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½ April 7, 2007
great important film, some of the information is obviously dated but the strong performances by all involved make it a powerful experience
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January 20, 2008
A touching story.
June 13, 2007
The first movie to deal with the HIV/AIDS crisis. It needed to be made to dispel the myths of this awful virus. I commend everyone that worked on that film. A movie made about AIDS in 1985 could have meant the end of their careers but they felt the movie's message was more important. Good for them!
November 16, 2007
Shows how a lot of familys can not deal with their children being gay. But when you come down with HIV that is when you find out who your real family is.
January 11, 2014
very touching,according to me deserved a Oscar for Aidan Quinn and i like Ben Gazzarra and Gena Rowlands
December 6, 2009
As the first reviewer for the community I feel an obligation.

This was a groundbreaking film discussing AIDS at a time when ignorance and prejudice were commonplace.

It deals with the subject in an intelligent, non patronising and sensitive manner. Informative and soul destroyingly touching.

The first time I saw this film I cried like a baby and was relieved the story ended before the inevitable death.

Even now with most attitudes having undergone a shift the film still stands up as excellent piece of storytelling.
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