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½ June 18, 2012
Interesting Sci Fi horror film about a brain that east people. Directed by Bloody Birthday director, Ed Hunt, he keeps the level of cheesy fun at a steady pace. This is one surreal film with plenty of bizarre content to keep you interested. There's some genuine tension in its cheesiness, which adds to the atmosphere of the film. This is one of those films that is underrated, and has elements of classic monster films, which make it a fine little known horror film. This film has a great villain actor David Gale who previously starred in Re-Animator. This is cheesy horror at its best; The Brain is an obscured gem that deserves more praise. The films plot is simplistic, but it more than delivers on its insane premise of a brain that controls your mind and eats people. Brilliantly directed by Ed Hunt, this is a must see film for fans of low-budget horror yarns. Sure it could have been much better than what it turned out to be, but this is nonetheless a very good film. What really stands out with this one is the special effects and originality of its plot. Sure, it's simple, but man is it cool. The film proves that you can create a terrific horror treat with the most simple of ideas. This is one flick that horror fans should definitely check out if they come across it. A very thrilling and fun film from start to finish. The cast do a good job and David Gale definitely shines here as Dr. Blake. The Brain is one of the best cult classics that has the misfortune of not having a DVD release. This film has plenty of ridiculous moments to satisfy horror fans and is a must see for genre fans. The plot, like I said is nothing remarkable, but with horror, sometimes the simplest ideas are often the most memorable, and in the case of The Brain that is very true.
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January 25, 2011
This brain literally eats people. If that idea doesn't tickle your fancy, don't bother. There's nothing else here to scintillate.
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February 8, 2009
I've actually seen a lot worse. Sure the acting isn't brilliant or anything but it's definitely not as bad as I expected this b grade horror to be.
January 10, 2007
This movie is so 1980s... and so horrible that it's funny. No, it probably won't scare you out of your mind, but it'll give you a great laugh.
September 1, 2014
I personally find practical horror effects creepy, but here it just gets ridiculously amusing.
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