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½ September 6, 2015
I just married this miserable object.

Ko-Ko has recently become part of the foolish city's leader's executioner's council. The leader looks at the execution list and sees it has been some time since there was a public execution. He assigns the newly appointed Ko-Ko next to be executed unless he can find a substitute. He seeks a love sick young man who recently lost his girl to take his place. The young man's love interest happens to be the princess, further complicating matters.

"I shall have to execute someone at once."

Victor Schertzinger, director of Kiss the Boys Goodbye, Road to Zanzibar, Forgotten Faces, Uptown New York, Thunder Mountain, Siberia, and The Lily, delivers The Mikado. The storyline for this picture was just okay and contains interesting characters and funny plots and sub plots. The acting was okay and appropriate for the content.

"Burned alive? It's such a stuffy death."

I came across this on Netflix and thought the cover looked cool so I gave it a shot. This was a very average parody that was just okay but entertaining and worth a viewing one lazy Sunday. This isn't as good as The Teahouse of the August Moon but it is worth watching once.

"It takes years to train a man to love me."

Grade: C
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