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July 8, 2007
Brilliant, pessimistic, enchanting and fascinating tone, noir at its best. as always, Bogart rocks in his antiheroism.
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September 5, 2010
A good cast, but an average story, makes for an okay movie.
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½ October 1, 2009
Another Humphrey Bogart Film that is over the top. Returning home from World War II, Captain "Rip" Murdock (Bogart) and Sergeant Johnny Drake are due for the Congressional Medal of Honor and Distinguished Service Cross. Johnny Doesn't want not part of it and bolts from the train, only later to be found dead. Johnny's lover is played by Lizabeth Scott who everyone falls in love with. She?s not a Becall but she?s as pretty as any female from the after WWII Time Frame. 4 1/2 stars
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May 5, 2007
I wasn't a huge fan of this. The lighting and style were adequate, the Bogart and Scott were solid, the only stand out was the dialog. For Noir complete-ests only.
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January 4, 2008
A marine freshly returned from service goes looking for his missing buddy and finds himself entangled in an old murder case. This film noir follows the formula almost to the letter, and has been copied and parodied many times since (most notably by Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang). It's a little heavy on the melodrama, and the supporting cast don't quite live up the performance of it's lead; Lizabeth Scott is lovely to look at, but she's no Bacall. As it lacks the extra touch of class brought by Wilder or Huston, the film is carried entirely by Bogart who could make a Coco Pops commercial cool, tough and uncompromising, and he saves it from mediocrity with his typically charismatic performance. Generic but entertaining.
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October 27, 2006
Disappointing even for a Bogart fan.
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½ July 16, 2008
If you like Bogart and Film Noir, put this on your future viewing list.
January 12, 2012
More of the same but in a good way. References other Bogart Noirs, wonder how this was received at the time of its release.
May 22, 2010
Not quite the caliber of "Maltese Falcon," but sure to please those viewers that enjoyed that film.

Right down to the "I gotta turn ya in but I'll miss ya babe" soliloquy, the two films are extremely similar in flavor & spirit. Lizabeth Scott fills in for Lauren Bacall; she's got the look and the walk, but her chemistry's just not quite as captivating. Then again, Bogey wasn't shackin' up with Scott.

Viewers who have seen "Falcon" will be nagged by a sense of deja vu, still it's a rollicking and solid two hours of Bogey fast talking his way around bullets, frame-ups, mickey-laden booze, right hooks - and a sultry dame that's nothing but trouble.

RECOMMENDATION: Essential for noir fans; well recommended to others.
½ December 31, 2008
Dead Reckoning is a film nor starring Humphrey Bogart and Lizabeth Scott. Bogart's character and his friend are returning home from service in World War 2. His friend is to be awarded the Medal of Honor but flees before he can be photographed. He returns home and is murdered. Bogart spends the rest of his time trying to figure out what he was hiding from, who killed him, and why. The plot can ramble at times, but it's mostly decent.

As mentioned earlier, the leads are played by Bogart and Scott. Bogart plays his typical noir character in fairly typical fashion. He's had far more memorable performances, but this worked well enough. I was less impressed with Scott. She was passable, but seems a little expressionless and deliberate in the film.

Overall, this film is an average film. It has some good suspense and plot twists to keep the viewer interested, but it is not a highly-memorable film. The film received decent reviews upon its release and today is just a minor footnote in history. It's good enough to check out, but probably doesn't warrant a second viewing.


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November 16, 2014
A good film noir movie even a few words borrowed from The Maltese Falcon Liz Scott plays a good Femme Fataile
½ July 19, 2014
I don't trust anyone, especially women.

While sitting in a confessional booth, Captain Rip Murdock tells the tale of him and his best friend, Johnny Drake, on their way to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. On their way, Johnny hops off the train and Rip pursues him. It quickly becomes apparent he's in trouble and a strange girl and gangster appear involved. Rip will investigate the whereabouts of his missing friend.

"You've got that look in your eyes."
"I've got that look in my eyes?"
"If you do, keep it there."

John Cromwell, director of Of Human Bondage, The Racket, A Matter of Morals, The Prisoner of Zenda, The Scavengers, Since you Went Away, and Made for Each Other, delivers Dead Reckoning. The storyline for this film is very methodical and slow at times but comes together wonderfully. The script is brilliant as is the dynamic between the two main characters. The acting is perfect and the cast includes Humphrey Bogart, Lizabeth Scott, William Prince, and Charles Cane.

"Where have we met?"
"In another guy's dream."

I grabbed this off Turner Classic Movies (TCM) because it starred the legend Humphrey Bogart. While Bogart wasn't a gangster in this movie, he delivered his lines gritty and very pointed that he always came across like "I'm smarter than you." I loved it. I didn't love every second of the film, and did feel the pace was uneven at times, but I will say this was very good and I scored this a 9 because I loved the ending. This is a must see for sure.

"Maybe she was alright."
"Maybe Christmas comes in July."

Grade: A-
½ November 25, 2013
IN PROGRESS Lizabeth Scott is a Bacall lookalie with a husky voice. Krause the thug.
December 29, 2012
The usual sexual tension and charismatic performance by Bogart is lost in a not so original plot and a brute direction that makes the seemingly simple plot confusing and contorted.
½ July 26, 2012
While its atmosphere and acting are incredibly proper for a noir film, the storyline tries too much and in the end fails because of its overcomplexity. While it starts with a fine and thrilling twist, the turn of events builds up to a conclusion that's less than satisfying. However, as any decent mystery thriller should, it has a proper amount of murders, romance, blackmailing, deceit, and fear. And Humphrey Bogart is a perfectly adequate as the anti-hero macho in all of this chaos. Note: watch out for Lauren Bacall's appearance.
June 24, 2012
In this film noir starring Humphrey Bogart, he plays a paratrooper in which he and his colleague/friend (William Prince) are given an unusual assignment to travel to the U.S. capital for irregular duties. Unfortunately, one night, his colleague vanishes and he soon learns that he was killed in a car wreck, which may have been as a result of a murder. Bogart than tries to get to the bottom of this tragedy, for which he dives down into the underworld of gambling, blackmail, and a mysterious woman (Lizabeth Scott). Minor, but compelling movie to which is always watchable and suspenseful, even if it doesn't rank among Bogart's finest. Scott's performance is adequate, even though other critics have slammed it due to it being a poorer imitation of Lauren Bacall's (Bogart's wife) performance in movie with him at around the same time. I found it enjoyable.
August 18, 2011
Not Bogie's best, but "Dead Reckoning" is still a pretty good movie. Rip Murdock (Bogart) is a veteran whose best friend has just been killed mysteriously, and he wants to find the answers. Along the way, he finds his friend's girlfriend Cory Chandler (Scott) who aids Rip. Sure enough, they fall for each other. What Rip doesn't know, is that Cory isn't who he thinks she is. Compared to Humphrey Bogart's other movies, it's hard to call "Dead Reckoning" a gem. But, after considering it's film noir, and has beautiful Lizabeth Scott as the femme fatale, I realized it's not as bad as it could be. They have great chemistry, and do their best in their boring roles. Though Scott has been considered a wannabe Lauren Bacall in this movie, I can't picture the latter in this film at all. The thrills, the cinematography, and the score might not be the best either, but you know what? "Dead Reckoning" is decent
January 12, 2011
Superb Film Noir with brilliant Cinematography, stylish Atmosphere & Beautiful Music Humphrey Bogart is a All-Star
½ February 5, 2006
November 28, 2010
it was an AMAZING FILM! timeless classic!
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