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Grizzly Reviews

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Super Reviewer

August 22, 2011
Grizzly has got the reputation of being one of the first of many Jaws rip offs. This tale of nature gone wild is one enjoyable horror film. If you can forget that this is a rip-off of Jaws, then you're sure to enjoy this awesome horror film. Grizzly is one of those Cult films that you're just happy to rediscover. Though it was inspired by Jaws, Grizzly is gem of a film. The acting is pretty good considering that this is a low budget film, and the bear attacks are quite impressive too. What I like about the film is that they used a live bear to make the film. Grizzly felt very realistic. I really enjoyed the blood and gore. I felt that Grizzly is very underrated. Yes, it is a rip off of Jaws, but that doesn't mean it's a bad film. The film quite good and it's a very impressive film with a good enough, but predictable plot. In the end, does it really matter? The Grizzly keeps the body bags full, and there's plenty of carnage on-screen to appeal to horror fans. Grizzly is also one of the better Jaws rip offs along with Piranha. Some people have said that the acting was awful, and the dialogue was bad, but I actually found the performances and dialogue to be quite good. The star of this film is of course, the bear. Grizzly is a fun, entertaining film that delivers good chills and a good time. For a Jaws rip-off, this is a great, obscured gem that Cult horror fans will relish.

Super Reviewer

February 17, 2011
Another in the long line of 'so good it's bad' movies, this complete and utter Jaws echo is about as much fun as you could hope for from a killer grizzly bear movie. The highlight of the thing for me would be the bear decapitating a horse. I laughed extremely hard at that. The whole thing is cliche'd, over the top and just horrible - but damn is it entertaining. If you sit back and try not to take this seriously, you'll have a good time.
Ken S

Super Reviewer

December 6, 2010
Jaws with a bear (complete with exploding antagonist finale) except not nearly well as acted, directed, written or executed.
Cassandra M

Super Reviewer

September 19, 2010
Grizzly is directed by William Girdler, written by Harvey Flaxman & David Sheldon and stars Christopher George, Andrew Prine & Richard Jaeckel. Story sees a giant Grizzly Bear terrorise campers and hikers at a state park. The head park ranger sets about capturing and killing the beast but he's met with resistance from his superior and troubled by the number of glory hunting hunters who descend upon the park.

If you pardon the pun, Grizzly was a monster surprise hit of 1976. Made for a paltry $750,000, it went on to make over $39 million Worldwide. It may well be a "Jaws" coat tail hanging copycat (and it unashamedly is), but credit where credit is due, William Girdler & David Sheldon spotted an opening in the market and got in there in a blaze of blood, grue and roaring ferocity. It was also one of the first of a number of "Jaws" knock offs, and while it's silly at times, and beset with bad acting, it is, however, one of the most popular and fun cult horrors of the 1970s. Filmed on location in Clayton, Georgia, Girdler's movie knows exactly what it's about. Keeping it relatively free of extraneous and expositional filler, Girdler knows (and so does the cast) that the bear is the star of the show; well more to the point, that the bear shredding and chomping down on humans is the star of the show. And so it goes, the humans-except for our hero protagonist (George) & wise sage naturalist (Jaeckel)-are annoying and lining up to be either bear lunch or to be proved wrong. And what fun it is. It's the sort of film that scared us to death as kids, and now makes us smile as adults.

The film has proved popular enough over the years to warrant a double disc DVD release. A release that wouldn't be out of place for some critical Oscar winning darling I might add! Now available in a quite lovely anamorphic widescreen presentation (2.35:1), Girdler's (and cinematographer William Asman) shooting around Clayton is very pleasing on the eye. Sure some of the inexperience of the editing and lighting departments exists, and the budget restrictions are now even more evident (check out the blood), but Grizzly actually does look rather nice. The extra disc is chock full of goodies, with the "Jaws With Claws" featurette enjoyable and showing the makers to be very tongue in cheek about the whole thing. So, a must for B movie creature feature fans who don't mind a bit of camp on their cheese sandwich then. Those looking for Alien or Gorilla's In The Midst obviously need not apply.
Jason R

Super Reviewer

September 14, 2009
Some great cinematography in the opening credits, as for the film itself it is so bad it is good, I couldn't stop laughing when the paw came out and swiped the girls arm off...

