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½ February 11, 2012
A criative thriller.
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½ September 24, 2007
Tightly directed medical thriller with top performances from Genevieve Bujold and Richard Widmark. Interesting premise well realized with a lot of now familiar faces, like Ed Harris and Tom Selleck, in small roles. Elizabeth Ashley scores strongly in her few scenes imparting a sense of malevolence beneath an icy professional demeanor.
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December 14, 2006
This is a fine entertaining suspense drama in the Hitchcock tradition.
January 13, 2013
An effective thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat despite some obvious plot holes. Medical procedures look very convincing, and the cast features then-unknown Michael Douglass.
½ February 27, 2011
Genevieve Bujold funds herself in surrounded by mystery when Magnum PI becomes the 12th healthy patient to go into a coma after minor routine surgery at her hospital. Enjoy a brief conversation with Ed Harris who is nearly unrecognizable under a full head of hair!
½ August 18, 2009
Interesting concept. Decently acted. Oddly enough, the only downside to the movie is the scenes of tension. They last a little bit too long without enough scare, and at the end of the scene, the conclusion goes 'pfft'. The only thing that turned my stomach was the idea that they drilled the hooks into their bones in order to suspend the coma patients. Ouch.
½ April 8, 2009
Good story line... Gotta cut it some slack for being cheesy since it is from the late 70's.. but then again, there is a lot of bad acting. Though, not on Michael Douglas' part.
June 20, 2007
Proof that not all writers should be directors. As good a writer as Crichton is, this movie is a mess.
May 15, 2007
Not a bad little medical thriller. I always enjoy seeing Michael Douglas in some of his earlier roles. Pretty decent plot. Nothing special but not a bad time waster.
February 22, 2007
I read the book by Robin Cook and it took almost forever becasue it was so boring, although it picked up at the end. The same cannot be said about the movie, which I only watched cause it was directed by Michael Crichton.
½ September 19, 2006
Tense thriller with the very good and underused Genevieve Bujold in the lead. Supporting performances are quite good, too.
October 17, 2015
70s paranoia hits the hospital--Genevieve Bujold plays a surgeon who wonders why several patients have ended up in irreversible comas after minor surgery and uncovers a deadly conspiracy. This thriller holds up well, even after several viewings.
½ September 25, 2015
Want to see it again after 30 years of lapse.
September 13, 2015
Suspenseful and Underrated late 70s Medical Thriller
½ September 18, 2012
Coma is a mediocre thriller with its fair share of suspense
July 13, 2015
The first half is rather slow, but the later half makes up for it.

It's a medical thriller that has a rather clever plot. While the reveal of the villain is obvious, the tension has a great slow burn to it. It's almost like a Hitchcock film.

There is some unnecessary nudity so keep the kids away, but other than that, just about anyone can get into this film.

Check it out.
February 17, 2015
Solid medical thriller that has aged a bit but holds up due to a talented cast & excellent direction by Crichton. Bujold is compelling in the lead role, playing a talented doctor whose personality can be grating at times, showing both her determination to get to the bottom of the mystery but also why many don't believe her. Douglas is solid as her doctor boyfriend and in a nice gender swap, it's the woman whose the dogged 'detective' with the boyfriend being one trying to hold her back. Behind the camera, Crichton gives a solid adaption of the Robin Cook novel, shining when focusing on the medical drama (the mundane conversations doctors have when performing surgery are very realistic) though the romantic subplot doesn't quite work (a vacation montage feels out of place). Overall, solid thriller that is definitely worth a viewing.
½ September 24, 2014
The ending is suspenseful but it takes a long time to get there.
½ April 5, 2014
Decent little thriller with some great scenes, though the characters are hollow and the pacing isn't the best. The plot is enjoyable enough, and there are some nice twists though a rather lackluster ending.
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