• PG-13, 1 hr. 29 min.
  • Comedy
  • Directed By:
    Carl Reiner
    In Theaters:
    Oct 29, 1993 Wide
    On DVD:
    Apr 1, 2003
  • MGM Home Entertainment


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Fatal Instinct Reviews

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Apeneck F

Super Reviewer

May 31, 2013
Having seen 3 or 4 crime drama spoofs in the last coupla weeks let me tell you that it ain't as easy to do as it looks (and yet the pickings so very, very juicy) but Reiner fares well here with both his cast and the Naked Gun style of storytelling, a goulash of goofings garnered and got from 3 or 4 crime dramas like Body Heat and Fatal Attraction, and there are smiles to be had if not outright laffs. A sorely misjudged work.

Super Reviewer

September 6, 2010
This outrageous spoof movie is a little too much for it's own good most of the time, so it's not as funny as it could be. Overall, it's okay, though, it's entertaining enough for the most part.

Super Reviewer

December 15, 2009
Sex, murder and revenge were never this funny. I must say not one of the best spoof but not bad. It has alot of LOL moments.

Super Reviewer

April 7, 2009
I didn't see the whole movie....but it was fun

Super Reviewer

April 14, 2007
Good hit-and-miss spoofs from the following late 1980s thriller movies. This goofy movie makes me laugh.

Super Reviewer

August 20, 2009
"Fatal Instinct" is another very funny spoof that pokes fun at many thrillers including yeah you guessed it, "Basic Instinct" and "Fatal Attraction". Armand Assante was surprisingly good in this comedy and plays Ned Ravine, a cop and a lawyer. He has only lost one case--Max Shady and, now that he is about to be released, he wants revenge. He is also so dense that he doesn't realize his unfaithful wife Lana (Kate Nelligan) is cheating on him with Frank, the mechanic. While this is happening a blonde femme fatale (Sean Young) will stop at nothing to ruin his marriage. Sherilyn Fenn plays his attractive and loyal secretary....

Entertaining enough comedy along the lines of "Airplane" and "Naked Gun" with enough sexual innuendos and overt sexuality that had me laughing thru out.
Adam M

Super Reviewer

June 2, 2008
Ok spoof of films like Basic Instinct,Sleeping with the Enemy,fatal attraction and other "steamy thrillers".A cop/attorney gets seduced by a sexy bitch behind his wifes back but what he doesn't know is that his wife wants him dead,then take his money and move away with the car mechanic she's been having an affair with.Plus there's his secertary,Laura,who's madly in love with him but is haunted by her past of being in a violent marriage to a mentalist.There's some pretty good gags here and there and Sherilyn Fenn is still fit,(although not as sexy as Audrey Horne,obviously,who is?)but this will never compare with The Naked Gun series or the Airplane films.
August 12, 2011
Naked Gun-style spoof of erotic thrillers and noir movies. Most of the jokes are throw-aways but there's enough material to make it entertaining if you enjoy said genres. Plus, it has Sherilyn Fenn in it!
October 5, 2008
Pretty good spoof movie. You have to know what the spoofs are to really enjoy this, but it's fun anyway. Detective/Attorney Assante manages to go through life in a clueless fashion. Luckily, his secretary has her eye on him.
July 13, 2008
An altogether funny movie but the good laughs are too far apart. The good laughs are also the ones that are the goofiest, so I doubt most people would be laughing with me.
July 21, 2007
Completely silly, but worth watching to see hard-assed Armand Assante play a Leslie Nielsen-esque role.
September 14, 2006
One too many spoofs around this period led to movies like this. For what it's worth, Sherilyn Fenn is gorgeous as always.
June 16, 2011
Very funny spoof movie. Well worth watching if nothing else just to see Armand Assante dancing in high heels-skillful and
hilarious at the same time.
July 31, 2013
This spoof ain't spiffy.
July 6, 2007
Ridiculously unfunny.
February 16, 2013
Carl Reiner directs another spoof, this time on the erotic thriller trend of its time by mixing storylines of different films, mainly Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct. The pace is kind of overwhelming and frantic, to frantic to make the film enjoyable. Some gags get their laughs, but overall, there is nothing too rewading about this comedy, which is also perhaps too heavily reliant on cheap laughs.
January 26, 2013
Mucho antes de la avalancha de peliculas parodia, estilo Scary Movie y todo lo acabado en Movie, las parodias tambien tenian su sitio. No tenian por desgracia tanto tiron, (excepto aterriza como puedas!!!) pero los momentos divertidos no faltaban. La victima parodiada aqui es la gran instinto basico con Sean Young transformada en la killer Sharon Stone. Divertida a ratos(ese cameo continuo de CLARENCE CLEMONS!!!) con bromas a veces un tanto elementales, pero lo cierto es que un actor como Armand Assante no es capaz de mantener el tono comico durante toda la pelicula...
May 26, 2012
you would have to be very boring to not love this movie. it's one of the funniest movies you'll ever see!! it throws joke after joke after joke at you causing you to laugh your ass off the entire movie. your face will be sore as f**k after watching this. yes, you will laugh THAT hard.
January 30, 2012
A classic Carl Reiner parody of film noir. All the actors are great and if you like wacky films like Airplane!, The Naked Gun, or Loaded Weapon 1, you'll probably enjoy this one as well.
March 28, 2006
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