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bbcfloridabound bbcfloridabound
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January 7, 2014
The later 70's saw a handful of films about people with psychic powers, but this little-known thriller from Australia may just be the most unique of them all.

Nurse comes under the spell of her seemingly comatose patient, whose intense psychic powers are menacing the people around her.

Patrick is a bizarre, yet oddly moving film that benefits strongly from its off-beat and ultimately unpredictable story. It's a tale that manages to side-step clichés to become not only a brooding chiller, but a weird love story as well. There's an occasional good bit of suspense and shock that keeps the tension high. The story also possesses a strange sense of the erotic. Granted, the plot is a bit slow in pace but Richard Franklin's direction and a good cast help to carry it well.

Star Susan Penhaligon does a throughly good performance as the films heroine/victim. Rod Mulliner is good as Penhaligon's troubled husband, as is Bruce Barry as her boyfriend. Robert Thompson is also a stand-out as the films menacing title character. Even though Thompson spends most of the film lying in silence he still conveys a threatening presence, he's just that good of an actor.

For those seeking a left-field thriller that's thoughtfully well done, Patrick may just be your date
TheDudeLebowski65 TheDudeLebowski65
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½ February 14, 2013
Australian Sci Fi horror film that has hints of previous genre films is an obscured gem that has an interesting premise despite formulaic ideas. Patrick is a tense, thrilling film that relies on effective visuals to build up the tension on-screen. Director Richard Franklin direction is immaculate and precise, and he understands how to build up the tension to make the viewer feel uneasy. Acting wise, the cast give some pretty good performances and bring something special to the screen. There are some truly intense scenes that are quite chilling, and this is one of the most surprising obscured gems in the genre. Horror fans owe it to themselves to see Patrick as it is a well crafted film that has enough chills to keep you interested from start to finish. The idea is quite intriguing and director Richard Franklin brings a certain Hitchcock feel to the movie that makes it quite unnerving. The actors are quite good in their parts and a performance of note is that of Robert Thompson as the title character. He speaks a word, and only acts using facial expressions. I enjoyed the film very much and I recommend this one to any horror fan that enjoyed such films as Carrie. This picture uses telekinesis as a plot device and it works well despite the fact that it is something that we've seen before. Patrick is an obscured gem of a film that deserves to be rediscovered by genre fans. With a good cast, an interesting story and effective chilling moments, Patrick is one of the best films in the Aussie genre of films. If you're in the right mood, you're sure to like this one. This is one of the few films that have something for every horror fan. Even with borrowed elements of other movies, director Richard Franklin creates something unique with this film, and in the process makes one of the most memorable of all Aussie horror films. The film has its flaws, but is thrilling from beginning to end.
WrenchLT WrenchLT
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½ July 19, 2011
Carrie-esque Aussie-horror about a comatose hospital patient named Patrick who has lost as his senses but to compensate he has developed dangerous psychokinesis powers which he uses to win the affections of his newly oppointed nurse. I enjoyed this one, quite good fun. Very low body count so it's quite tame, but it's effectively made and an entertaining little ride. The last 30 minutes are the best. Worth a look.
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September 6, 2010
I thought this creepy telekinesis movie was awesome, but I don't know anyone else who agrees. The story is really unique and the actors are good, and there's some good scary moments. I don't know about you, but I enjoyed it.
littlecharmer1959 littlecharmer1959
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November 3, 2009
A fun Ozploitation flick, about a creepy looking, disturbing comatose patient who communicates with his nurse through telekinesis. A bit dated, but as a no nonsense suspense/horror you could do worse.
Eric R April 8, 2013
Australia jumped on board the horror film bandwagon of the late 70's and produced a slew of films to be distributed to drive-in theaters. Though most are forgotten a little film called "Patrick" was a modest hit and though a slow moving thriller, has enough scenes to make it memorable. Hell it worked on my mom as the ending was burned in her memory and thus she recommended it to me, her bastard horror film buff son.

We open with Patrick brutally murdering his mother and lover in a bathtub (these psychos always have mommy issues) which somehow puts him into a braindead coma. Now we get introduced to a young nurse accepting a job at a hospital specializing with coma patients and becomes found of our bug-eyed Patrick. The kicker is that Patrick isn't braindead and becomes obsessed with our young nurse and uses his psychic abilities to harm and kill anyone he becomes jealous with.

It's hard to make an exciting film where our antagonist is in a comatose state and never leaves a bed but the filmmakers do the best they can to liven the film up with some interesting kills. Still the film falls victim to its motionless killer and tends to drag a bit and overstays its welcome a hair. As for most of the victims director Richard Franklin does his best to make most of them absolutely despicable. Seriously he loads this film up with cunts and assholes to help the audience cheer on Patrick to bury them all 6 feet under. If I lived in a world where everyone was this mean and cruel then I would just eat the end of a shotgun barrel and call it good.

