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Matty Stanfield Matty Stanfield ½ June 28, 2014
This movie will be enjoyed by Ken Russell fans only. However, despite the slow pace and over-the-top theatrics -- the film has some pop-culturally significant moments. The now iconic Rudolf Nureyev is captured in all of his beauty and glory. And, it is interesting to see Leslie Caron as Nazimova. Peter Suschitzky served as cinematographer and he does some great early work here. However, by the time this long film comes to its end, you are likely to feel more than a bit cheated of the over two hours the film stole from your life.
Steve J July 5, 2012
Far from Russell's best, but some inspired moments of madness. The jail scene is classic Russell. Nureyev couldn't act, but he sure could dance. Worth a watch for fans.
Thomas K March 11, 2014
Watchable only for Nureyev.
peter h. peter h. ½ January 30, 2011
It is pretty good movie except all the ham acting. It contains one of the most disturbing nude sex scenes ever along with Lady Frankenstein.
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