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½ July 14, 2007
Big and loud it's Cecil B. Demille, like a drunk braggert uncle at a family holiday gathering. And this time he's on about manifest destiny and how Native Americans deserved to be divested of their home and life. Oy. Coop is solid as ever but its the supporting cast that's the show here. Look for the great Karloff as a sullen Indian chief.
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February 17, 2008
Typical DeMille starts out promisingly but goes on too long but still kind of fun.
August 6, 2008
One of the best "Colonials & Indians" flicks.
Cooper at his stoic best. Goddard at her least annoying. Full of great character actors.
August 23, 2010
Boasts all the worst traits of DeMille and few of the best. Overlong, schlocky, poorly acted, and pretty much inert. The spectacle is dull and empty, Goddard is boring, and Coop is Coop. I like Coop, but in moderation, and with strong support. He hasn't got it here. It's not altogether woeful, and I guess Ward Bond gives it a bit of spark, but... bah. Disappointing.
½ January 28, 2010
About as entertaining as a movie this old can possibly be . . and it's in color! Some interesting history is revealed; the photograpy is good and the chacters are interesting if not totatly believable. Would you believe Boris Karloff as an Indian Chief?
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