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½ July 6, 2007
Vampyres is one of the movies from the early '70s sex-horror female vampire sub-genre. In this respect, Jose Ramon Larraz film is reminiscent of Jean Rollin's work. But while Vampyres contains all the usual staples of Rollin's films ? ultra low budget and average at best acting, lyrical imagery and sensuality, interesting female leads and negligible male supporting cast ? it differs in that it contains much more bloody violence. And this is no bad thing.

The story is very straightforward. Two female vampires lure unsuspecting men back to their remote mansion, where the unfortunate chaps meet with a bloody climax (no pun intended).

While the dialogue and acting is, at times, shaky, the movie does conjure up some effective sequences. The photography captures the contrasting imagery. From the haunting scenes of the vampires running through the countryside to the visceral violence when they kill. The sex and violence is inter-linked. The vampires cannot have one without the other. And this results in unforgettable images of the vampires sucking the blood out of a comatose man's arm then sharing it via French kisses! Nice little touches like the fact that the vampires sleep with their eyes open are used to good sinister effect too.

Overall Vampyres is a good example of this type of film. Don't expect too much from plot and acting but if you like left-field exploitation movies with a little bit of style then give this a whirl.
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December 11, 2007
Classic 70's British sex/horror romp..sally faulkner is stunning..
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½ January 2, 2008
Decent 70's vampire film that used to be in my "Nooooooo!" list until i watched it again! It's about two vampire women who lure male drivers back to their massive house for sex,only for the blokes to get bitten the shit out of and drained of there blood! The scenes where the victims get attacked are pretty good and gory and theres a couple of good "erotic" scenes that at the time were probably quite shocking. Not great but still, a pretty good old school vampire film.
½ September 4, 2009
Much better than the similarly-themed and titled one reviewed above. There were actual horror elements in this erotic film. Two half-lesbo vampires hang out on the road looking to get picked up. They take the guys that pick them up back to the castle they've been squatting at and have all sorts of pleasurable experiences with them. Then they suck their blood. One guy is left alive and goes back for more of the fun over the next couple of days until her realizes they are killing the men they keep bringing back there.
April 17, 2008
I was turned onto this by a coworker. It's the most realistic Vampire movie ever. The title is a bit obscure to get stateside.
March 31, 2008
An erotic horror film that actually works on nearly all levels is a pretty rare thing. However, Jose Ramon Larraz's VAMPYRES does just that. The erotic scenes are steamy and arousing, without veering into softcore porn territory; there's a fair amount of tension built into some scenes; and there's a decent amount of blood and gore as well. The cinematography is handled by Harry Waxman, who was also director of photography on THE WICKER MAN a year earlier (in 1973). And like that film, he manages to imbue his images with genuine atmosphere (helped out of course by the beautifully gothic location where it was filmed). Jose Ramon Larraz directed and also wrote the script (under tha alias D. Daubeney). He ignores most of the conventions of the vampire genre; ie. his vampires don't have fangs, or turn into bats, and they can wander around in the daylight without bursting into flame. There's no vampire hunter or priest brandishing a cross or holy water or wooden stakes. Besides the fact that the two women are portrayed as vampires, there's no element of the supernatural present at all in the film. This manages to make the film a bit more original and different than most of the vampire films of the period (which usually stuck to the rigid conventions listed above). The story involves two bi-sexual vampire women (Marianne Morris and Anulka Dziubinska) who lure men to their crumbling gothic estate, make love to them, and eventually kill and feed from them. One of the women takes a liking to a would-be victim (Murray Brown), allowing him to live by only feeding from a wound in his arm while he's in a drugged or drunken state (not aware that she's a vampire). This eventually weakens him, but not before he begins to suspect something's not quite right about the women. The gothic manor is isolated from civilization by a deep forest and this isolation adds to the films dreamlike and slightly surreal atmosphere. It's reminiscent of Jean Rollin's erotic vampire movies but not nearly as surreal as say Rollin's REQUIEM FOR A VAMPIRE because as I mentioned above the fantasy and supernatural element is down-played in VAMPYRES. In fact if it weren't for the opening shot in the movie that shows how the two girls died (killed by an unknown assailant while in bed making love together, no less), then it could be argued that they weren't really vampires at all but just adapting the psychological traits of vampires in order to satisfy an abnormal and sadistic sexual addiction. In this sense it could be seen as an (erotic) revisionist vampire movie, foreshadowing George Romero's MARTIN by three years. The scenes of violence and bloodshed can be seen (and enjoyed) as mere exploitation, but to me there seems to be a subversive element involved in these scenes. The erotic scenes are portrayed as tender (albeit arousing) moments and not necessarily pornographic at all; but they're usually followed by an outburst of violence where the vampire women viciously slash and stab at their victims with a dagger, voraciously licking and drinking the blood that flows from the wounds. And it's these violent scenes that actually seem pornographic. This is one of the elements I really like about the film, which makes it stand out above other erotic horror movies of the time (like Hammer's erotic horror films for example). In closing, while the dialogue and plotline may not be all that original, the gothic atmosphere, isolation, and dreamlike quality evoked by the cinematography as well as Larraz's indifference to the usual vampire movie conventions make this an enjoyable viewing experience. It certainly rises above its low budget limitations.
½ August 7, 2007
NO vampires here. Just a couple lesbians drugging men and women, cutting them up and drinking the blood. Not gory, not scary or very bloody even. Total boredom!! It's pathetic.
½ June 17, 2007
My girlfriend and I tried to watch this one but it was slow and boring. We couldn't even make it through the whole thing.
February 17, 2007
This movie was very daring in its day and is still hot. While the lesbian scenes are nothing you can't see on The L-word, they are not hard to look at. Some really cool scenes when they attack, but not enough of them--otherwise I would have given it a 5.
June 20, 2012
A total guilty pleasure, beautifully shot lesbian vampire movie from 1974 ha ha.
October 18, 2010
1974 Director: Jose Ramon Larraz
Score: 4
I can't paint this one with anything but an honest brush. This is a sexploitation throw away dressed up as a vampire movie. For those of you who don't know what that means, here is the basic guide: A very weak plot that exists (barely) only to connect the large amount of sex scenes with gratuitous nudity; Acting that is little more than line recitals (if you're lucky) or really bad ham performances (if you are not lucky) and this movie gives you examples of both; SFX that are at best so-so; and finally, a soundtrack that is either a repetitive montage for the sex scenes, or otherwise uselessly plays in the background and adds nothing. So go for it if you are into soft core action (this one leaning towards lesbian action) but if you want real plot and actually good film elements, you won't find it here.

