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½ July 19, 2012
An uncomfortable, slow, and picky film; Dudley Moore tries to copy his success of Arthur with yet another movie songed romantic comedy, except instead of being a lovable drunk with a moral quandary he's an unlikable shrew. In comparison to his character is Mary Steenburgen, possibly the sweetest looking and sounding woman on the face of the earth. Moore's character is the only one who is truly fleshed out, and his is the one who is unlikable and seedy. Steenburgen is flighty and weak, supposedly a strong woman against Moore's bombastic curmudgeon. Instead they are both simply irritating and lank. They star as writing partners who go through years of family drama, insubordination, temper tantrums, and their own set of longwinded, nothing fights over irrelevant issues. Basically the film is about them not being together, but wanting to be together, but they fight and run away, acting like children with distorting psychological problems. Their antics are not entertaining, the characters are flat and petulant, and none of this is funny, per the title. The film even features a theme song from the same composer of Arthur, so it's obvious they were trying to make an unofficial sequel to the massive success and Oscar nominated fame of his first film. Moore is not a leading man, and cannot carry a film while playing a Hollywood fake. He is too crude and strange for that and should have relegated himself to outlandish performances with heart. Really there's nothing to this film, not even the guilty pleasure factor that comes from romantic comedies.
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August 29, 2011
Badly directed, badly written, and badly acted, and not in a good way, I had to force myself to watch and then it took 3 tries to make it to the end. Beyond obvious, beyond stilted, beyond a waste. And this from someone who likes Mary Steenburgen.
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September 6, 2010
Just as the title says, this is another typical romantic comedy movie. Nothing new here. It tries very hard to be funny, but it just fails. Not a good movie, in my opinion, plus the characters got on my nerves. I don't recommend this movie.
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April 7, 2007
Blah. Like Canned Corn or any other generic product, stick with name brands
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½ March 22, 2008
It's neither.
December 29, 2011
Although lacking in actual comedy it was sweet, romantic movie of two co-workers struggling with their feelings for one another. Great ending after some twists and turns.
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½ July 30, 2010
(1983 Director: Arthur Hiller) "Arthur" or I should say Jason (Dudley Moore) in another of his more charming and endearing movie roles. Phoebe (Mary Steenburgen) is a new novelist and joins Jason during the week of his first marriage to collaborate on a play from her book, "Blue is for Boys."

A little predictable. While Phoebe adores Jason, obviously hers becomes an unrequited love as Jason is just entering into a marriage. These two share such a passion no a penchant for writing perhaps in their own way they do have a "mental romance."

Jason's agent Blanche (Frances Sternhagen) certainly livens up the dialogue as she motivates and cajoles Jason keeping him on track.
May 11, 2010
This movie got on my nerves, Steenburgen loves Moore's character who is an egotistical, married, writer. They work together for a long time, but never have an affair, even though his wife knows that they really love each other? And then she marries this other guy, and he starts having affairs with actesses to get back at her, and his wife divorces him? This movie is crazy mixed up. Sure, this could happen in real life, but it frustrates me to watch a movie like this. Why does she love this guy? I just don't get this movie.
August 5, 2006
4.5/10. Garbage Neil Simonish comedy with an awful Marvin Hamlish score, trite writing, predictable and downright annoying at times. I like Mary Steenburgen and Frances Sterhagen, but so dislike Dudley Moore and Ron Liebman.
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