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½ November 30, 2011
A TV movie but a really good one and with a stunning cast of character actors...Rourke, Mulroney, Buscemi, John C. McGinley, Keith David, Ted Levine and Gavan O'Herlihy.

A group of Confederate soldiers and their commander become an outlaw posse after the civil war and soon find themselves being hunted down, pretty basic plot line but a pretty darn good western flick. Sure its not really accurate I would imagine but its a fast violent romp as the gang are taken down one by one to the predictable finale.

Not too original and almost a remake of 'Young Guns' to a degree (which Mulroney starred in too) but its one of those westerns with a modern/flashy spin. Sure it all looks pretty realistic but at the end of the day its just another oppertunity to make a cool gun slinging flick with a cool group of well known character/cult actors in a cool 'last man standing' type story which always get the juices flowing.

Only thing, I don't really know if Rourke's rather slick black leather pants were realistic haha a bit too rock n roll maybe, plus Rourke's face looks kinda odd in this film, almost plastic and covered in makeup, kinda eerie actually.
November 10, 2009
This is clearly a negative Southern film... even though the fact of the Southern Confederacy does not play into the film, at all... only the Southern Cross Battle Flag - which gets burned in the opening... and the GOOD OLD REBEL song... Oh, and the filthy Confederate uniforms which are beginning to morph into fleabag coats... the underlying meaning must be that the South is only fit to destroy itself... And that' Outlaw' and 'Southern Rebel' are synonymous... with BETRAYAL and TREASON.

WE GET IT, already!

But I would have felt better had these men been ex-Yankees. I just watched THE LINCOLN CONSPIRACY from 1977, and these Radical Republican abolitionist (Liberals) people killing each other off, what with Lincoln first (then an attempt on Seward, and Johnson, and then James WILLIAM Boyd AKA John Wilkes Booth, and then finally Lafe Baker by poison!).

Well, Yankees are better at killing each other than rebels are! AND IT IS A WHOLE LOT MORE BELIEVABLE!

No honor among these Liberal thieves!

Otherwise, the movie had a good deal of action, and no real plot to it. Still, Frank Wills' character does go out in a style all his own! (He's a real Wills!) That was one uplifting moment!

Too bad we could not have had some justification for dragging the Confederate flag through the muckracker-slander...

The men all have a great sense of acting ability... the cast was great.

The one way it could have redeemed was if Graff had really been a ghost at the end.

That would have been fantastic.
½ October 27, 2009
**1/2 (out of four)

Not too bad, but the film fails to deliver on it's set up. Mickey Rourke does a pretty decent job as an outlaw who is trying to stay alive when a bunch of other outlaws are behing murdered. Dermot Mulroney is also good in a supporting role.
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