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November 16, 2014
Very cheesy, but still fun.
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September 29, 2008
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½ December 17, 2011
I'd expect a movie about Captain America to be at least fun or exciting but this movie was dull & at times I had to stop myself from falling asleep.The acting was terrible & I couldn't help but laugh.I wanted to give up on Captain America but I didn't.I guess I was hoping it would get better but never did.The thing I found most annoying was that you have to wait till the end till you get to see Captain America in his costume & he's only in it twice
November 17, 2010
Very bad tv movie that changes more about the character than it keeps. The acting is bad, the plot is worse, and the fact that they spend almost 20min of the movie watching cap on a motorcycle makes it boring as well.
July 19, 2013
I really enjoyed this movie. Reb Brown really fits the character of Captain America. Although its a different story from the comic book, it was a nice alternative.
½ May 1, 2012
Now before you say anything let me just say, yes this is all true, Before the 2011 Captain America movie, there was a 1990 movie a lot of you have heard of and before that there was a 1979 movie and it's sequel and before that, there was a 1944 black and white version but yeah thank god the 1990 and the 2011 adaptations stayed more true to the comics. This is the abominable 1979 version. What's wrong with this this movie? I'll tell you what's wrong with this movie! This is a Captain America movie right? RIGHT! and they got everything about this character wrong. He's not fighting the Nazis that's Strike 1, It's not taking place in WW2 that's Strike 2, His whole origins story is completely wrong that's Strike 3 because in the comics he was tested for an experiment and here he was given the serum to have his life saved-WHAT BULLSHIT! His costume is the absolute cheapest looking ever like he got it from a charity shop or a local supermarket I mean they did have a costume designer for this movie right? I mean the Chris Evans costume had some credibility to look more realistic but I'll say that the 1990 movie was waaaaaaaaay more realistic than this! That's Strike 4! The action scenes lack any potential and this movie is so boring and tedious that I'd rather listen to this than watch it. Captain America (1979) gets a 0/10 and it's placing it nicely. If you thought some of these modern crap were bad, well you haven't seen these. And I can't believe they actually made a sequel to this. Oh my god I hate my life!
January 27, 2012
Everything about this movie is wrong... I mean, they even screw up the colors of the US flag - they made it red, blue and transparent :D
July 18, 2011
My god man. For a superhero movie, it would help if the guy acted a little like a superhero. Captain America spends the entire movie whining and there's almost no action.
July 14, 2011
I guess there is a reason why Marvel was never that big on movies back then. Last night, I was fortunate enough to watch next Captain America movie from 1979. Need less to say, I wished I didn't see this travesty of a film.

Captain America appeared in two 1979 live-action television movies that aired on CBS: Captain America, which aired January 19, 1979, and Captain America II: Death Too Soon, which aired November 23, 1979, both starring Reb Brown in the title role. The character differs significantly from the comics in both his origin and his operations. For instance, Steve Rogers is a character in contemporary times whose father was a 1940s government agent. The very patriotic attitude of Steve's father earned him the nickname Captain America, and his father is spoken of as having been murdered.

This movie was flat-out dull as shit, the acting from all of the actors seemed stale, and you hardly see any action from Captain when it came to fighting the bad guys. Over all, I give the 2 outta 5 stars mainly because the ploy was okay and there were just tidbits of fighting scenes that were not bad. Any who, that's my Cap review for this week so tune in next time as I prepare myself to watch and review the second to last Cap movie that makes Batman & Robin look like an Academy masterpiece.
November 13, 2010
They managed to make Reb Brown boring in this one.
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