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½ December 23, 2011
It's not the best picture of the director, but Stephen Frears' comedy presents a good concept, just like the screenplay and that make me identify oneself with the character Bernie LaPlante (Dustin Hoffman) in some bad moments. We see that Frears, is trying bring to the contemporary cinema the Frank Capra style, but that don't help very much Hero. Fresh.
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December 19, 2009
We're all heroes if you catch us at the right moment.
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October 28, 2007
Its an ok movie, pretty enjoyable!
Its funny but not what you call laugh out loud funny!
I like this movie as it is quite amusing and its a great cast and the storyline is ok but its just a bit predictable and can get annoying in places as its that sort of typical movie where you've cried wolf too many times no one believes you and then everyone and everything is then getting in the way of things, so it can get irritating but apart from that its worth a watch even if you only watch it the once.
Dustin Hoffman plays a man who isnt your typical hero and is only concerned about himself but when a plane crashes down in front of him he finds himself becoming an international hero and loved by eeveryone.... the onlky problem is some hobbo has taken the claim for something Hoffman has done! so throughout this movie we find out how hoffman wins his money back and becomes the hero!!
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September 25, 2009
A typical fun comedy from the early 90's. Good fun!
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November 19, 2006
This saucy spin on Frank Capra's Meet Joe Doe is an acerbic - and often tremendously funny - indictment of American hero-worship.
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April 9, 2008
This is a pretty funny and good movie I must say. Great learning and intriguing. Dustin Hoffman plays a lowlife who happens upon a plane crash and rescues the passengers, but doesn't really care about the value of his deed or the attendant publicity when the media starts searching for the hero. Another fellow steps into the gap and claims credit, and as his life changes for the better he takes on a messianic glow.
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½ November 2, 2007
An insignificant man becomes a hero, but then another man takes all the credit. This is a very interesting movie.
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August 4, 2007
Movie about a man who rescues passengers from a plane.
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February 24, 2007
I liked this. Intelligent and thought provoking, Hoffman's almost Ratso like character spotlights the fact that most heroic actions are not performed by noble, square-jawed heroes as in the movies, but ordinary people who just don't turn their back when needed. The satirical spin on the story is very clever, the media and public requiring the noble, square-jawed hero in the shape of Andy Garcia to fulfil their own image of what a hero SHOULD be. Geena Davis is rubbish as usual though (onions??)
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½ June 1, 2011
a timidly predictable and tiresome film that without it's moments, it's not that much good without it. D+
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January 8, 2007
Great story, superb performances, even Geena Davis! Garcia and Hoffman are at the top of their games and they are simply mesmerising. This is the sort of film you wish you came up with the idea yourself it's that good.
½ September 19, 2014
If I could surgically extract Geena Davis out of this movie and replace it with a clone of Joan Cusak (who is also in this movie) it would be five stars. Story is great. Plane crashes, bums, con artists, and media hype - all rolled into one. However, the best part of the film is at the end when the character played by Dustin Hoffman gives the son some of the most simple, brash, yet insightful and practical advice you could ever give a child about what exactly LIFE is. I actually used it with my son and it took hold quickly.
January 5, 2013
I like Dustin Hoffman but his career isn't exactly flawless but who's is? John Cazale maybe and that is about it but that pretty short. This could have been way better if it didn't try to be so funny, which fails miserably. The relationship between Hoffman and his son is pretty bad as well. This is a movie where you wish you had that ticket from Last Action Hero to step into the movie and tell the characters that people don't act like this, especially homeless people and try to tell them how to craft a better performance. There isn't anything heroic or entertaining about this movie.
April 14, 2012
Quite an enjoyable two-hour movie. Though the story is trite and a tad predictable, it is inspiring for us audience to watch.
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February 4, 2008
Funny film about an unlikely hero that is a rather angry individual,unhappy to say the least.Stumbles across a plane crash and becomes a hero.Geena Davis,Chevy Chase and Joan Cusack help round out this well casted funny movie.See it when you get a chance.
June 19, 2008
Hoffman fantastic as usual! You really get a feel for Bernie, (Hoffman), and could just strangle John Bubber! (Garcia) - Although he really is a great guy in this film. Geena Davis' acting was fine, nothing special but it wasn't horrible. The movie in itself was done well, it hit on some things that could have added a little bit to the plot, but other than that I will most definately be watching this again!
½ August 16, 2007
I love anything with Dustin Hoffman and Andy Garcia so this film was good for me. I had never heard of it and happened to stumble across it on television and was pleasantly surprised. It is fun story with both comedy and drama and I believe it is a true gem.
½ July 15, 2007
Hero is pure Hollywood, and is the very best of what Hollywood means, or meant at the time. The plot is clever, the writing is witty, the characters are interesting, and the acting is decent (Dustin Hoffman is great). The development is not meant to expose new subtleties of human emotion, but rather strongly to evoke obvious ones -- in this case, pride. In other words, it is meant to make you happy. That is not to say that the audience is barraged with heavy-handed judgments, merely that it does not require a degree in theater to like the film. It is interesting enough to be enjoyable after several viewings, but not subtle enough to require serious study.

Hero is perfect for the intelligent moviegoer who wants to watch a film for fun, and that is the context in which it should be understood. Personally I find this a very good satire, that has actually a good point. In their search for sensational, touching news, TV stations will do really everything and seem to forget that the most important thing is still reality. If you are looking for a good comedy, with some fine acting and a good story, than this movie is really something you should try.
June 4, 2007
Funny, well acted, a decent story, and certainly the best among all the trash that came out in 1992.
February 25, 2007
decently watchable. liked the role of de nero as the guy who wouldn't be a hero but is, and then his buddy takes the credit while he's in prison. definitely worth watching.
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