They fella they picked to play Patrick was perfect. This guy's eyes will star deep into your soul and shit in your heart. For a character that doesn't do much, Robert Thompson sure made him memorable. Hell his hilarious spitting and unibrow will make you cream your pants. But it's his eyes.... HIS EYES that will burn their way into the bowels of your mind forever. I also loved our lead actress Susan Penhaligon , whom I had previously seen in the British horror film "House of Mortal Sin". She's just cute as a button and all the characters in the film tend to agree as both her ex-husband, a doctor and our title coma patient seem to stop at anything to get her.

By today's standards "Patrick" may be a little tame and the plot is rather slow moving. However the good acting and solid directing keeps the film trucking along and there are enough memorable scenes (including a jump scare ending) to make it worth watching. Audiences tended to agree and Patrick proved to be very successful in Europe, so much so that an unofficial Italian sequel titled "Patrick Still Lives" got made. That film has a completely interesting background all its own...
Chris C ½ December 9, 2008
Good low budget Aussie Thriller from the 70's. Odd story line about a coma patient killer, but it worked here.
Aaron C August 15, 2014
low budget ozploitation film has a creepy feel without resorting to creepy shadows dutch angles etc gives it a sense of realism and a time capsule from 1978 sleazy elements throughout,forget about it if you dont want to see a live frog punctured through the brain
WARP WARP August 6, 2009
Madness from down under
Gordon Franklin Terry Sr Gordon Franklin Terry Sr May 5, 2010

When PATRICK was a first-run movie on Home Box Office, I said, "but Grandma, Patrick is rated PG." Grandma said, "Well, Gordy, it's a STRONG PG; don't watch it."
My mom and Grandma won the GORDON-SEEING-PATRICK-ON HOME-BOX-OFFICE-BATTLE that afternoon.

When I finally got around to seeing PATRICK on HARMONY VISION home video (the same videocassette company to release THE HILLS HAVE EYES back in 1982), I found out why Grandma was so adamant about not allowing me to see PATRICK That Afternoon back in 1980.

PATRICK, the titular character, lies in a hospital bed, yet can manipulate the typewriter at his bedside with his mind.

Repeatedly PATRICK asks his nurse to give him a hand-job throughout the film. And PATRICK'S NURSE actually obliges and reaches under PATRICK'S bed-covers and gives PATRICK hand-jobs throughout the film. (The nurse ma'''tur'''tes PATRICK because PATRICK is paralyzed and in a coma yet still feel horny obviously).

So, I guess PATRICK is a "Strong-PG movie" for a 9 year old kid to see while visiting his grandmother in Scarsdale, New York-9 year old kids shouldn't know about nurses giving patients hand-jobs.

When PATRICK'S NURSE'S boss walks-in on her giving PATRICK a hand-job, he forbids the nurse to see PATRICK ever again.

Yet, PATRICKS'S mind is very strong and can leave the hospital and follow his nurse where-ever she goes; when the nurse goes skinny-dipping in a pool with her boyfriend PATRICK tries to drown them both with his mind (its TEKE-KINESIS PATRICK has mastered . . . between being mast'''urb''ted by his hand-job giving nurse) ha ha ha ha ;
mastered vs. mastur--ed.

Basically this is all I remember . . . but PATRICK is indeed an AWESOME MOVIE!!!!!

And there's a soft-core adult film entitled PATRICK LIVES AGAIN as a quasi-sequel produced by some Italians.

PATRICK ROCKS even though I don't remember much of it!!!!!!
Gordon B ½ June 27, 2011
There's enough mood in this supernatural Australia Horror film to keep us watching, but not enough genuine thrills to make much of an impression
CoolYoda CoolYoda December 8, 2010
Patrick might not be a great academic film, but its creativity and originality gave history of cinema (well, the more underground history) some awesome scenes. It is true that Aussie's classic genre, Ozploitation, might not have a real masterpiece, but it sure has good films. When I watched Quentin Tarantino talking about every single ozploitation film in the great doc "Not Quite Hollywood", I knew that they weren't all good films, but Quentin liked them because he is a sadic explosive maniac (and genius). Those films weren't neccesarily good just because the master Quentin liked them, but at least some of them had to be good. Patrick seemed memmorable, so I checked it out and yes, it is a fresh flick which entered my ranking, maybe it is in the lowest places, but it is still in my ranking of memmorable films. Aussie films are cool.
Mark Gardner Mark Gardner ½ April 16, 2005
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=3]Unusual cult classic that has unintentional, funny moments. Great idea for a movie.[/size][/font]
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