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½ May 10, 2010
This is one of the best films made on Adolf Hitler, after Der Untergang (The Downfall). It shows the last few days Hitler spent in the bunker when Red Army was knocking at the gates of Berlin. No doubt Anthony Hopkins played a great role, emotionally pertrubed, decieved by his SS commandants, his hands shaking. In one way, Sir Hopkins was a genius. Richard Jordan, playing the role of Albert Speer was also at his best and Cliff Gorman as Dr.Goebbels. Though, Der Untergang started with the interview of a steno who was appointed by the Fuhrer, The Bunker shows it in a different manner. The last speech of Anthony Hopkins, really reveals the true talent as an actor. The frenzy, that Hitler used to create during his speeches was something that Dr.Hopkins truly potrayed in his last speech in this film. The hand movements, the shouting, was something that brings out the true sense of Hitler during his talk in Germany.

Bruno Ganz however, playes a great role in The Downfall, kneeling down the maps and putting his shaking fingers and directing his army marshals.

Truly speaking both Dr.Hopkins and Bruno Ganz are unparalleled in acting in both the films. However, The Bunker, really shows the last few days of the Fuhrer, in the shabby atmosphere, one person, really holding the entire Third Reich and the responsibility of the Greater Germany, slowly coming to an end.

Anybody who watches The Bunker, really comes to know a lot about the historical facts of Nazi Germany as well as finds the real emotion of Adolf Hitler during his last days of the Third Reich.
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