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May 4, 2009
Early Elvis that, probably due to distribution problems, is his most obscure. A decent if unexceptional film that contains one of his more popular songs "Teddy Bear" as well as the title tune. It tells a simple tale of a country bumpkin looking for a place in the world and incidently having a great voice and star power to burn. While most Elvis films except for his worse usually have at least one quality performer, Barbara Stanwyck in Roustabout, Gig Young in Kid Galahad, Angela Lansbury in Blue Hawaii etc., this one has one of the better casts with Lizabeth Scott, Wendell Corey and in the first film of her brief pre-convent career Dolores Hart. A pleasant entertainment.
½ March 15, 2015
This is what I would have expected from Elvis' debut film. It's not bad, but it's also pretty boringly straight forward. It's the old cliché story of the scrappy rural kid nobody who climbs his way to stardom through honest hard work and overcoming his insecurities. Elvis is being Elvis but you want more insight into him-- not the superficial mommy issues and upright perfect moral boy stuff. Also come on they could have thought of a better name than DEKE Rivers... terrible.
Points for all of the amazing western wear and Elvis looking cute.
½ February 25, 2015
So so movie, only for American history buffs and Elvis fans.
May 28, 2014
i enjoyed the songs but the story was boring
November 29, 2013
Dear edward,

I love you because you make me look forward to each day. You're my everything, a dream come true. There are no words to express what I feel for you. There are no songs as beautiful as the music that fills my soul when I hear your voice. There are no roses as lovely as your smile. Nothing moves me like you do. There are no days brighter than the days I spend talking to you on the phone. You're my light in the darkness. There could never be words strong enough to express my love for you. I love you with my body, soul, and mind. You're my everything. I love you so much, edward!

Love always,

April 27, 2013
I have the soundtrack and it's great. It's a pre-army film too! I'd love to see it, but I can't find a *CHEAP* copy.
September 3, 2010
If you care for the plot, it's the same as every other Elvis Presley movie ever made. A talented small town kid rises to fame and fortune after being discovered by the industry. Half an hour into the film we're introduced to the kid's romantic interest, which develops in parallel to the advancement of the kid's music career; later, of course, there's a bit of a skirmish in that front, until everything turns out well in the end. Yawn.

Having said this, the music is good, and Presley's on-stage performances look like ... Presley's on-stage performances, which is to say they are fun. The characters are extremely formulaic, but the acting is decent. But the best thing of all is the Technicolor, which looks just gorgeous. All in all, as far as Elvis Presley formula movies go, this is a decent one.
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