Now I don't know about all of that, but for its age, it is pretty gory. Although the gore is a bit laughable, not to mention the dialogue, the acting...well pretty much everything...this is a fun watch.
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September 5, 2010
Wow, this movie is really creepy and gross. H. G. Lewis is the best in those areas, and this is another of his greatly disturbing, yet very low budget and humorous movies. It's pretty cool, check it out.
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October 3, 2010
Probably one of the most unintentionally interesting horror movies ever made. It's so campy and terrible that you can't help but laugh and have a good time. The villain's ensemble and crazy fake hair is truly the shining aspect. The terrible effects and amateur-at-best cinematography also play a key part in the movie's charm. Don't expect a good movie and you will be in heaven.
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½ November 10, 2008
hilariously bad, ridiculously bloody, horrible acting, no production values ...i'm sure it was shocking back in the day, now it's just funny
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August 18, 2007
Over-the-top gore-fest which gave me a chuckle. A crazy chef slaughters beautiful women for preparation of his "Egyptian Feast". I loved his stuck-on eyebrows and goofy acting. Bloody gross.
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May 23, 2007
Herschell Gordon Lewis was the pioneer of the gore film. The acting is beyond terrible, the background organ music is annoying, but the gore effects are still pretty nasty, even after 45 years. An amputation, a scalping and a tongue removal are what's in store for your viewing pleasure. So bad, so horrible, but for some reason more funny than scary to watch.
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November 2, 2011
First Splatter film!!!! Despite the plot and acting, it was a really inventive film!!!!!!! We love you Mr. Lewis!!!
½ March 1, 2016
At over 50 years old, this movie has not aged well. Campy acting, cheap see-thru effects, and a sketchy plot add up to a pretty mediocre experience. That being said, I recommend a watch for true fans of the genre, as it claims to be the "original gore film". Not as hard to watch as some of the other stinkers in the genre, if anything it's enjoyable for its unintentional humor :) It falls into the "so bad it's good" category pretty easily.
February 26, 2015
Lame. So much in fact that I fell asleep before it ended. The only reason this is of cult status is due to it being the very first gore movie. That's it.
½ October 9, 2014
Can't really recommend it unless you are interested in the history of splatter and gore or if you have the disposition to appreciate films that are so bad they are good!
May 3, 2013
Lame. So much in fact that I fell asleep before it ended. The only reason this is of cult status is due to it being the very first gore movie. That's it.
November 1, 2012
As the director has said many times before, Blood Feast isn't meant to be taken seriously, which is verified through its laughably bad acting and B plot. However, if viewed in a humorous way or at least through a weak stomach, it somehow succeeds and is in fact innovative in some ways.
½ April 26, 2008
It remains almost impossible to rate Herschell Gordon Lewis films because of their cheap, tawdry aesthetic that extends to every aspect of the films--they are poorly made from beginning to end: the film stock, acting, writing, directing, etc. are all abominable. Yet somehow the films remains enjoyable and influential classics of the horror genre. Like Roger Corman's filmogaphy, Herscell Gordon Lewis's films are always enjoyable because they manage to push their utter awfulness into the realm of the craptastic. For Lewis, this is because his films feature gore, torture, and sexuality unlike any other films of the era--they break new ground on all fronts. They do so in the cheesiest, most ill-conceived, and unintellectual way possible, but they will still most likely delight fans of classic horror cinema and/or gore cinema. Blood Feast remains one of Gordon's most influential and watchable works as it follows the almost idiotic premise of a cannibalistic, occult-obsessed caterer who uses a catering job as oppurtinuty to put on a real, cannibalistic Egyptian feast. Featuring scenes of gore unlike anything that would be seen in the decade, Blood Feast remains clsasic and groundbreaking for that, but it will also entertain those who love meaningless gore and MSTK3000-worthy plotlines.
July 13, 2010
Lame. So much in fact that I fell asleep before it ended. The only reason this is of cult status is due to it being the very first gore movie. That's it.
October 10, 2010
Films such as "Friday the 13th, "Halloween," and "Scream" are all seriously indebted to this 1963 stinker, the first-ever wide-open blood/guts/gore film.

The viewer will have to search far and wide to find acting as pathetic as this, save perhaps for the truly creepy portrayal by Mal Arnold as a psycho Egyptian killer.

The plot is just as lame. Nothing but blood, guts, body parts, gore and disemboweled women - borne of the lousiest special effects to ever grace celluoid.

This is the kind of garbage seen on 1960s drive-in screens that made the girls curl up in their boyfriends' laps - or invoked serious beer-swilling by the dateless.
RECOMMENDATION: Thanks to TCM's 2am Halloween airing, my "to-view queue" is now one disc lighter and the better for it. Avoid it, unless its historical importance gets the better of you
½ September 16, 2010
hilarious, authentically bad grindhouse style zero-budget horror film that claims to be the first splatter movie. an utter failure in its time, now it feels like a time capsule of raunchiness and humor from the 'mad men' era. from the first close-up of a murder victim's book entitled 'ancient weird religious rituals,' this movie knows exactly what it is, and lives up to it. the only let down is the too-easy takedown of the villian. i guess the budget for more body parts and blood was exhausted. a must-see for all fans of horror comedy.
April 25, 2010
This movie has a good combination of being so bad it's funny, and of being so gross and gory that it's brilliant. Lewis' movies are often like that, and this is no exception. If you liked his other movies, you will like this one. But remember, this is not a vampire movie, it's about a guy who follows an ancient Egyptian religion, which involves actually having a cannibalistic "blood feast", and the actor who plays him is really creepy.
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