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August 24, 2010
It feels like a long lost Howard Hawks movie, almost every one of his trademarks is present. The one man army, Walter Brennan, catchy dialogue and just about everything else. I would say the only problem is that the movie's just too short. These are great characters that I would've loved to see mature over a larger story. John Wayne is his trademark self, unstoppable and the most noble man in a sea of outlaws and criminals. Walter Brennan is hilarious as always, probably one of the greatest comedians to ever live. Ward Bond does a good job as an extremely manipulative villain, it's a shame he never played too many.
June 14, 2007
Vera Ralston was an actress that was cast into films because she was married to big boss of Republic. In Dakota she comes out surprisingly well as Sandy Poli a determined woman, daughter of a millionaire who marries John Wayne. He wants to go to California, but she chooses Dakota and from then on she is the one who makes the most important decisions for the couple. It is not usual to see John Wayne in this situation but it makes the film more interesting. There are two familiar actors, Walter Brennan and Ward Bond. It is remarkable that with a low budget they made a convincing scenery of what Fargo, Dakota must have looked like. The movie is entertaining except that they make too much use of scenes taking place at night. There is no need for that, and it only makes it harder to understand what is going on.
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