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January 17, 2014
Joan's last Metro film after a long tenure there is no award winner but is still a well executed spy drama with the usual MGM burnish and a high quality cast.
½ April 9, 2014
Surprisingly enjoyable movie from the 1940s, surprising only in that I'd never heard of it before. Joan Crawford here is more likeable than she normally is. Suspenseful.
½ May 5, 2013
Above Suspicion (1943) -- [7.0] -- Fred MacMurray and Joan Crawford star as newlyweds who get roped into spying for British intelligence in Nazi Germany. The tone here is light-hearted. Despite the prospect of serious danger, Crawford and MacMurray's characters actually enjoy trying their hand at espionage. It's fun to watch them follow the bread crumbs and put clues together. A Franz Liszt concerto is incorporated into the mystery, as well as Bronislau Kaper's score, very entertainingly. It's also amusing to watch steely Crawford tied up, being brutalized by Nazis (but still looking like she just walked out of a salon), swearing to the Gestapo that she'll never crack. If they were at all familiar with her filmography, they'd have known she was telling the truth. With Basil Rathbone and Conrad Veidt.
January 20, 2015
It's a very good WWII propaganda film and curio that is quite entertaining--provided you don't think too much during the film.
June 7, 2012
An American couple (Joan Crawford and Fred MacMurray) are on vacation in Europe and are about to be recruited into a spy ring. Their mission is to spy on Nazi's during the days leading up to the Second World War and bring back information back to the British involving the construction of a weapon that could destroy lives. Of course this film is totally beyond unbelievable, but it is also very funny and quite entertaining. Really weird casting choices for MacMurray and Crawford in roles like this. Nice photography to add to the some suspense of this tail. Awkward, but quite enjoyable.
August 17, 2005
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