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October 21, 2011
Hitchcock inspired tale of amnesia has Berenger trying to piece his memory and his life together after a really bad auto accident ... "and what about that dead body over there, who's that?" Wolfgang Peterson penned and directed this trifle bit of escapism.
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February 1, 2007
The intriguing, twisting plot is wildly entertaining if you can overlook the awfulness of Tom Berenger and Greta Scacchi's acting.
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October 15, 2009
Tom Berenger wakes up from an accident with no memory, a great job and a great wife. Well, almost a great wife. Except for the fact that she wants to kill him.
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½ January 28, 2008
Good suspense film.
November 27, 2012
Not sure why all the hate for this movie, it was well done, well acted and the twist was pretty original. Im great at predicting movie endings and this one caught me by surprise for some reason.
May 23, 2012
If it wasn't for the cast, especially Tom Berenger and Bob Hoskins, it could be bad. They carry the movie very nicely. Plus, the forgotten beauty Greta Scacchi - can't go wrong with her!
January 27, 2011
Hoskins is Funny, and the movie is cool, until you really think about how ridiculous the outcome really it. A fun watch, even though I gave it 2/5
½ June 6, 2010
Actually, not a bad movie in its own right. So many of these mid-to-low budget Hollywood side projects (i.e. films starring B-list actors filmed in Milwaukee) don't have the budget for a decent script, director and cast. But this film manages to pull off a decent story without much crappiness. Berenger is not what he seems and director Wolfgang Petersen does an admirable job of keeping the look of the film interesting with his grainy-creepy feeling looking shots. Worth a viewing when it comes up for $1 on Red Box.
½ January 10, 2010
This was my first mind-fark movie, a movie where you're watching it, expecting one kind of movie..then it throws a curveball halfway through. I still enjoy it, but to most it's not a classic.
March 28, 2008
I enjoyed the movie a lot and was surprised at how good it was. Its an entertaining thriller directed by Wolfgang Petersen and stars Tom Berenger and Bob Hoskins. The film had a great plot involving many twists and it all comes together in a very shocking but cool ending. Overall I liked this movie a lot.
½ December 7, 2008
Very good film that has a mystery element to it. It may shock you at one point during a point when something is revealed. One of those flicks you might look at the box in the video store and pass off as something stupid but it is good.
½ June 12, 2007
In the tradition of such classic Noir films as "Somewhere in the Night", "The Long Wait", "Street of Chance", or "Strange Impersonation", "Shattered" tells the story of a man whose memory is erased from a car accident and he now has to rebuild his life from scrap. Things are going well until he begins to discover dark secrets about his forgotten past and enigmatic nightmares that haunt him. The plot is very solid with an incredibly strong sense of mystery (you keep watching to discover the answers to these puzzling riddles) and characters are well developed for the most part. Performances are solid, especially by Hoskins who plays an amateur private investigator and pet store owner with great wit and charm. The twists the film makes at the conclusion are indeed surprising and unexpected, yet be forewarned that they may require a suspension of disbelief. Still, if you want to watch a mystery that will have you guessing throughout (and probably proved wrong in the end) this is a very good film to do just that.
January 20, 2008
if you like movies with a twist then you should like this one. It was the one that got me interested in movies with a twist. very good movie
½ June 2, 2007
I'm a fan of Wolfgang Petersen. His direction through out this film is some of his best. Keeps the audience's attention. Good Mystery.
½ September 26, 2014
Plot isn't bad, but Tom Berenger can't act his way out of a paper bag. However, I watched it for Bob Hoskins, who is always worth watching.
November 6, 2013
Berenger and Hoskins do an excellent job in this thriller with the most amazing intricacies. No, you're not even close on guessing the chilling truth, or how it's all going to end...
November 21, 2007
Watched it a long time ago but remember that it was a good movie!
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