Notes: GV-GN-SA Suggested Age: 16+
October 23, 2011
An excellent film all thing considered but yes a guilty pleasure to be sure.

Some great atmosphere and camera shots. Acceptable acting, an ok story, decent light lesbianism and nudity, plenty of violence. Definitley a Hammer feel to it, I believe it's a regular Hammer location they used as well.

Italian film made in England.
August 22, 2008
This movie is actually about a 6.5. There's no real plot to speak of that makes any sense, but the gratitous nudity is well done. If you are are a fan of the sploitation films of the seventies, this film is right up your alley.
½ April 30, 2007
Heh, well this was quite full of blood, and even more so of sex, but that goes without saying since this was a vampire porn movie. Surprisingly enough, the story wasn't too terrible, and made an interesting connection at the beginning and end. The dialog was way too bland, but there was a good haunting atmosphere achieved at times. Not much else to it, though.
½ February 11, 2005
Hey all....

I went everywhere today!! lol. Didn't sleep at all lastnight again, and then went into Salisbury to do some shopping.

I bought [b]Vampyres[/b], [b]Blade[/b], and [b]Dances With Wolves[/b] on DVD. When I got home, I watched [b]Vampyres [/b]starring Marriane Morris and it was total shit! :rotten:

After that, I watched [b]Blade [/b]starring Wesley Snipes, which I'm really glad I went and bought because it's one of my fav movies. :fresh:

I haven't yet watched [b]Dances With Wolves[/b] starring Kevin Costner yet, but I'll get around to it a little later on tonight. It's one of my all-time fav movies. I love the Native American Indian stuff and [b]Dances With Wolves [/b]definately has my vote! :fresh:

Maybe I should sell the [b]Vampyres[/b] DVD on Ebay or something... LOL.

Check back soon....

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