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January 22, 2014
Excellent 1958 film starring the great Kim Stanley. Chayefsky's screenplay is loosely based on Marilyn Monroe, and Stanley makes the most of it and gives a superlative performance that ranks as one of the greatest ever given for the screen. Chayefsky's screen play, John Cromwell's direction, Virgil Thompson's music along with Lloyd Bridges, Steven Hill and Betty Lou Holland are all excellent. However the primary reason to view this film is Kim Stanley's performance.
March 20, 2004
(VHS) (First Viewing, 2nd Cromwell film)

An endlessly mined concept (the neurotic actress who watches her life go down the tubes) and rather disjointed Paddy Chayefsky script is saved by the exceptional work of Kim Stanley. The story is supposedly based on Marilyn Monroe's turbulant personal life, but unfortunately it's just not fleshed out enough to be very illuminating, though there are several powerful moments where the writing and acting meld to devestating effect.

Kim Stanley was such a remarkable actress, it's a shame that she didn't make more films. I've only seen her performances in [b]Sťance on a Wet Afternoon[/b] and now [b]The Goddess[/b], but she's already personal favorite actor of mine. Steven Hill, a founding member of the Actor's Studio but probably most famous for his role in TV's [i]Law and Order[/i], is quite sympathetic as Stanley's tortured first husband; Lloyd Bridges appears to lesser effect as her rather dim second.

So not necessarily an important movie, or even that great of one, but as a fan of Ms. Stanley's, I'm very glad I saw it.
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