Super Reviewer

March 8, 2008
June 18, 2011
"Jaws in the woods" or "Jaws with claws" is what they call this 70's cash-in about an eighteen foot grizzly running wild in a heavily populated camp ground. This maybe an unfair generalization as Grizzly uses the framework of animal-gone-crazy-in-a-popular-resort and establishes itself as it's own entity. There is a scene where the hunters are in the woods and one of the rangers tells a story very similar to Quint's war story and yes, it feels a little like plagiarism at that point. But this film is a great deal cheaper and certainly not as well written. POV bear shots and extreme close ups help dance around actually having to use a bear in most of the shots of the first 2 acts. For the most part, Grizzly is an enjoyable B-film with some amusing "bear" attacks and an impressive third act once the actual bear shows up. Comparing it to Jaws will lead to disappointment, but if watched as campy fluff, it's a pretty good time.
December 21, 2008
This horror drama takes on a whole new dimension if you are familiar with the 1975 film "Jaws," which this movie copies almost scene by scene. For this reason it is a classic of bad cinema.
January 25, 2007
I remember seeing this movie as a child. It scared me crazy...(smile)
I have to be honest, I still love this movie. It just doesnt scare me now. (smile)
June 8, 2006
Christopher George, Andrew Prine and Richard Jaeckel make a great triumvirate in this silly but VERY entertaining Jaws knockoff.
January 26, 2013
While not even in the same league as Jaws in a longshot in terms of directing, acting, and storyline. Grizzly does have it's effective moments and some intense scenes.Christopher George is the forest ranger who must stop a grizzly bear from elimating tourists who camp at the forest park. It is the same storyline as Jaws but in land instead where the greedy mayor will not close the area because of revenue and a specialist in bears(Richard Jaeckel)helps George in his quest to kill the beast before it kills many innocent victims. You know what happens when the forest ranger and the Grizzly go head to head together in the final showdown. It's fun to see the overemoting of people being attacked and then killed by the grizzly. And the killing is pretty hardcore for a PG rated movie(PG-13 did not exist til '84.)But it's good campy fun.
April 26, 2012
Dimwitted 'Jaws' on land that delivers more through shock value rather than suspense. Entertaining drive-in fluff.
September 11, 2010
stupid rip-off of jaws
Adrian B.
June 17, 2012
Disgusting horror film that starts with nice scenery and score, but gets worse and worse and absolutely increasingly worse as it goes along. A grizzly bear, without any motive what-so-ever, terrorizes tourists in the woods of someplace believed to be the Pacific Northwest (though according to Vincent Canby's review, it is filmed in Georgia). At first it looks a black bear killing everyone, but somehow, it turns into a grizzly bear (!) and it at times doesn't look very mean. In fact, the bear at times has a black body and a brown head. The filmmakers decided that it was good idea to a show kid, a black bear cub (of which I believe the idiotic characters think it is also a grizzly bear and decide to cuddle and pet), and a horse, get killed or mutilated by a grizzly bear. Lame, sad, and pathetic, and to my disappointment, not funny for all the wrong reasons.
Cinema Division Inc.
June 4, 2011
This film has bear cam! take that all you shakey cam people! This film is fun in a cheeseball way, the bear is a towering beast that will make Smokey crap his pants, the acting is as you would expect in a film of this nature but the helicopter pilot gets off some funny lines.,the bear does tear off a kids leg and knocks a horses head into next week - the blood is a nice shade of red and seems to splatter like smooshed strawberries - i enjoyed the film and it left me wondering if a rocket launcher could really explode a bear without throwing bear guts all over kingdom come...remember if ya' wake up with a wet muzzle in your face, it's not mine!
Zack B.
February 3, 2011
Turned out exactly as I thought it would. Is almost completely a character and plot rip-off on Jaws. Some scenes even seem like they were pulled out of the movie. It starts of pretty ridiculus but does get a little better as the story goes on. Best part of the film is that they use real Bear footage.
January 28, 2011
Absolute mid 70's cheese.
Bear goes wild in the Georgia mountains and nobody has a southern accent.
And everyone knows the best time to take a swim in a mountain stream is when you are hottie forest service gal in the middle of looking for a rogue killer bear.
And of course theres always a summer camp full of kids waiting to be terrorized.
Jaws on land without Roy Scheider and the John WIlliiams score.
Great late night cheese on TCM.
November 13, 2010
it was a lil off at some points but overall it was actually pretty good! =]
Dean W.
August 7, 2010
A classic "B" movie, with great bear shots, a little gore, and hammy 70's acting, a lot of information about grizzly bears too.
Shot in 4 weeks in Georgia in winter, though it was supposed to be summer, worth watching, a big hit in it's day, considered Jaws with Claws and predates the Friday the 13th movies and movies of that ilk (Halloween shortly followed).
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