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March 20, 2013
Caught this on cable and am now crestfallen that I can't own it to re-watch on DVD, which is just a shame, as this one would definitely hold up to numerous re-watches.

Mitchum is amazing as always in a noir role, and young(ish) Charlotte Rampling is pretty easy on the eyes; well worth tracking down.

½ October 16, 2011
A 1970s film mostly shot and acted like the 1940s never ended. So what is new here? Nudity, better acting, and drugs. All told I loved it, even if it is not exceptional. I am a sucker for these films though. The lines are great and you get to see Stallone play a thug.
June 19, 2011
I'd forgotten how great this Film was! There is a certain Elegance to the Phillip Marlowe Private Eye, perhaps it's that he(Robert Mitchum) narrates it as well as Stars, or it's the Wardrobes of the cast ,or the Noir way it's Filmed, but in Stylish Decors & Locations.This was on TMC the other night so I DVR'd it & saw so much more than I'd appreciated in earlier viewing.For instance, a very young Sylvester Stallone(Pre Rocky Stardom) is a Gangster in this. Charlotte Rampling, who I'd only known as an older actress, is an Exquisite , Lauren Bacall-esqe, wealthy Politicians Wanton Wife, who's beauty is more Handsome than Beautiful with a combo of masculine & feminine traits just like Lauren Bacall.The Cast of Character Actors, Jack O'Halloran, Sylvia Miles Harry Dean Stanton, & Anthony Zerbe bring such rich Broth to the Soup that is this delightful Film that you are going to want seconds of, it is Delicious.
September 3, 2009
Almost everything you could want in a Hard Boiled Noir. Mitchum knows how to play a detective, Charlotte Rampling is gorgeous as the femme fatale. There's no question that Jack O Halloran fit his role perfectly. The small roles by Stallone and Dean Stanton were a joy to see as well. This remake gets rid of the comedy from the original film and stays truer to the story. The only thing missing from the checklist of "must have's" is the stroll down the rainy street with neon signs superimposed as Mitchum walks by. The drug trip in this version is very weak, especially compared to the one in the original, but other than that, this version is superior. A must see for any Noir fan.
½ November 19, 2014
A good neo noir movie from 1975 set in 1941
October 12, 2014
A fine mystery thriller. Robert Mitchum is superb as Ray Chandler's Philip Marlowe.
June 24, 2013
Great noir with good mood and exceptional performance by Robert Mitchum.
½ June 3, 2012
Mitchum is incredible as Marlowe, far superior to Bogart or Gould, though I don't fully understand Hollywoods love affair with the character. Some great atmosphere and production design is unfortunately mostly hampered by flimsy direction, with the exception of the the whole brothel segment of the film, which is effectively grotesque and thoroughly entertaining.
½ July 29, 2011
Farewell, My Lovely tries to combine 40s noir style with 70s color, nudity and profanity. This combination is a mixed bag, but I like Robert Mitchum a lot, which is what raised my rating. Mitchum's narration is quintessentially noir, almost to a fault. But then again, it's hardly a fault now is it?
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