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Walter Hill's hip, super-stylized action film unfurls in a dystopian near-future, when various gangs control New York City. Each gang sports a unique moniker ('The Warriors,' 'The Baseball Furies,' 'The Rogues'), with a costume underscoring its "theme"; each, in turn, is also responsible for one geographic area. Hill sets up the landscape as a massive, violent playground - replete with bridges, vacant subway tunnels, parks, abandoned buildings and the like, all ripe for exploration and adventure. As the tale opens, the titular Coney Island has traveled to the Bronx to attend a city-wide meeting of all gangs; at that event, however, the psychotic leader of a rival gang, The Rogues (David Patrick Kelly of Dreamscape) assassinates the head of the city's foremost gang, but The Warriors are pegged as culpable. This sends the gang fleeing through the labyrinthine city. With every thug in Manhattan in vicious, homicidal pursuit, they must also overcome all obstacles in their way. Throughout, Hill keeps the onscreen violence absurd, exaggerated and unrealistic, downplaying death to an extreme degree; despite this fact, the film sparked a massive amount of controversy and an ugly backlash for allegedly inciting violence and destruction in several theaters where it initially played. James Remar, Michael Beck and Deborah Van Valkenburgh lead the ensemble cast. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovimore
Rating: R (for violence and language)
Genre: Drama, Action & Adventure, Cult Movies
Directed By:
Written By: Sol Yurick, David Shaber, Walter Hill
In Theaters:
On DVD: Jan 16, 2001
Paramount Pictures


David Harris
as Cochise
Ginny Ortiz
as Candy Store Girl
Mercedes Ruehl
as Policewoman in the P...
Edward Sewer
as Gramercy Riff
Ron Ferrell
as Gramercy Riff
Hubert J. Edwards
as Gramercy Riff
Larry Sears
as Gramercy Riff
Mike James
as Gramercy Riff
Gregory Cleghorne
as Gramercy Riff
George Lee Miles
as Gramercy Riff
Stanley Timms
as Gramercy Riff
Jaime Perry
as Gramercy Riff
Winston Yarde
as Gramercy Riff
Tom Jarus
as Rogue
J.W. Smith
as Turnbull A.C.'
Cal St. John
as Turnbull A.C.'
Joe Zimmardi
as Turnbull A.C.'
as Turnbull A.C.'
William Williams
as Turnbull A.C.'
Marvin Foster
as Turnbull A.C.'
Johnny Barnes
as Turnbull A.C.'
Ken Thret
as Turnbull A.C.'
Jeffrey Michael
as Turnbull A.C.'
Paul Greco
as Orphan
Tony Pann
as Orphan
Neal Gold
as Orphan
Ian Cohen
as Orphan
Jery Hewitt
as Baseball Fury
Bob Ryder
as Baseball Fury
Joseph Bergman
as Baseball Fury
Richard Ciotti
as Baseball Fury
Tony Latham
as Baseball Fury
Eugene Bicknell
as Baseball Fury
T.J. McNamara
as Baseball Fury
Steven James
as Baseball Fury
Lane Ruoff
as Baseball Fury
Harry Madsen
as Baseball Fury
Bill Anagnos
as Baseball Fury
John Gibson
as Baseball Fury
Steve James
as Baseball Fury
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If the movie is not as dangerous as its detractors claim, neither is it as glorious and memorable as some of its less discriminating admirers would have it.

Full Review… | September 8, 2015
Village Voice
Top Critic

Walter Hill's vibrant 1979 adaptation of Sol Yurick's 1965 novel - based loosely on an ancient Greek story called "Anabasis" - is a classic cinematic record of New York City circa 1979.

Full Review… | February 18, 2013

Cartoonishly violent, insanely moody and pointless.

Full Review… | October 26, 2010
Ozus' World Movie Reviews

A cult film that deserves its reputation.

Full Review… | October 12, 2010
Goatdog's Movies

One of the best gangster pictures of all time.

Full Review… | July 2, 2009
Cinema Crazed

The Warriors Rule! One of the best action-thrillers of the 70s!

February 3, 2009
Brag Magazine

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Welcome Back Kotter meets A Clockwork Orange

Bob Stinson

Super Reviewer

Oy vey! Such a reputation this film has! It's high time (it's only been about 30+ years!) I finally got around to it. And so what's the hoopla been all about?
Well first there's the obvious plot about one tough street gang's difficult journey across The Big Apple (the most dangerous city on Planet Earth, baby!) ... at night ... and years before Disney went and cleaned up 42nd Street. But mainly what goes on is that instead of like the 1950's or 60's wherein the kids were blamed for being hooligans outright, here it's the dilapidated urban landscape that makes really good hearted kids into the animals society fears.
Whatever the supposition it was cool watching nice kids acting like they was bad, and checking out the 70's idea of tough fashion choices. Fun.

Kevin M. Williams

Super Reviewer


I realize that the filmmakers weren't trying to make a completely serious or realistic film, but at the same time, it's hard to deny the debt this film owes to history and mythology. It's one of those stories you can either take at face value, read deeper meanings into it, or both. Regardless, you can still enjoy it and be entertained.

I've got a bias towards this film that I need to state upfront. I like 70s crime and action movies. Gritty location photography is awesome, especially urban location photography. I liked the atmosphere of paranoia and tension surrounding things. It reminded me a lot of Assault of Precinct 13 (the original), as well as later films (that I saw before I saw this one) such as Escape From New York and Judgement Night.

As I mentioned above, you can read as little or as much into this as you want, and it would be totally fine to do so. By reading into it, this film can rise above its place as a well-made B-Movie, and it can becomes something more, something a scholar could use for some sort of study or something, such as cinematic representations of gang warfare and race relations.

While not great the acting is actually pretty decent. Michael Beck is great, and David Patrick Kelly is the definite scene stealer. I don't know what it is, but seeing a black guy with a fro wearing Native American garb brought a smile to my face. Yet again this is something that could be analyzed to death. This wasn't quite as gritty or violent as I thought it might be, but I didn't actually mind too much. As much as I appreciate visceral shocking violence, I much prefer subtlety and more downplayed mayhem.

I better stop before I ramble too much more. Bottom line, if you haven't seen this yet, you probably should. It's a definite cult classic that deserves all the praise it gets.

Chris Weber

Super Reviewer

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